Air Duct Cleaning Oakland County

Air Duct Cleaning in Oakland County, MI

air duct cleaning oakland countyAir ducts are associated with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and are the pathways for heated or cooled air to travel throughout a Oakland County home. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust and other contaminants that accumulate over time from your air ductwork. Air ducts are like the circulatory system of your home, which is why air duct cleaning is so important!

Since ductwork is often located out of sight behind walls or above ceilings, maintenance like cleaning of air ducts can be easy to neglect. Many people in Oakland County often forget to have routine air duct cleaning performed, which has the potential to cause long term problems with indoor air quality.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Oakland County, MI

Our Technicians are certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They will use state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment and cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork, along with the fan and blower compartment of furnaces that permit access to those areas. Residential air duct cleaning in Oakland County can provide your family with cleaner air and help reduce allergies. Since your ductwork is unseen, it can often be ignored. If you are moving into a new home, it is imperative to have your air ducts inspected!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Oakland County, MI

Ensuring clean, healthy indoor air is a necessity for any business. The benefits of improved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored…these can include improved productivity, increased profits, greater employee/customer/visitor health, and reduced health costs. Air ducts in your Oakland County business works overtime trying to keep our bodies comfortable. But when harmful contaminants such as dirt, dust, dander, mildew, and even mold and bacteria collect in your office air ducts.

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Oakland County, MI

By cleaning ducts, dust collectors, machinery, fixtures, trusses and pipes you can provide a safer work environment, reducing airborne particles that get into machines, computers and sensitive electronic equipment and that contaminate the air you and your employees breathe. Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your Oakland County industrial building. Keeping the air ducts clean can extend the life of the hvac equipment. This can in turn save your business money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

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Oakland County Testimonials

Paul D., Oakland MI October 17, 2022

The entire team was great to work with. They were prompt, courteous, and kept me informed throughout the process. I would use again.

Eileen B., Royal Oak MI October 11, 2022

This was my first time having the ducts and vents cleaned and I have to say I was a little nervous. Tony F. showed up on time and immediately set my mind at ease with his professionalism and courtesy answering any questions I had about the process. Nor did he complain when he had to go in my attic filled with loose insulation. What a Trooper! I was very pleased with the whole process and definitely would recommend Safety King. Thanks a lot Tony.

Mari A., Bloomfield Hills MI October 6, 2022

Cannot recommend Safety King enough. They went above and beyond with great attitudes and professionalism. The way they clean ducts is so thorough it gives me great peace of mind that my family is breathing clean air. They didn’t pressure me into using their service, I knew what I was paying upfront. From the moment they stepped into my house they wore shoe covers and protected all of my floors where their hoses would touch. My only regret is that I didn’t use them sooner. Will never use another company for my ducts again.

Erica W., South Lyon MI September 12, 2022

Tony and his crew were very professional and thorough. Everything was explained to me and my questions were answered. They cleaned up when they were done. I will use Safety King again.

Aly C., Troy MI June 18, 2022

There’s a reason we’re repeat customers of Safety King, and why we suggest them to our family & friends. This time, they came for their regular scheduled cleaning of our dryer vent — *Do this regularly, folks! It significantly reduces fire risk!* Things went smoothly and swiftly, just like always. Thanks, Safety King!
We’ve also had them clean the whole house air ducts and vents, and that makes a huge difference if you do it regularly vs if you don’t. Trust me. We presumed that the prior owners had done it regularly — they hadn’t — so we waited a reasonable number of years before getting it done. Hahaha. When we did schedule it, the ducts were disgusting, and afterwards there was a noticeable difference in our furnace’s efficiency. Again, now we get this done regularly on a schedule. Saves so much money in the long run! If you’re looking for vent or duct cleaning, go with Safety King!

Kathy W., Rochester MI June 15, 2022

I thought Tony was extremely polite, professional, explained things to me without trying to push products or services. He was clean and kept my floors clean and the air conditioning from escaping! I had him clean my ducts and then use an essential oils spray to disinfect my ducts. Ive had mind toxicity before and DO NOT want that again! I know that essential oils is the only way to finally kill the mold, viruses, and bacteria in a home or air ducts. They use it at schools instead of the toxic fumes. I know a lot about mold, and it is still toxic even after its been killed, so the last step is to use essential oils so the leftover fragments are not toxic. This is pretty new information, so I was very impressed that Safety King used this procedure. Tony was awesome! Thank you!

Brenda D., Farmington Hills MI May 26, 2022
These young men were polite courteous and professional. They did everything we required with a smile. We were very pleased with their work. Now that the vents and a/c are clean we can stay cool during the hot summer days ahead. Thank you very much!!!
Leandra E., Novi MI May 21, 2022
Dave and Miguel were great to work with. I even decided to add on the sanitizing, and they quickly gave a price and were able to do it on top of the scheduled duct cleaning. They were professional, walked me through the process before starting, and thoroughly cleaned up after the job was completed. I would definitely recommend them.
Dave – Salvation Army, Warren MI May 1, 2022
I work for the Salvation Army and they came to our building in April for duct cleaning they were all professional and very polite I would recommend them to my friends and family I give them 5 stars out 5
Steve G., Bloomfield Hills MI April 29, 2022
The team that showed up were great. Very expressive to what they were going to be doing all the way through from beginning to end. My confidence was definitely there with these guys and they did a great job. They showed me everything that they had cleaned up at before and after pictures and I felt confident that I did the right thing with this service.
Sulochana K., Oakland MI April 29, 2022
Jason and Rob are a great customer focused team. They were very thorough technicians and explained the cleaning process with now and after pictures of the job. They represent their company very well. Safety king is expensive but is very proficient company. Jason is an asset to the company and Rob a great team player.
Daniel T., Troy MI February 15, 2022

Tom and Tony were great to have in my home. They were not pushy at all when showing me other services they provide. Also, they were very respectful of my house and placed moving mats to not damage anything. It was great experience and gave a peace of mind. We are inside of our homes much longer than ever before. It’s important to breath the cleanest possible air.

Carol D., Troy MI January 20, 2022

Eric and Dave were great! They helped show us how to run our humidifier better and adjusted something on our furnace to make it, too, would run more efficiently. I feel like our ducts and clothes dryer are all going to run better. My husband is very glad that we got the Breathe Clean air purifier system installed. He has a lot of allergies and is looking forward to breathing better. Safety King is the best!

Anita K., Berkley MI December 3, 2021

Eric P. is excellent! If you have a pet – ask for him. Was a few minutes early which is a BIG PLUS in my book. Eric was kind and “let me get in the way” with all sorts of questions. Oh my gosh the dryer vent was SO CLOGGED – so glad I added that on. The before and after pictures were amazing. I used Safety King 20 years ago and again now – I highly recommend this company.

Regina B., Southfield MI November 16, 2021

Thank you so much for your Service! You get what you pay for! Bill and his assistant Chuck were nothing short of AWESOME! Very professional, respectful, efficient and informative. I will be using Safety King in the future!

Jake C., West Bloomfield MI November 1, 2021

Tony and Jordan stepped up! They did an excellent job cleaning our air ducts and I highly recommend them and Safety King. A few small things they did that stood out was they were dog friendly! Also, they explained how the process worked before starting. Personal and professional.

Lisa L., Lake Orion MI October 26, 2021

I have been using this company for the last couple years and they are consistently on time, professional, and always provide quality service, regardless of the service I scheduled. Thank you Jason D. and Safety King! You will continue to be the company I call!

Gordy S., Troy MI October 25, 2021

Tony and Dave were so professional and did a great job. They walked me a step by step through the whole duct cleaning process specific to my home and equipment before they did the work. They answered my questions that I had afterwards also. Safety King was not the cheapest quote but I am so glad I went with them because I feel like they did the best work.

Jonathan M., Berkley MI October 22, 2021

They were professional, on-time and did a great job. I originally gave them only 3 stars because I signed up for the internet special and did not receive the discount or coupon code. They saw the post and called me up and made it right! Nobody has that kind of customer service these days! They will definitely have a repeat customer!

Andrew P., Oxford MI October 18, 2021

Both Bill and Rick were very friendly, professional, on time, and seemed to know exactly what they needed to do to successfully complete the job. They took the time to answer all of my questions and satisfy my curiosities about the Aeroseal process. They went above and beyond for this happy customer. I would definitely hire Safety King for future services.

Dorothy R., Southfield, MI October 8, 2021

The entire experience exceeded my expectations. Absolute professionalism was exhibited during both the scheduling process and service performed. I am very satisfied with the results of the cleaning of my ducts and dryer vent. I highly recommend this business for services.

Kendal G., Bloomfield Hills MI September 14, 2021

Dave K. and Tony F. were on time and very professional. I was amazed at how much stuff was in the ducts in the before cleaning photos! My AC is definitely working better with the cleaned ducts. They mentioned some other services provided but were not pushy with a sales pitch which I appreciate. They also offered to help move my furniture back.

Daniel S., Madison Heights MI September 11, 2021

Safety King’s service technician was just great. He called before arrival. He told me everything he was going to do while he inspected the home’s system. He was courteous of our pet and did everything he could to keep us informed while he did his job. He was great and I would highly recommend Safety King to anyone looking to have their ducts cleaned. I love the before and after pics as well.

Heather B., Rochester Hills MI August 29, 2021

The service techs were professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of their job. They completed the work efficiently and did a great job, the ability to see the before and after pictures was definitely an added bonus. I would highly recommend Tony and his partner to all of my friends and family for their air duct cleaning needs. The additional information on the total home air purification and the disinfectant only added to my confidence in their abilities.

Walter B., Southfield MI July 24, 2021

The service people were very polite and professional, they explain what the service covered and did we have any questions, they had on mask and shoe covering while in the house. Before finishing they also went over other services that were offered and we took the disinfecting. When they had finished they asked again did we have any questions and also showed us photos inside the ductwork so we can see the before and after, we were very pleased with their service and recommend them to anyone who needs their ductwork cleaned.

Jean B, Waterford MI July 23, 2021

This past June I contacted Safety King to have my air ducts cleaned and I was so impressed with their service that I thought it would be good to have my air ducts sealed. This should lower my heating and cooling bills. Bill and Norm arrived at my home on time to do the sealing. All Covid protocols were followed and they walked me through my home and told me what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Tarps were placed on the floors and around the walls for protection. Both gentlemen were polite and professional. I think the name of this company should be changed to Safety King Service, inc. There not just a company, they highlight Service to their customers.

Anil A., Bloomfield Hills MI July 23, 2021

Duct Armor application in the ducting buried in slab. Norman and Ryan were very professional – they listen, discuss pros and cons and explain the right thing to do. I strongly recommend Duct Armor to significantly increase the ducting life and achieve thermal efficiencies.

Marie V., Rochester Hills MI July 14, 2021

Brandon from Safety King did an AMAZING job!!! I can’t thank him enough for all he did getting my ducts cleaned and disinfected!!! Such a great guy!!! So thankful for all his hard work work!! Now my whole family can breath easier!!! Thank you for everything!!! I highly recommend Safety King to everyone who wants to have clean air in their homes!!

Jennifer V., Ferndale MI July 6, 2021

Bill & Sam did an excellent job of cleaning my ducts & vents that have never been cleaned. My house was built in 1925. Since they did the cleaning I have noticed a dramatic difference in my allergies subsiding. I would HIGHLY recommend using Safety King!!!

Leeal P., Troy MI June 15, 2021

Jason arrived first thing in the morning and took such care to wear those booties each time he entered. ( I really appreciated that as my carpet is nearly new.) He explained what he was doing each step of the way. I had only use a company before that had used a portable vacuum and what a difference this truck mounted method made! Its only been 3 days and I can already tell an improvement in our breathing and the amount of dust in the home. The price was higher but the company took such care to do a through job. I highly recommend.

Robert S., Rochester MI May 30, 2021

Ryan and Jeremy from Safety King did an excellent job cleaning my 2nd floor dryer vent. Weeks before the appointment, I cleaned it from the inside (behind dryer and separated and cleaned vent pipe running through attic), but realized it is critical to get the whole vent run cleaned from outside exit point using reverse air snake. It was literally snowing lint when they were cleaning it!
They also used an anemometer to check the air flow before and after cleaning and took pictures to highlight the drastic differences before and after. I used a few other companies in the past who would not even clean it from the outside because it was on second floor. Now I will only use Safety King in the future!

Kyle L., Troy MI May 4, 2021

Bill and David were excellent! Bill explained everything to us in laymans terms, including additional services offered, and made the whole process easy to understand. He even pointed out a few things to us that we (and our home inspector) had not noticed – true consultative service. David was polite, and a very hard worker. Definitely recommend this company and this team!

Virgil S., Waterford MI May 2, 2021

We had never had our ducts cleaned and didn’t know quite what to expect. Our tech Brandon showed up on time, was friendly, explained the process and did a fantastic job with everything including padding for the walls and leaving the work areas clean.

I have some year-round allergies, and the morning after the cleaning I didn’t wake up all stuffy headed for the first time in forever. Great job!

Dave A., Royal Oak MI May 1, 2021

Safety King did a great job if explaining every aspect of the work. They treated my home like it was a million dollar mansion laying drop clothes wherever the equipment might lay. They even Put a blanket in front of my stove and refrigerator to protect him from the vacuum hose that ran past it.

Carolyn C., Ferndale MI April 25, 2021

Great Experience! I had put off having my ducts cleaned for years. I researched the process and companies for a while. There as so many shady businesses that make these claims and either overcharge and/ or don’t perform what they say they have done. Safety King shows you pictures of before and after as well as walkthrough before and after with detailed explanation. You need ultra strong equipment with high psi rating to clean your system – commercial grade, not just a “strong” vacuum. And there should not be dirt and dust all over your house afterwards (that’s what happened to my neighbors using another company). This is the only company in metro Detroit who is certified other than a commercial restaurant cleaning company!

Gale D., Farmington Hills MI April 8, 2021


Jennifer M., Troy MI March 25, 2021

I highly recommend Safety King. They were very professional and explained everything they were doing with great detail. I actually received a slightly lower quote from another company but their professionalism got me to hire them and attention to detail will keep me coming back. I will use them again for sure.

James W., Lake Orion MI March 19, 2021

Bill and Tim did a fabulous job cleaning and resealing my voids and joints in my heating and cooling system. They found very large areas where my ductwork was not attached, or in other ways compromised. They patched the voids, and did the aerosol sealing. What a difference in my overall system performance. In the past, in my previous house I had a company come out and “clean” my ductwork and their process was a total waste of my money. The Safety King process is extremely effective and well worth the money. This is a great company to work with and I highly recommend them.

Frederick S., Rochester MI March 17, 2021

Brandon was very courteous and efficient. We have 3 cats and he was sensitive to that fact. They did not seem to mind at all. He explained what he was doing and why. He cleaned up after himself and left the house just as he found it (except , of course, for the clean ducts and vents). All in all, it was a very satisfying experience.

Alex D., Ferndale MI February 4, 2021

What an amazing company! Brandon came to my house right on time and walked me through everything that he will be doing. He kept me informed during the entire process and was very polite and knowledgeable. It was a great experience all around. I felt the difference almost immediately and it was a sign on relief knowing I had picked the right company. Brandon is a great worker and I cannot thank safety king, Brandon, and the rest of their crew enough. Will definitely use them in the future!

Robert M., Rochester MI February 3, 2021

Brandon was awesome. He explained everything in detail from start to finish. Not only was his work top notch (before and after photos provided by Brandon) but is personality had my wife and I laughing the entire time. Just a awesome experience. Thank you Safety King

Jim I., Waterford MI January 22, 2021

The team did an extensive job of cleaning ducts that had “never” been cleaned in almost 60 years. Many original construction materials were found that was disposed of when the house was built. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Bob M., Lake Orion MI January 19, 2021

Scheduled our appointment with Joanne she was very polite knowledgeable and informative. The technicians arrived on time and were very careful with their setup of drop cloths tubing and duct cleaning preparation after a short time they were finished and showed us video of before and after the cleaning and also cleaned our very long dryer vent hose. We used to dust every two weeks now it is once a month and nowhere near as much dust as there was before and also our drying time with our gas dryer is 15 minutes less than previously it was a very inexpensive service that will save us money and give us cleaner air for years to come. Our thanks to Joanne Eric and his assistant. 

Patrick B., Bloomfield Hills MI January 14, 2021

We wanted to have our ducts sealed and wanted to have the best company do the work. Only a handful of companies provide this service, and as part of our due diligence we interviewed and obtained quotes from Safety King and others. By comparison, Safety King stood head and shoulders above the rest, and their service was clearly the best in the business. Scheduling was easy and quick, and we received a phone call confirming the appointment the day before. The tech showed up on time, was extraordinarily polite and professional. Unlike some of the others there was no high pressure sales pitch, just a complete explanation of the services and the price. Their follow up was excellent as well. Based on my excellent experience I now recommend them to my family and friends.

Dianne A., Bloomfield Hills MI December 30, 2020

They were on time, very professional, very helpful. They knew their job, very patient. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would easily give them a 10. I would recommend them to all of my friends. It is very important to senior citizens when you have a job done, the people are patient, informative, and willing to take the time to explain to you everything they are doing. Tim and Andy exemplified that.

Nicole D., Holly MI November 27, 2020

Everyone at safety king is so nice and caring. Verna set up our appointment and was so accommodating and thoughtful. She did an outstanding job explaining their services and determining a quote. Tony and Nick cleaned the ducts and vents in our new home. They were extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They explained the entire process very thoroughly and answered all of our questions. They did a great job. I loved that they walked us through everything after the service was done and gave us tips for maintenance. They went above and beyond their service. We are grateful they were able to come out. Highly recommend!

Darcy R., Rochester MI October 27, 2020

Brandon was amazing! He explained the entire process of what he was doing as well as went above and beyond when he alerted me to some issues with our heating system that needed addressed by our HVAC installers. I cannot recommend Safety King enough…I would give ten stars if this was an option.

Tom M., Rochester MI October 26, 2020

Tony and Tim did an excellent job. Tony explained the process before starting any of the work. They were very careful when laying down their equipment and they cleaned up before they left. They were both very professional. Would use Safety King again.

Dwight B., Rochester MI October 9, 2020

Team were very professional. Clean and complete in everything they did. Reviewed the service to be performed prior to doing it. Reviewed duct photos of before and after which illustrated the value of the cleaning.

D. Ford, Waterford MI October 8, 2020

Kirk and David were awesome! They were very professional and courteous. They took time to explain the process and asked if we had questions throughout the cleaning. They made great recommendations for efficiency. They helped move furniture and replaced it upon completion. They completed the work within the stated timeframe and they did a great job cleaning up prior to leaving. Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely recommend this company to family and friends. Thank you!

Steven E., Rochester MI October 5, 2020

Outstanding service, timely, professional, complete without any shortcuts. I would use them again, and I would highly recommend them to whomever is currently in need of their service.

Brian S., Oak Park MI September 28, 2020

Bill T. and Jayden W. were here promptly as scheduled. They did a fantastic job doing a whole house duct work cleaning. The amount of work they performed in such a short time is amazing. They both were friendly and very professional. I would be more than happy if they were to be the team that comes out the next time we need Safety King’s services.

The before and after pictures were great and we are both totally satisfied with the job they did.

Meg M., Waterford MI August 24, 2020

Thank you Safety King and the team that provided the duct cleaning to our new home. Given that our new “ older” home was a total interior renovation and the age of the home it was determined in our inspection this be one of the first things to complete before we moved in. From speaking to the customer representatives, explaining our unique situation, my husband was gifted with new lungs just 10 months ago, we needed to find a company that had the compassion and understanding of the importance of this service. I was assured that the technicians would be practicing social distancing and have full PPE on. As our world has drastically changed with Covid19 now more than ever we need to protect those new lungs that will extend my husbands life. The team was prompt, knowledgeable of services and left no trace they were there. We can now feel 100% assured we have a safe and clean breathing environment that we call our forever home . Safety King you are top notch and we highly recommend your services.

Brandon B., Troy MI July 16, 2020

Vern and Timothy arrived at my home utilizing CDC guidelines, which I appreciated. They cleaned two drier ducts/vents for me. Both were very knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and kind. They let me know all they did and the process of cleaning. Before leaving I saw photos of how awful the ducts were. They also located a loose duct connection behind the stackable drier and connected it for me. I am very impressed with Safety King and will be contacting the office to schedule all my HVAC ducts to be cleaned. Thanks, Guys!!

Brian D., Rochester MI June 22, 2020

Eric and Tim did an outstanding job for us. They were courteous, professional and demonstrated great attention to detail. They cleaned up the area in the basement before they left. We are very pleased with their work and will use Safety King again next time we need to be cleaned.

Crystal P., Lake Orion MI May 21, 2020

Prompt, professional and respectful of my home and of us while they were in it. Booking was easy, service was quick and I’m very happy we went with this company and with our service techs, Eric and Jordan.

Mark T., Clarkston MI May 19, 2020

Ryan and Kirk were great. They arrived on time and were pleasant and very professional their entire visit. They did a fantastic job and cleaned up thoroughly when they were done. I’ve had my ducts cleaned at other houses I’ve owned, but have never seen this level of detailed cleaning from any other company. Thanks for a great job Safety King!

David C., Royal Oak MI March 13, 2020

Tony and Jordan were very professional and provided excellent service. They explained the duct cleaning process from start to finish. I will recommend your company to others and would not hesitate to use Safety King in the future.

Ashley W., Clawson MI March 7, 2020

Tony and Jayden were excellent! They were extremely professional, polite and very knowledgeable. They took their time and we can honestly feel the difference within our home. We have had other companies out in the past but they certainly were not nearly as professional and the quality was subpar. We are very impressed and will hire Safety King again. Thank you, Tony and Jayden!

Joseph P., Berkley MI February 7, 2020

Over all I’m very satisfied. My main goal was to reduce the amount of dust and improve air quality. About 2 hours after they started the process my wife and I noticed a big improvement in the air quality. I’m getting better air flow though all my vents. One bedroom has always bed cooler that the rest, this room is a couple degrees warmer. Also the upstairs bedroom is a little warmer. Before the process I had my thermostat set at 70. After they had the ducts clean I had to reset the stat to 69 since it was just a little too warm with the increased air flow. The workers did a good job, they were polite, respectful, worked unsupervised and they kept out of the way as much as possible. Everything went well, and it has made a huge difference in air quality. The air is fresher, easier to breathe, asthma isn’t as bad.

Mitchell H., Troy MI February 2, 2020

The office as well as the technicians are quite professional, reliable, and perform quality work. Will recommend to others. My third time using Safety King.

Vicki J., Southfield, MI January 6, 2020

When Vern and Bill left our home, I immediately took to Facebook to recommend Safety King to everyone. Vern and Bill could not have been more professional. They were efficient, pleasant, courteous, and were even kind to our dog. It so hard to trust anybody anymore, and we had NO problem recommending Safety King to all. THANK YOU!

Janet R., Lake Orion MI November 15, 2019

Brandon explained everything he would do, and showed us before and after pictures of our vents. He gave useful tips such as the possibility of installing a blower to move the air more efficiently to our colder rooms, and better dryer venting. He was very professional, unlike the first company I scheduled that didn’t show or call. They set the cost by the square footage of the house so you know what you’re paying.

Judy C., Royal Oak MI October 5, 2019

Highly recommend Safety King! This is the second time we’ve used them for duct cleaning. Efficient, friendly phone staff. Requested Vern again this time. He’s friendly, thorough, and treats your house as if it were his own. We especially appreciated that he took time with us and made sure we were completely satisfied before leaving.

Brian G., Ferndale MI July 6, 2019

Safety King was great. Eric came out and was friendly, informative and professional. Exactly what you want from a company. I was charged what I was quoted for. All in all a good experience. Would recommend to anyone.

Lois B., Waterford MI May 20, 2019

Tony and Randy arrived on time and got right to work. They toured the home and then proceeded to tell me how they would proceed. At each stage they asked for questions or concerns. Then explained the next stage. They cleaned up whatever “mess” they made and left my home cleaner than when they arrived!!! I was shown pictures of the “before and after”. They did a great job of cleaning up my duct work and my dryer vent!! I feel much safer now using the dryer especially!!!! Thank you Boys!!!!

Mona D., West Bloomfield MI May 13, 2019

Bill and Anthony arrived on time. They were personable, made sure they knew where all the vents were before setting up and proceeding to do the duct cleaning. Highly recommend them for this type of cleaning in your home.

Eric A., Oak Park MI May 2, 2019

If you’re looking to have an air duct cleaning service, you owe it to yourself and your family to call Safety King. They’ve been providing their services for a long time, and fantastic with every detail. Ashlynn set us up with our appointment, she was very helpful and accommodating fitting us in when we needed. Eric arrived ready to rock, he was “the man” and it was a pleasure having him to service our home. We have two cats, and he was more than accommodating with ensuring their comfort. We were offered additional services to be completed alongside the air ducts. I elected for the dryer vent cleaning and the hot water tank cleaning, Eric informed me that the hot water tank looked good, so it wasn’t necessary at this time. Honesty that any consumer should value, Top notch services all the way, the only choice in my opinion.

John H., Petoskey MI April 20, 2019

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Safety King as an important service to your home maintenance routine. After watching the team clean our mom’s ductwork in Macomb County area, we inquired if the company would travel to Petoskey to do our home. Much to our delight, they did travel to the north! Each aspect of the service was professional, competent, and courteous. Our initial interaction was with Delora, who scheduled the appointment. She patiently answered all of our questions, provided us with a general estimate of the cost, and was able to schedule the appointment in a timely manner. We requested Jason as our technician, since he did such a fabulous job with Mom’s ductwork. The process Jason followed included a preliminary individualized inspection followed by consultation with to suggest only the procedures that he felt necessary, and were not pressured to “purchase” additional procedures that he didn’t believe were warranted. We found Jason to be knowledgeable, efficient, and meticulous to ensure the job was completed to perfection. We absolutely believe that this process has improved our sleep, freshened our house, and lessened our dusting requirements! We would not hesitate to recommend this service, and only regret that we waited 15 years to have this done!

Sandy W., Farmington Hills MI April 14, 2019

Eric and Anthony were great! I had called another company last fall who showed up and said “we can’t do your duct cleaning because your crawl space is too small.” I called Safety King and they did it!! They are a bit more money than other companies but you get what you pay for! High quality- great customer service.

Timothy B., Troy MI March 30, 2019

Our experience was more than we imagine. Service was done with politness and efficiency. They were also thoughtful in the cleanliness of the job.

Larry C., Bloomfield MI March 17, 2019

Although I’m in the building business, I had never used your type of service on our homes. I waited several weeks after your service to see if it reduced the dust in our home. I’m happy to say it has made a real difference. Your crew was neat and professional.

Linda C., Troy MI March 9, 2019

Very professional service, from initial communications to completion of our duct cleaning! Tony F did a great job explaining all his work and then took care of our ducts as well as our dryer vent, and cleaned up afterwards! They were very professional and helped with unexpected problems — a vent filled with insulation, and a disconnected dryer vent. I was impressed.

Chris D., Waterford MI February 24, 2019

Excellent service from Ryan and Jordan of Safety King. They arrived on-time within the narrow window and were polite throughout the entire service. Very in-depth knowledge and walked me through the process, answering all of my questions. It all took less time than estimated and results were fantastic – the before and after pictures really help you know if it was worth the trouble.

Vivian A., Ferndale MI February 23, 2019

This is my second time using Safety King, the specialists that worked at my house were Nick T and Vernon G They were right on time very professional …. introduced themselves as soon as I let them in, they took their shoes off which is very important to me and should be to everyone else, very respectful …and went right to work . Very polite, felt like I’ve known them for years, also I felt very confident and secure with their work. They cleaned all the air duct and my dryer duct/vent and showed me before and after pictures after the job was completed. Very very satisfied with everything.. I look forward to using them again in the future, I’ve already recommended the company to 4 of my friends. Keep up the good work. The only thing I recommend is to wait till the spring time to do it because i had it done February 23. It does get cold inside the house even though they took every precaution to keep the door secured with blankets. But still glad I got it done.

Ann H., Bloomfield MI January 10, 2019

This company and their representatives are great! My mother and I would highly recommend them. Bill and Chris S. came to the home that we rent to service our boiler. They were quick, knowledgeable and courteous to our needs and concerns. They were more than happy to answer any questions that we had. They also made sure that everything on our boiler was put together correctly and working properly before leaving our home.

Laurie S., Troy MI December 29, 2018

Vern and Jason worked together well and treated our home as their own. They were friendly, respectful and knew their stuff! Keep up the good work and thanks Dana for your help setting up the appointment. The three of you represent Safety King well!

Cortney B., Berkley MI December 21, 2018

Tony F. and David C. (the crew that came to my house) were great! First of all, they were on time which is important to me given I am self employed and need to have a reliable schedule. Second, they were very thorough and explained the process completely. And last (but certainly not least), they did a GREAT JOB!! I would highly recommend this company.

Cherilyn M., Wolverine Lake MI October 30, 2018

We love the customer service over the phone; very friendly. We received several reminders for our upcoming appointment, both phone call and emails, which we appreciated a lot. They also provided us some background in an email on the workers who came out to do the job. They did a wonderful job, and they sent us details through an email about what they’ve taken care of along with pictures of the ducts. We are very satisfied, and we recommend them to everyone. Thank you for being on time!

Kevin P., Troy MI October 9, 2018

I had a very pleasurable experience with Safety King. The technician was very open and honest about the work performed and did a great job. He was very clean and prepped out the areas he was working in to keep them as clean as possible. I was very pleased with his service. Thanks again!

Debbie V., Bloomfield Hills MI September 26, 2018

Safety King did a great job. They were clean as you could possibly be doing this job. I didn’t feel like I was invaded in my home even tho they had to go in every room. They cleaned up as good as expected. The results by view of photo were amazing. They removed some unfortunate wild life that had expired as well in the duct work. The house feels cleaner already and the air feels fresher. I feel much better about the air my family is breathing. And I am looking forward to less dust. Thank you Jason and Dave you guys were awesome.

Susan B., Clawson MI August 17, 2018

Marcus and Tyler arrived on time. They were very polite and professional. They explained the process they would use and answered my questions. Then they put down mats to protect my floors from their equipment and began their work. My ducts had never been cleaned, and they took before and after photos to show me the amazing difference I can expect in my air quality. After cleaning the furnace ducts, they also cleaned my dryer duct. When they were done with the ducts, they sealed the portals that were made in the main ducts and cleaned up the area. I am very happy with their service.

Irvin S., Addison Twp MI July 24, 2018

Brandon and Vern cleaned our entire home ducting after we had problems from a recent foam injection causing blockage in several heating/cooling ducts. They were very thorough and helpful explaining in detail the problems caused by the blockages. They were able to remove all of the blockages from both the supply and return main lines and identified which distribution stacks still require further removal. None of this would ever have been possible without their thorough detailed cleaning process. Thanks again for a job well done.

Erandy P., Lake Orion MI March 29, 2018

Everybody I dealt with in this company was kind, helpful and professional. I am very satisfied with the service that Ryan and Chris performed at my home. They were punctual, respectful, knowledgeable. And I definitely feel a big difference in the air quality in my house, particularly in the bedrooms. I highly recommend Safety King.

Keith H., Troy MI March 10, 2018

Delora clearly described everything that would happen when we made our appointment. Jason and Vernon did an excellent job cleaning our ducts and dryer vent. They explained everything they were doing, answered all our questions, and thoroughly cleaned up when they were through. With great employees like these folks, we would use Safety King again.

Steve K., Bloomfield MI March 9, 2018

Amazing customer service!!!! Chris is a great guy and pleasant to talk to. Very professional. The crew that comes out to clean the air ducts are very professional and take extra precautions to not damage anything in the house. The are very polite and easy to work with. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends and family.

Ken D., Ortonville MI March 6, 2018

Vern and Patrick did a phenomenal job. Ladies in the office explained the whole process to me and, like I said, the job went beyond expectations. On time, very personable, and they did thorough work, explaining everything again as they complete the job. A little pricey, but well worth it! Definitely would recommend this company!

Steve A., Clarkston MI March 4, 2018

Ryan & Vern were very on time, clean reasonably quiet (for what the were doing) and very considerate of my needs. They were very knowledgeable and gave me recommendations and insight that was very much needed. They explained what they were doing and how it would help me. I would certainly recommend Safety King and especially Ryan and Vern.

Steve P., Madison Heights MI February 18, 2018

Highly recommend. Katherine was extremely helpful in explaining the process and options from start to finish and also gave a follow up call the next day to make sure everything was completed to my standards. Nick and Anthony, the cleaning specialists, were very thorough and professional. They provided explanation step by step of the cleaning process, and gave feedback as they went. Before and after photos were awesome, even though a little scary! They never tried to push any additional services, just honest work. Would use Safety King again hands down. Thank you Katherine, Nick, and Anthony. Well done!

Mark A., Waterford MI February 13, 2018

A great from Connor on the phone setting things up to the Tony Tony show at the house cleaning the ducts. They answered all my questions and cleaned everything up afterwards. My wife came home after they were done and asked when they were coming. lol. Two days later she beloved me after we are breathing easier and coughing less. The before and after pictures also helped.

Jeremy E., Farmington Hills MI February 6, 2018

This is the real deal. I had a complete, thorough duct cleaning for our house, and was completely satisfied. The technicians who performed the work, Anthony F. and Josh B., did an outstanding job, were friendly, helpful, and informative. Whenever I had a question or wanted to see the process they were happy to show me so I could understand and see for myself. They updated me a couple times so I could track their progress. Even when they had to get into my crawl space through a small opening, they acted like it was no problem. I also had them apply Envirocon throughout the system because I liked its anti-microbial and freshening properties, which seemed to complete the service. After seeing the pictures of my dryer vent, I was very glad I had them clean that too. No question, it was a fire hazard. They walked around the house before starting and after finishing the job, to make sure I was satisfied. In the end, they left everything clean and tidy. Katherine S. was also helpful with the initial pricing and scheduling over the phone. This is exactly the kind of professional service everyone wants. Well done. I would highly recommend Safety King!

Tony P., Leonard MI February 2, 2018

What a pleasant experience … starting with Erik when I inquired about the service and scheduled my appointment. He quoted a price and set the appointment to accommodate my schedule, no surprises and no changes.Bill and Patrick arrived as scheduled, were very courteous, proficient in their work, thoroughly answered any questions I had, and treated my home as if it was their own. I was extremely pleased with the entire experience and highly recommend Safety King.

Cathy H., Royal Oak MI January 30, 2018

I was very pleased with the duct cleaning team of Anthony P and Nicholas T. Both were professional and efficient. They took the time after the job was complete to show us a duct that was blowing heat into a drop ceiling. They covered with adhesive plastic to reduce the heat loss until we can run flexible duct work to a new vent. We appreciate that extra attention to detail.

Anna B., Rochester MI January 23, 2018

Marcus was very pleasant, proficient and showed a great deal of knowledge of his profession. Besides a good job cleaning the dryer vent ducts he also gave me a few suggestions for future care to continue good air flow through the duct system from my gas dryer. Marcus additionally aided me in assessing an ice jam issue that was leaking over my exterior dryer vent duct cover.

Michael B., West Bloomfield MI January 19, 2018

We moved into our home about 23 years ago and have remodeled multiple times. There was a lot of construction dust in our ducts as well as other debris and pollutants. On top of that all, we just had a new furnace installed last month and did not want too much dust and debris affecting our new system. Chris S from Safety King came out and was very professional, courteous, and respectful. He completed the job in the allotted time and did a fantastic job. We noticed the difference right away and have clean, quality air flowing through our ducts again. I would recommend this company to anybody!

Dan Z., Rochester Hills MI January 17, 2018

Marcus was very professional and thorough. It was very chaotic in the house with multiple projects going on at the same time. Marcus had no problem integrating into the activities. He pointed out a couple of areas of concern that were out of his scope but I needed to know. He did an excellent job on the up sale at the end. I would not hesitate to call upon him or Safety King in the future.

Christine D., Rochester Hills MI January 16, 2018

Chris S. And Vern came last Thursday promptly in designated time frame. They took care to remove wet boots and lay cloths and clean up any debris ( had new hardwood in a room) and did a great job explaining the cleaning process showing me before and after pics. I’m sending EXTRA THANKS to Vern for noticing a meter that was off in the basement Radon mediation system. Considering we recently moved in, our home inspector said everything was working fine a couple months ago. Vern noticed the unusual meter reading even though they were here just to clean my ducts! I had a radon company come out today and replace a faulty fan. Our family is so grateful as I would not know how long I would take to notice it!

James K., Troy MI January 15, 2018

I was very satisfied with the two service Safety King technicians. They were very knowledgeable and courteous. They answered my questions and I felt very confident they knew what they were doing and did a commendable job.They were thorough and competent and willing to take the time to explain the process and the results of their service. I would recommend Safety King to my neighbors, associates and friends.

Robbie T., Rochester Hills MI January 12, 2018

Safety King did a wonderful job cleaning my air ducts. (Eric and Vern) Professional and knowledgeable. They explained everything from start to finish. This is the second time I’ve used your company and the second home! I always recommend your company! Thanks for ANOTHER job well done!

Diana L., Farmington Hills MI December 22, 2017

The two men were both Gentlemen and were quite conscientious in doing the work and being careful of all the “stuff” about! Even offered to help me by taking someone else’s mess on a plastic sheet, in the basement, out by folding up the mess they left and removing it! I had not seen that! The men were polite, thoughtful, courteous and thorough! I would definitely recommend your business! Thank you very much! I was greatly impressed. I would like a reminder of when the furnace should be done again! Thank the men for the fabulous job and their courtesy!

Margaret C., Troy MI December 10, 2017

Eric did a 5 star job on our air duct cleaning. He was on time, friendly, informative and efficient. As usual, Safety King’s equipment did a thorough job of getting all the dust and dirt from our ducts and we’re all set for winter. This is our third time using Safety King for our ducts and we are always satisfied with the service.

Janice M., Ortonville MI December 8, 2017

Early appointment which usually doesn’t happen for us so that was a good start. Very professional team went right to work. Explained every detail that was to be done. The care they took to protect the house was exceptional. I highly recommend this company. Thanks guys great job.

Pam C., Madison Heights MI December 7, 2017

I have used Safety King for about 20 years and though they are not the lowest in cost for air duct cleaning, they are the BEST. I have allergies and asthma and Safety King has always done a top notch job. When I downsized to a smaller house 11 years ago, they were able to solve the cigarette smell in the duct work left by previous owners with one of their productst. Every 4-5 yrs they clean the ducts and they spray a hospital safe mold remediation product to further clean the air. I know I will have a clean indoors for the winter months ahead. The specialists that come out are knowledgable and are not in a hurry. They do a thorough job, taking adequate time, and then taking pictures of before and after of your ducts. There are other companies out there but I have never tried them because when you can breathe clean air, are happy, are safe, and have had excellent service, why look? Bravo to Safety King! Not paid or asked to say this at all… I just stand by them after several satisfied years of using their service. Katherine is wonderful on the phone, answering any questions with a smile. And this time around, Eric and Josh were polite, on time, and did a fabulous job!

Bob Z., West Bloomfield MI December 7, 2017

Chris and Vernon were both very professional as well as courteous and polite. They worked well together, and did a very thorough cleaning and left the home as thy walked into it. I also appreciated the prior call from Katherine S. And likewise the email heads-up that had the photos of Chris and Vernon as well as Katherine. Thank you very much for the great work.

Liz H., Farmington MI November 29, 2017

I had used Safety King a long time ago and went back to them without hesitation. Conner was excellent at setting up the process, even emailing me a coupon to use. Nick and Patrick arrived on time and I knew in advance who the technicians would be. They clearly explained what was going to happen and asked if I had any questions at the beginning, middle, and at the end of the process. They treated me courteously and respected my house. During the service they discovered a problem, unrelated to the duct cleaning, and brought it to my attention. I have already referred Safety King to other family members and told them not to waste their time anywhere else. I am very satisfied with the work done.

James C., Madison Heights MI November 29, 2017

Safety King, Inc. air duct cleaning experts personnel cleaned our air ducts in a short period time and were friendly to talk about anything we needed to know about keeping our home safe and clean. They were very professional about their work. I would highly recommend Safety King to anyone who needs their home clean. I Give a 5 star review!

Gail M., Royal Oak MI November 20, 2017

Everyone that I came in contact with at Safety King was very professional, helpful and friendly. They came to my home, explained what they were going to do and got to work. They did the job quickly and were respectful of my home. Showed me before and after pictures and now the ducts look great. Highly recommend.

Phil L., Oxford MI November 3, 2017

I had Safety King clean our air vents shortly after moving. The customer service was great from Katherine. Jason and Brendan were also very professional when they came to our house and explained the process in detail, put down tarps to walk on, and left our house clean. Before and after pictures were also provided showing inside the duct work. I am very happy with the service and plan on using them again.

David L., Clarkston MI October 25, 2017

The service we experienced with Safety King was excellent from the initial scheduling through the actual home visit. The technicians (Anthony & Chris) that performed our air duct cleaning were extremely professional, courteous, and personable. They arrived right on time, introduced themselves, explained what they were going to do and went right to work. Upon completion before and after pictures were provided as well as an offer to clean our dryer and exhaust vent fans. We could not have had better service!

Dale D., Oak Park MI October 25, 2017

Vern and Patrick did a great job cleaning our ductwork, which had never been done before….the inside of the ducts looked like a FUR COAT….PETS!!! They were both very thorough and polite, and efficient as WELL!!! Safety King is the BEST!!! Our furnace is breathing MUCH easier now!

Dale L., Rochester Hills MI October 25, 2017

The TEAM at Safety King was GREAT! This is the second time I have used them. Katherine was awesome to work with on the phone, she set everything up without a flaw. My technician Marcus did a GREAT job!

Mary L., Bloomfield Hills MI October 25, 2017

Vern and Chris did a great job of cleaning the air ducts in my condo. They talked me through the process ahead of time, and after they were finished with the job, they showed me pictures of what was in the ductwork. They were professional throughout and I would highly recommend Safety King to other customers.

Bill & Tracey J., Huntington Woods MI October 12, 2017

We’ve always had Safety King do the vent cleaning in our home and have ALWAYS been happy with the results. Yesterday’s appointment was THE BEST YET! Chris S. and Vern were such a great team! They were so thorough and fastidious from start to finish that they made themselves late to their next appointment. Safety King will continue to be the only company we call for air duct cleaning, and Chris S. and Vern will be the team we request…THANKS AGAIN, Chris and Vern!

Pam M., Royal Oak MI October 6, 2017

Eric was prompt, polite, and friendly. He answered more questions than I expected, taught me a few things about my heating system, and offered some advice on when to clean my furnace and AC condenser. Super helpful to a new homeowner!

Susan G., Bloomfield Twp MI October 4, 2017

I was very happy with the work provided by Safety King. I had used them before so knew of the quality of work and professionalism of their service men. Ryan and Patrick were prompt, polite and very efficient. They explained everything to me before starting the job. I would highly recommend this company.

Lynn B., Troy MI October 4, 2017

Ryan is a perfect reflection of Safety King. We are completely satisfied on every level. Not only did he clean our ductwork but he educated us along the way. He was neat and clean, and left no mess. He cleaned the ductwork with before and after pics. What a truck he brought! Very polite and top professional. Thank you Safety King and thank you Ryan! Did I mention the price was right.

Ruth F., Royal Oak MI September 25, 2017

The preservice contacts were helpful and enabled us to prepare for service in a timely manner. The technicians were prompt, courteous, thorough, able and willing to answer questions and easy to have around. All in all, an excellent job.

Carina V., Huntington Woods MI September 24, 2017

Nick and Brandon were fantastic and we are very pleased with the cleaning done by Safety King. They came to our house and cleaned our ducts which – turned out – was very necessary. They took the time to explain the whole service in detail and kept me posted throughout. When they were done, the musty odor that had really bothered us was gone. I highly recommend them.

Jessica M., Milford MI September 19, 2017

Safety King did a great job cleaning my ducts, they were very friendly and explained every step of the cleaning. They answered all of my questions honestly and did their best to meet expectations. The cleaning was thorough, effective and tidy.

Andy P., South Lyon MI September 17, 2017

The scheduler was so friendly and willing to work with my schedule. Chris S and Vernon G did amazing work at my house. The quality of work and professionalism were both excellent. It was easy to see how much thy cared about our house, and when they left I felt 100% comfortable with the decision of choosing them to clean out our furnace and duct work. They also cleaned out our dryer vent and I am so relieved to have that done, and done by professionals. I asked them to clean the air conditioner but they said it would be a waste of our money because it was so clean. I really appreciated their integrity.

Norbert L., Troy MI September 6, 2017

We were extremely pleased with the friendly and professional service provided by Tony and Bill. Thorough explanation of work (before / after) together with photos was appreciated. No fuss, no mess. Even offered to move furniture back into place.

Howard I., Bloomfield Twp MI September 2, 2017

Tony and Jason did an EXCELLENT job!!! EXCELLENT! They worked from 8:40 AM – 6:00 PM cleaning out old ducts. Tony and Jason used the word “horrible” several times when describing what they were finding! They were exceedingly polite, conscientious, hard-working and very respectful of our home and its contents. They worked hard!! They did an excellent job educating us about the process – before, during and after the process. Plus… they laughed at my jokes! Always a good thing! The supervisor, Chris, did a terrific job inspecting our home before the technicians arrived, and gave us a clear overview of the entire scenario. Safety King showed itself to be efficient , effective and very successful. All in all, we are very happy that Safety Kind cleaned our air ducts. Now what can they do about poverty and hunger?

Eric S., Rochester Hills MI August 24, 2017

I was very pleased with Safety King’s air duct cleaning service. I had a very good experience from the first call to schedule the appointment to completion of the work. Katherine the customer service rep was very professional and organized, and Nick and Tony were on time and did an excellent job. This Company’s very high quality standards are impressive and I look forward to using them again in the future.

Shirley F., Waterford MI August 12, 2017

Shirley called as the techs are just pulling out of the driveway. She said that she wanted to give a review on the phone. The guys (Vern and Jason) were great! They were very professional very clean and they even look like the advertisement on the internet. She said we have two very respectful good workers and wanted to make sure we knew what good employees we have. She was very pleased with the work they did.

Aura S., Troy MI August 5, 2017

From the initial phone call through the conclusion on the cleaning, I received nothing but excellent service from the Safety King team. They are good about communicating the whole process (over the phone, through email, before, during and after) so that there are no surprises. Although expensive, I feel confident that my family is breathing safe quality air.

Sid D., Rochester MI July 28, 2017

1. This was my first time getting the vents cleaned. The customer service rep patiently explained the whole process to me which was very useful. Later I would call two other places for quotes and though I was getting better rates, I decided to stick with Safety King because of my phone interaction with the customer service rep. 2. I got an email with the names and faces of my cleaners the day before so when Jason and Vernon showed up it felt like I already knew them 3. Jason and Vernon were super nice to interact with and very professional 4. Since I was busy I did not supervise or inspect everything that was going on but the before and after pictures suggest improvements in the dust situation. Here’s to better breathing and fewer dust allergies! I wish Safety King and their employees success in their business.

Cindy M., Walled Lake MI July 25, 2017

Awesome work, efficient, timely for the scheduled appointment. As a one man team, did a great job. Friendly, personable, professional, no nonsense, great recommendations. Eric, Love his upbeat personality. We would definitely refer Safety King and Eric. I could immediately tell the difference in air quality in my house. Thank you, Eric and the Safety King Team. A+ We have only used this company over the years at our house and my mom’s house.

David W., Birmingham MI July 17, 2017

Safety King was extraordinarily professional from the beginning all the way through to the end. First, they called the day before to remind me of my appointment, and told me the technician would be coming to my house between noon and 2 pm. Then, when I asked her if there was any way he could come a little earlier, she said, “I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll certainly ask him.” The next day, around 10:30 am, the same woman called me and said, “OK, the technician could be at your house within a half hour. Do you still want him to come earlier?” Sure enough, Eric was at my house by 11 am. He only needed me for about 5 minutes to walk him through the house and show him where the vents were and where the furnace was. From there on, he pretty much did everything by himself within about 3 hours, including cleaning the air ducts AND our horribly disgusting dryer vent (filled with about the equivalent of a tall kitchen garbage bag full of lint!!!). At the end, he cleaned up any mess left behind, including the lint that got onto our driveway from the dryer vent. He showed me photos of the ducts and dryer vent duct before and after, and I was astonished at how much stuff he cleaned out…especially from the dryer vent. He then showed me a menu of additional services offered by Safety King in case I was interested in any extras, but he said he didn’t really think my house needed them. An honest technician? Remarkable. This company clearly knows what they’re doing, both technically and with respect to customer service. They even reduced my cost by about $60 when he realized that my dryer vent came out on the ground floor (even though the dryer is on the second floor). They charge more if they need a ladder to reach the dryer vent, but when he saw he didn’t need the ladder, he reduced the bill. If he had left the charge the same, I probably would not have figured it out, and I think Eric knew that. But he’s obviously an honest guy and did the right thing by subtracting the $60. I would use them again in a heartbeat. High quality, honest, expedient service. You definitely get what you pay for!!

Jason M., Birmingham MI July 5, 2017

Very happy with the service received. Easy to set up the appointment and was given a clear explanation of how the process works. The crew that showed up to my place was friendly and professional. After all said and done, I was happy with the results of the work performed. I would recommend Safety king to anyone to get the job done right.

Jerre F., Bloomfield Hills MI June 29, 2017

Eric and Brandon spent 3 hours working on our air ducts today, and were very professional, courteous, and thorough. They explained the procedure, answered questions as needed, and showed us before and after photos when finished. We are very pleased with this company and have been placed on their recall calendar. Thank you, Eric and Brandon, for a job well done.

E. A. Praschan., Rochester MI June 20, 2017

We were completely satisfied with Safety King, beginning with the initial contact. The person explained their services and provided a firm price. There were no add-ons or surprises. Eric and Brandon were very professional and explained what they would be doing. They worked very efficiently and showed us pictures before and after the ducts were cleaned. Overall a great job.

Mel J., Madison Heights MI June 20, 2017

This is the third time I have used Safety King for my home. Eric was great to work with. He was very considerate of my home when he had to go to various rooms in the house to complete his work. He did a thorough job and I would not hesitate to recommend either him or Safety king to my friends and family.

Shyrell L., Madison Heights MI June 18, 2017

My scheduled time was between noon and 2pm. Marcus showed up at 12.07, was very pleasant and answered any questions I had. I was shown the before and after pics and received them via email with my completed work order. I had had a kitchen remodel about 5 yrs ago and had a different company out a few months later (after the dust had a chance to settle) Obviously they didn’t get everything because I had dusty furniture only a day after I would dust and they showed me no pics. I can see in Marcus’ pics the dust is gone out of the ducts. I will use them again (I have an Australian Shepherd, long haired) when the time comes.

David G., Madison Heights MI June 17, 2017

Professional company. We liked the fact that we were emailed the names and pictures of our technicians and service person prior to our appointment. The process was explained prior to the start and reviewed with us, including before and after photos, afterwards.

Lori B., Rochester MI June 14, 2017

I am very happy with the results of our recent duct cleaning perfirmed by Safety King. Scheduling was easy and communication was great. The technicians were professional and courteous. I highly recommend Safety King.

Rodney T., Royal Oak MI June 3, 2017

We had Chris and Vern come out and clean our Vents. They were both knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They took care of our stuff like it was theirs. The entire process from our call to Kerry in the office and her explanation of exactly what was going to be taking place up to the email we received with a picture of each technician that will be coming out to our house, not to mention that the technicians were at our house at the exact time of our appointment. The guys answered our questions with honest answers and we found them very trustworthy. Not only will we use this company again but I will recommend this company and those technicians to anyone who is looking for not only vent cleaning but any of their other services. We are extremely pleased and happy with the results.

Richard K., Ferndale MI June 2, 2017

Eric came out and was very thorough in explaining the job and cleaning our vents. I’m extremely satisfied with the service, it was worth every penny. Before the service our household was suffering from chronic sinus infections, even our cat was sick with sneezing and watering eyes. After the vents were cleaned, my cats eye stopped watering within 30 minutes and has not been sneezing. We have been breathing much better and my sinuses have cleared up now. Amazing!!!

Jessica T., Rochester Hills MI May 22, 2017

Professional, did a great job. They provide before and after pictures via website for you to see. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. No issues whatsoever with sales, service, office staff – hard to find companies with good customer service these days, so I’m happy to take a few minutes to provide a positive review when I come across one.

Carey S., Clarkston MI May 17, 2017

We were impressed with the attention to detail that Chris and Chris provided. They were so aware of keeping things clean and not creating any added work for us after they left. They were attentive to our pets and talked us through each step they took during the cleaning. We highly recommend Safety King for air duct cleaning!

Erin P., Farmington Hills MI May 8, 2017

Delora called the day before the appointment to let me know when they would show up and also explained everything they would do. Ryan showed up on time and was extremely nice. We have not had air duct cleaning before and he took the time to explain everything beforehand. We also let him know about some heating/cooling issues we had been experiencing and he showed us a problem that could be contributing to the issue which was very helpful. Ryan did a thorough job and at the end he cleaned up nicely and walked through all the pictures he had taken. I would highly recommend Safety King and Ryan!

Fernando G., Clarkston MI May 2, 2017

I had a great experience with Safety King Air Duct Cleaning. The came out to my house very punctual, explained me all the steps and completed all the job in the estimated time. At the end they showed me the pictures before and after, so I really appreciated their help because the difference was incredible. I would highly recommend this team to anyone.

Thomas D., Oxford MI April 30, 2017

Completely satisfied with Safety King. Kerry scheduled the appointment with me – she was very prompt after I e-mailed with initial questions and was good via e-mail and telephone after that. Eric and Brendan came to the house in the 30 minute time period we were given. I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail – to ensure their truck didn’t leak any fluids on to my asphalt driveway, they put down a tarp. Also, given that the truck has to run the entire time while the house door is open, they put a tube on the exhaust pipe to route it away from the door. Once inside, Eric did a great job explaining everything to me. Both Eric and Brendan were very polite and they worked hard the entire time they were here. Further, Eric suggested a duct treatment as a result of what he saw on his camera – he was able to justify to me why he thought it was a good idea, but was not pushy about it. Would definitely recommend Safety King, Kerry, Eric, and Brendan to anyone who asks.

Jon T., Rochester MI April 27, 2017

Brendan and Tony were extremely professional. The service I had today really blew me away. They were very courteous. They were on time. Their equipment was clean and they cared for my house very well. They cleaned up very well after. They answered all my questions and we are extremely polite. I was extremely pleased with them and with Safety King. So many businesses these days don’t seem to understand the importance of old fadhioned customer service and it’s obvious that these 2 gentleman and Safety King put a large emphasis on customer service. Their level of professionalism was very refreshing and appreciated. I would definitely recommend them to anybody interested in their services and I would absolutely use them again.

Mark C., Farmington Hills MI April 19, 2017

From my initial contact with Katherine to the completion of the job by Eric and Brendon, it was very professional. Eric and Brendon treated my home like it was there own. Eric was very thorough in explaining what will be and what was completed with the air duct and dryer duct cleaning. I will recommend Safety King and will use them again when needed.

Colleen G., Oxford MI April 17, 2017

I would highly recommend Safety King. Katherine was awesome working with my schedule to providing start to finish details. Anthony and Brandon were very polite, explained the whole process to me and took great care of my house while the cleaning was being completed.

Leon R., Bloomfield Hills MI April 13, 2017

Chris C did an excellent job cleaning our ducts. We give him an A in every category. He was professional, polite and we could not be happier with his performance and the results. He explained everything he did and showed us before and after pictures. Amazing. Based on this we will certainly use Safety King again and recommend Safety King to friends and family.

Charlie M., Royal Oak MI April 3, 2017

Vernon did an extraordinary job. Despite the fact that it was getting late in the day he refused to compromise on the cleaning and it just takes as long as it takes to do it right. These ducts probably had not been cleaned in 30 years and there had been lots of plaster work done during renovation. When he was done the photos showed the ducts shining and clean throughout. Great work and clean up on completion. I do flip homes and will use them again in the future.

Tara H., Ferndale MI March 28, 2017

I highly recommend Safety King to anyone! Nick and Brandon were exceptional! They explained everything they were going to do and we’re extremely courteous. Brandon even helped move some of the furniture back! They went above and beyond. Thank you so much!!

Carl B., Oxford MI March 22, 2017

Tony and Brendan were super dooper!!! They showed up on time and did a quality job! Id trust these boys with anything! I don’t know what they’re getting paid but they definitely deserve a raise! Thanks again Safety King Air Duct Cleaning. I breath a lot easier now knowing that the poisons in my house are gone!!!

Bill B., Troy MI March 21, 2017

Kerry was accommodating when we spoke and provided detailed information about the service before discussing price. Jason and Chris arrived on time and were courteous and professional throughout the time spent cleaning the heating/cooling ducts. I would gladly recommend Safety King to anyone.

Terry R., Clarkston MI February 21, 2017

My Safety King team of Ryan and Chad were great! Very professional. They carefully explained the process to me as this was my first time using an air duct cleaning service. They took care within my home while working and made the entire process very simple. I would definitely use Safety King in the future.

Diane S., Troy MI February 5, 2017

I picked safety king due to all the reviews. They were prompt and very nice. They left no mess and told me of everything they were doing. I did choose to have my dryer duct cleaned. This turned out to be a good choice as it was almost clogged. It takes several hours but is well worth it. They may have saved me from a big disaster. Thanks.

Patricia P., Rochester Hills MI February 2, 2017

Eric and Chris C. were the techs who came out for my duct cleaning. They were great to deal with, and explained everything very well. They took great care to make sure the house was left exactly as it was when they came. They also pointed out some things with the duct work that needed attention.

Jerry H., Rochester Hills MI January 23, 2017

We moved into a new home and decided from all the dust balls that had accumulated on the wood floors that the air ducts might be in need of a cleaning. We were right about that. The air ducts were filled with construction crud; as well as the motor. The entire system needed a special after construction touch-up from the experts at Safety King. We were very lucky to get Vern and Brandon as our on-site team ; they were very efficient, punctual, and professional – they explained every part of the job, prior to starting it. I was fully aware of where they were and what task they were working on at all times. We discussed what they had accomplished at the end of the job; showed me pictures of the before and after of the ducts and the furnace engine – needless to say they were spotless – all the crud was gone, I couldn’t have expected a better crew – they seemed to love what they were doing.

Vickie R., West Bloomfield MI January 18, 2017

Safety King came recommended to me – and they were more than worth the referral !!! Katherine explained things so well, that I knew exactly what would be done. The techs, Eric and Brendan, arrived exactly on time. They were courteous and treated my home with extreme care. I was amazed at the before and after pictures. My ducts look like new! They also offer other services that may be of interest. Other companies may be a bit cheaper, but I have talked to a lot of unhappy neighbors that used the cheaper companies. I am more than 100% satisfied and will not hesitate to recommend them!!

John S., Westland MI January 11, 2017

Techs Chris S. and Chris C. did a great job. I was having appliances delivered at the same time and they worked around that activity with no issue. They explained the extra services the company offers but weren’t pushy about it. This is my second time I’ve used Safety King, and the second time I’ve been completely satisfied.

Lori G., Bloomfield Hills MI January 10, 2017

Anthony from Safety King was wonderful when he and Brandon came to my home for a full day of duct cleaning this week. They were clean and respectful during the entire process of my home and my family. I was busy with the kids so wasn’t able to give them much assistance while they were here – they never got irritated with me, but just did what they needed to do and got the job done as quickly and as quietly as possible. They also discovered some disconnected ductwork in our attic which they took the time to photo and repair for us! I have already referred them to my co-worker and several neighbors and will use them again when the time comes! Price was reasonable too!!

Sean G., West Bloomfield MI January 6, 2017

Anthony Francis and Brendan were my techs and did great job. They walked me through the entire process and answered all of my questions. They spend four hours on my system and showed my before and after pictures. My HVAC system is clean and ready to go This is the second time I have used Safety King and I will use them again in the future. Great Company!

Amanda R., Novi MI January 5, 2017

Vern and Verna were very professional and kind. I appreciated the communication I received from them via e-mail with their photos and names. Vern was courteous while working in my home, treating it as if it was his own. He was also very patient with my pet situation. Moving two cats from one room to another while he worked. I love the fact they provide before and after photos. I was able to see exactly what i was paying for, literally. Vern did not leave until I gave him the thumbs up that everything in my home and his work area was clean and up to my level of satisfaction. Safety King was referred to me and I couldn’t be happier with their service.

Bob K., Royal Oak MI January 4, 2017

Great company. The two young men who serviced our home were wonderful. They communicated clearly with us throughout each step of the duct cleaning process, and they were efficient and professional. But the bottom line is: our ducts were filthy, and they cleaned all of them plus our furnace intake to the point where they almost looked new. Also, they take before and after pictures to show you, and they keep those on file with your home records as well. Definitely a service worth having done if you’re in an older home (like ours, which we remodeled), have any construction taking place in the house, or just haven’t had them cleaned in a while. It feels so much better knowing that we had this done–that we have cleaner air. Also, I’m pretty sure our furnace runs more efficiently now due to the fact that there is less air friction / restriction within the ductwork. Thanks again, gentlemen.

Sean K., Oak Park MI December 29, 2016

The Techs from Safety King once again did a spectacular job and went as far as some extra cleaning that needed to be done w/furnace – all included in the price. Guess I do a good job cleaning the dryer vent out and after inspection they deemed it not necessary to clean and took that off the bill. I get their service done every 5 years and is well worth the money invested and I would highly recommend Safety King and there professional services!

Scott W., Troy MI December 28, 2016

Bill & Brendan did an excellent job with my duct cleaning. In fact, Bill had come with another team member about 2 weeks earlier and noticed a problem with my cold air returns which prevented them from doing the work at that time. Essentially, the prior owner had left an 8 x 4 section of cold air return missing. Even my home inspector had NOT noticed it 12 months before. However, Bill expertly explained how I could fix it cheaply and effectively. When they came out 2 weeks later, they did a great job and when they were done you couldn’t tell they were there except for the squeaky clean vents & furnace!

Ross W., Clarkston MI December 22, 2016

Kerry explained the basic process on the phone when I called to make the appointment. Jason and Chris arrived on time and did a very good job. They have good equipment and are easy to deal with.

Stephanie S., Royal Oak MI December 21, 2016

Vern and Tony were top notch. They were so informative and professional, and went above and beyond while at my home. I have a baby and it can be very challenging when service people are at the house but they were clean, friendly and efficient. They walked me through the process step-by-step and showed me pictures, answered questions, and even vacuumed after to pick up some left over debris. WONDERFUL SERVICE!!!!

Patricia M., Royal Oak MI November 18, 2016

I called them to clean out my gas gravity furnace which had net been cleaned ever! 70+ years. It was filled with soot. Well Marcus got every spec of soot and dust out to the point that it looked brand new and my furnace man took his number for a reference. He was so impressed! And so am I! Great company. Great result! Marcus was nice very and professional. Great company. Perfect results!

Jeff J., Lake Orion MI November 13, 2016

Tony was awesome. He was very polite and informative. He walked us through the entire process. He took extra care to take on and off his paper slippers when entering and exiting our house. He showed us the before and after pictures and did a fantastic job cleaning our ducts. They were very clean afterwards. I would recommend them to all.

Roger B., Beverly Hills MI October 31, 2016

Safety King has there business down to a science with easy scheduling, an email introducing the crew, a consistent easy to understand description of the service, they were on time, and provided updates along the way answering any questions we had. Very pleased seeing the before and after pictures. The crew was professional and polite and took care to create any messes.

Mark L., Rochester MI October 27, 2016

This is my 3rd time using Safety King and there is a reason; they are the best. For my appointment today my experience was as wonderful as my previous two. Chris and Bill were professional, arrived on time, fully reviewed the steps in the process, answered any questions I had, showed me before and after photos then left my house cleaner than they found it. Would highly recommend Safety King to everyone who owns a home and needs to have their ducts cleaned. And for those price shoppers out there, I say this; you get what you pay for. I gladly pay Safety King more than their competitors because the superior quality Safety King provides.

Virginia P., Oak Park MI October 15, 2016

Vernon and Chad were wonderful. They cleaned my dryer vent as I was getting a new washer and dryer this morning. They arrived exactly on time, were very professional and informative and super helpful. While they were here the w&d were delivered but that delivery team doesn’t hook up the vent because they weren’t licensed and so Vernon and Chad did if for me. They left the area and floor spotless. I will certainly be calling them again to come and do a whole house vent cleaning. Thank you Vernon and Chad, I appreciated your work this morning.

Mike B., Rochester MI October 3, 2016

We had a very good experience with Safety King. They showed up right on time for our appointment at 8am on a Saturday morning. Nick and Tony were very professional, informative and courteous. They explained the service in detail, showed me before and after pictures, and cleaned up the areas very well after the job was completed. They also pointed out some other areas that may need extra attention, like some possible duct and dryer vent repairs.

Mike O., Troy MI October 1, 2016

Ryan and Chris S were very professional and friendly. They were at our home on time and completed the work quoted while working around our painters which were behind schedule. They had shown me before and after pictures, proof of their solid work. I would/will/am recommend Safety King and in particular Ryan and Chris S. The company should be proud to have these two guys on their team.

Amelie V., Birmingham MI September 25, 2016

We bought a house and had the floors refinished and the house painted. It was also an older house and the previous owners had many cats and dogs so we knew we had to get the ducts cleaned. Chad & Ryan showed up on time and were very courteous throughout the day. They showed the before and after pictures and suggested a few improvement to our heating/cooling system which we’ll consider for the future. We were very happy with their service.

Pam B., Bloomfield Hills MI September 19, 2016

Our family just moved into a new “older” home. Safety King came at their appt time along with the many electricians, pool people, plumbers etc. They saw how busy the house was and said “how about we come back when things are a bit more settled?. They reschedules the call to the following week and we were still in a state of dysfunction…Safety King could not have been nicer or more professional. They came in, figured out how to clean of ducts, moved a bunch of boxes and made me a great fan! I have used them before and recommend you to use Safety King for this service. They still understand the customer needs and do a really great job.

Andrew H., Troy MI August 22, 2016

Was very happy with the service. Super easy to schedule an appointment. Everything was explained over the phone. When the service techs arrived, they explained the process again and started work. Once finish the techs cleaned, explained what was done. Very happy with the service, and would recommend this team for future service.

Gerald R., Southfield MI August 4, 2016

Safety King called the day before to confirm the appointment and to give an approximate time of arrival. Bill and Trevor arrived on time and, after a quick inspection of the house, began work immediately. They were professional and personable. NICE JOB!

Carlos W., Bloomfield Hills MI August 1, 2016

Great company with a very good history of good customer service because they get the job done well. I recommend companies to my Real Estate Clients based upon my personal experience with the company. You’ll immediately notice the difference in the quality of air circulating through your house or business once you’ve allowed Safety King to sanitize your duct work.

Edie R., West Bloomfield MI July 29, 2016

Since the air ducts and furnace were just cleaned a few hours ago I have no way of judging how it will effect my heating and cooling systems, but based on the photos Jason showed me, there should be great improvement. Jason and Eric arrived on time, they were very pleasant to deal with and they took great care to not have the equipment mark up the floors and walls. They explained everything to me and did not pressure me to add other services. They checked the dryer vent flow and told me it was great so I did not need to have dryer duct cleaned.

Diane H., Auburn Hills MI July 20, 2016

Bill and Tony arrived on time and explained the procedure in detail. They were very orderly and proficient. You can tell they take great pride in the company they work for and they worked very well as a team. This is a new home for us but the previous owners had cats and while I love cats, I am extremely allergic to them so now I feel confident that I have done the right thing for allergies and the house smelled so fresh the next day. Thank you Bill and Tony!

Vincent C., Royal Oak MI July 13, 2016

The team was prompt and courteous. The team removed shoes or wore shoe covers when entering the home. They did a great job of cleaning the entire system at the stated price. No additional cost. The team provided pictures of before and after.

Tony J., Farmington Hills MI July 11, 2016

Safety king came as scheduled, went to work and did a great job! They were very respectful of my home and furnishings. And the additional services they recommended were also done efficiently.

Jill U., Berkley MI June 27, 2016

On time, professional, very neat…no mess, no fuss! Jason was a pleasure, and even answered my curious little boy’s questions. He did a great job as a one man show in a timely manner. The ducts in my 70 year old house had never been clean. I saw before and after pictures and the results were amazing. I was having allergy issues before but…they all seem to be gone already!

Jim Y., West Bloomfield MI June 16, 2016

The entire team was prompt and professional. Ryan and Chad were the Duct Cleaning specialists. They protected the work area. They explained what they would be doing during the process and provided before and after pictures of the work performed. They cleaned up after the work was performed. We were very satisfied and would recommend.

Charlie N., West Bloomfield MI May 26, 2016

For the past 8 months we have been updating and remodeling our new residence. Now that we have finished, we realized the last step, and one of the most important ones would be to clean and disinfect the heating/air conditioning system. We have been fortunate in finding excellent contractors in this area, and Safety King is among the best. Bill and Eric were punctual, polite, diligent, efficient and focused totally on our needs. We would highly recommend Safety King to meet your needs.

Brian T., Rochester Hills MI May 26, 2016

First, compliments to Safety King for establishing the right customer focused atmosphere/attitude of its staff members. Ryan and Chad are true representatives of the way a company should operate. They are both extremely knowledgeable, honest and really care about doing things the right way. They both took the time to explain their findings, offered clear concise guidance which was in the best interest of the customer — that is the foundation for creating a loyal customer who will recommend others to Safety King. Having had another company perform the duct cleaning before, Safety King process and honesty was night and day different. I would strongly recommend their services to others.

Cheryl C., Troy MI May 23, 2016

Anthony and Chad spent about four hours in my 2400 sq ft home. They were friendly, professional, and extremely clean. The charge was over $500 but lasts five years. They cut holes in the basement ducks to blow out the dust. I used to see dust on my dining table every other day. It has been over a week and I see no dust.

Jim M., Farmington Hills MI May 13, 2016

I used Safety King years ago at my store when the A/C repairman highly recommended them. They did a great job then. So now I needed ducts cleaned at my house and I called them. The lady on the phone explained in detail what the process was and what the cost would be. I got the military discount (could have got the seniors discount but both discounts are the same-$30.00). Safety King rep. called the day before the appointment and told me the time the 2 man crew would be here between 8:30 – 9:30 AM. The crew of Tony and Chad came at exactly 8:30 AM the next morning. They were very friendly and efficient and explained what they were doing before and after their work was done. I would highly recommend Safety King to anyone, Their fine reputation carries on.

Tamarah M., Addison Twp MI April 30, 2016

Very professional company. Setting the appointment was easy and understanding the procedure and the cost was very well explained. They did not leave a speck of dirt anywhere when they were finished. I would definitely recommend this company for duct cleaning.

Marie K., Rochester MI April 29, 2016

I had two very polite gentlemen show up for my appointment…Ryan & Chris. Very professional. Helped move some stuff out of the way as we were collecting items for a garage sale. And even coordinated their activities around my cat. smile emoticon Now that was funny. Went lickety split around the house, did not scratch or damage my new floor, nor did they mark up the newly painted walls. We came to an understanding on how they were going to proceed so that I could better stay out of their way. Great job guys !!!

Rachel R., Farmington Hills MI April 27, 2016

Right from my first interaction with the company I had a positive experience. Kerry was able to explain the process over the phone and with the quote she gave me, I knew Safety King was the company for me! Jason and Chad arrived on time the day of my air duct cleaning. Both very friendly to me, my daughter and my three dogs. They worked quickly and efficiently. Cleaned up after the process, did a thorough walk through with me and showed me before and after pics. Highly recommend!!

John S., Rochester MI April 23, 2016

Kerry did a good job in letting us know what to expect and how to prepare for the cleaning. Marcus and Eric arrived on time and did a great job of cleaning the ducts and gave us advice on our dryer ventilation. Now that is complete as well.

M. Woll, Royal Oak MI April 21, 2016

Vernon G. and Chris S. arrived as scheduled and took a few minutes for me to show them the idiocies of our heating system. Their work was organized and precise not to mention clean. They took before and after pictures of the interior of the ducts and did a walk around and clean up when complete excellent work!

Ashley C., Bloomfield Hills MI April 11, 2016

Amazing professional and efficient service! I couldn’t believe how professional and particular this team was… They took the time to show me photos of before and after cleaning. This was very helpful in knowing that the job was getting done! Especially with such a large investment it helps to see that it is actually getting done! And boy did we need it done! They were also at our house all day (we have a ton of ducts!) and they stayed out of our way and were very considerate of our privacy and space as well. I have a new baby and they didn’t bother us once. I wouldn’t recommend any other company but them!

Teresa & Don K., Berkley MI April 7, 2016

Bill and Eric did a great job cleaning the ducts in our home. They were professional and friendly. Kerry was very informative about the process of duct cleaning, price and time availability. Thanks everyone for a job well done!

Mary M., Lake Orion MI April 7, 2016

Ryan C. of Safety King of Utica, MI was very conscientious and considerate of us and our pets from the very moment he entered our home. Ryan explained the procedures that would be used to clean the homes warm and cool air ducts and after he completed the job he presented me with pictures of the before and after results. My family was very pleased not only with Ryan C’s courtesy and great amiability but also with the wonderful results of all his work. I only wish now that we would have had Safety King do this much need duct cleaning in our home years ago. Thank you Ryan C. and Safety King for clearing out all the debris and dust collected in our home’s ducts. I would highly recommend your excellent workmanship to all.

Robert W. – Orion Corners Condo Association, Lake Orion MI April 5, 2016

Nick & Tyler were very efficient in their work, explaining the process Safety King has in place for complete cleaning of the Dryer exhaust vents at our Condominium Association. They were very professional, friendly and courteous, answering any questions I asked them. I am the one Co-owner who worked with Nick and Tyler throughout the complete cleaning process. I have had no complaints from any other Co-owners. We will look forward to working with Safety King on our next Dryer exhaust vent cleaning project. Regards, Robert Walker Orion Corners Condo Association.

Karie E., Ortonville MI March 23, 2016

Safety King (Kathy, Bill, and Eric) cleaned our duct work and dryer vent. Professional, courteous, and very careful not dirty or damage the house, they explained, in detail, what they were doing and what tools were being using. I was able to see before and after photos of important parts and Bill patiently went through the checklist I had printed out from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) webpage – this checklist was also provided on Safety King’s website. Arriving on time, Bill and Eric finished the job in the amount of time quoted to me. A wonderful experience and clean ducts!!!

Roger H.,Clarkston MI March 6, 2016

I highly recommend the Safety King Inc. guys. Jason and Brad arrived on time, were extremely friendly and professional, ran me through the entire process before they started and were finished well within the time they said it would take. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos were great and just proved the high standard of their work. The price I was quoted when I scheduled the job was the price I paid. No add on’s. Well done Safety King, I will recommend your company with confidence.

John B., Bloomfield Hills MI March 5, 2016

Vern and Chris were very professional and walked us through the process. House was left in excellent shape. This is our second experience with Safety King and we will be back as needed.

Mrs. Hines, Southfield MI February 27, 2016

Mrs. Hines called to compliment Tony F. and Chris C. She said she is a perfectionist and the job was perfect! She pays extra for good service and said that we are worth the money. She was very pleased with our technicians!

Stuart S., Birmingham MI February 21, 2016

Chad and Jason arrived right on time, they were professional and knowledgeable, in that I had two systems to clean, they went about the task with a great deal of order and completeness. We discussed the extra value features and elected to sanitize the system and finally, clean the dryer duct. I would recommend Safety king to any one in need of cleaning and look forward fro the next cleaning in 5 years.

Steve H, Rochester MI February 19, 2016

Bill really cleaned out our very dirty dryer vent system and even cleaned out the floor of the inside of the dryer. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Safety King is very fortunate to have him as employee.

Chia-Poe T., Rochester MI February 17, 2016

Set up an appointment for air duct cleaning for Wednesday. Calin called Tuesday to confirm the appointment and provided an window when the crew would arrive Wednesday, 11a – 1p. The crew, Ryan and Chad, arrived right onetime, 11a, on Wednesday. The whole cleaning took about two hours. Ryan and Chad were friendly, efficient and thorough. I was shown pictures taken before and after the cleaning onsite – then received the photos via email from Calin later for record keeping. Could see the dust and debris before cleaning in some duct work, and see the polished clean duct work after. Ryan and Chad provided tips on keeping the duct clean when appropriate. Though it was a cold day and the back door needed to be kept open for vacuum tube to enter the basement, Ryan and Chad monitor the thermometer and make sure the temperature didn’t fall too low. For the price and the work performed. It is certainly worth it.

Sandra D., Southfield MI February 13, 2016

So for several years my husband has been saying we should have our heat ducts cleaned. Over and over and over – But did we get them cleaned? Not until I made the appointment. When I told him he gave me his usual complaints that I don’t know what I am talking about and certainly if I only spoke to a woman she wouldn’t know what she was talking about…….Well, today the Safety King people Tyler and Marcus came out and did a great job. Neat and tidy and very pleasant. So I guess the woman I spoke with to set up our appointment knew what she was doing and the yokels, Marcus and Tyler knew what to do. Thank you Safety King for doing I great job and once more proving that Sandy is always right!

Sarah G., Clarkston MI February 12, 2016

Bill and Tyler were a pleasure to work with. They were not pushy sales people and were able to answer all my questions or concerns when they arrived. They were respectful and courteous. I saw the before and after pictures and I am so happy that we had our ducts cleaned and deodorized! Amazing what a difference in our air quality for our family.

Gary S., Rochester MI February 8, 2016

Verna set up my appointment and Jason and Tony were there right on time. Tony and Jason covered my carpets up and did there job to perfection. They explained what they were going to do and told me we should see improvement in the amount of dust we have in the house. I have before and after pictures of the duct work they cleaned up everything that came out of the duct work. They worked great as a team.

Linda H., Clarkston MI February 5, 2016

The folks at Safety King are great! I had to reschedule a couple of times and Kathy was very kind and helpful. Jason D and Vernon G were the technicians that came out to the house. They explained the whole process to me. The process took almost 2 hours, the technicians were efficient and thorough. 16 years of dust is gone and the house smells much better. Thanks, Safety King!!!

Brian G., Rochester Hills MI February 3, 2016

These guys were very thorough to detail and spent quite a bit of time prepping and cleaning the duct work. I highly recommend Safety King and their services! Great job. See you in a year for the dryer vents again.

Joe N., Lake Orion MI January 28, 2016

Jason and Vern were fabulous. First time we have ever had a company arrive right on time, at the beginning of the window offered. Love that the timing was reduced down to a 30 minute window. Great, thorough cleaning.

Gwen R., Royal Oak MI January 20, 2016

Technician arrived exactly when scheduled, was very efficient. Explained each step of the process. Suggested a couple additional services that would be most beneficial to my home. Completed the work in a timely manner. I was very satisfied with this company and will be calling on them again in the future.

Hilda S., Troy MI January 18, 2016

Could not have asked for nicer guys. They explained the work in detail, and were finished in a very short time. I’m very impressed with the care and the detail information I was given. Thank you for making this experience painless. Now I feel comfortable with a clean dryer vent.

Rafe S., Rochester Hills MI January 8, 2016

Vern and Chad showed up on time and ready to work. Both took the time to explain to me what they were going to do and did a professional job. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I would give them an A for the work they did. I recommend Safety King to anyone looking for squeaky clean ducts. Thank you for the excellent work you guys did today!

Don D., Berkley MI January 8, 2016

I work for a local contracting business in a different field (Windows) I understand consumers fears about choosing the right contractor as I had them too. Tyler and Bill from Safety King showed up on time, treated my home like their own, did an amazing job in a timely matter. I got burned 5 years ago with a local company who sent kids to do a professionals job. Safety King is a top notch company in my opinion.

David S., Oak Park MI December 23, 2015

Calin did a good job explaining the process in advance. The crew arrived on time and conducted themselves in a thoroughly professional manner. Vernon answered all my questions. They finished with a walk through and left us with a clean house! Calin followed up by providing the photos in a followup email.

Joyce D., Farmington Hills MI December 23, 2015

Peter G.and Kory T. arrived on time, explained what was to be done and got on with the job. Very neat and attentive workers, doing the job in a timely fashion. Kory showed me the before and after pictures and offered other services which could be utilized, but not needed at this time. I will recommend Safety Clean to others. Excellent job and very nice hard working employees whom you should be proud to have on your team. Merry Christmas—– Thanks for cleaner air to breath!

James L., Walled Lake MI December 18, 2015

Calin, Peter and Chris could not have been more professional. They were pleasant, patient and well informed about all phases of the work. Arrived on time, very neat and willing to answer all questions. Will certainly use them again. Thank you for a job well done.

Ronald D. – Exova Defiance, Westland MI December 16, 2015

The people at the company I work at were complaining about poor air quality, so I decided to give Safety King a call. They set the gold standard for a customer service company.

Chris came out to do a evaluation of our system and gave us an assessment for the services. He was very knowledgeable and offered several solutions for our particular needs and concerns. He suggested a deodorizer to combat the fumes from a nearby business. Chris also helped with scheduling an appointment for the duct cleaning that worked around my company’s office hours. The company also emailed pictures of the technicians that would be servicing the buildings systems.

The duct cleaning technicians Jason and Tony arrived on time, were professionally dressed in clean uniforms, and presented their photo ID badges. After completing a walk-though of the building they got right to work. They made sure to take special care to cover all the desks and work stations with plastic covers to prevent any possible dust from landing on them. Both Jason and Tony encouraged questions and comments and were completely happy to answer my questions during the cleaning process. After the technicians finished cleaning the duct work they packed all their equipment away and cleaned up every location they visited in the building. Jason showed me before and after pictures of all the work he and his partner did while working and let me know that these pictures would be emailed to me in three to five days.

Everyone in the office has noticed the improved air quality from the duct cleaning. The deodorizer treatment Safety King used has eliminated the unpleasant odors we were experiencing. I will be calling Safety King to clean my home, and would highly recommend this company for anyone that wants to breath better at home or work. Thank you again Chris, Jason, and Tony.

Victoria K., Troy MI December 9, 2015

Ryan and Chris arrived between the window communicated and completed the work when promised. They were very professional and even let my 4 year old show them where the vents were located in his room. I would highly recommend them.

Joanne – Roe Photo, Ferndale MI November 28, 2015

We had Safety King clean the ducts for our commercial building on November 24th. We were very pleased with their work.

They were very professional and timely. We were sent an email the day prior to their arrival informing us of when they would arrive and pictures of the associates that were coming. They were polite and explained what they would be doing, an answer questions.

We will use them again and refer them to friends. Chad, Ryan and Chris were a great team. Thank you

Alison C., Lake Orion MI November 18, 2015

Vern and Tony were complete professionals. They were extremely thorough and explained what they were doing during the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!

Sharene S., Troy MI August 24, 2015

Vernon arrived alone, without his usual sidekick, but stayed with the job until it was finished. My air ducts look SO much cleaner, and we are breathing better, sleeping better at night. I also feel so much safer knowing the clean dryer vent means no chance of a fire starting there. THANKS Safety King! Especially you, Vernon!

Nick Kinney, Rochester Hills MI August 10, 2015

Safety King lived up to their reputation. My techs Bill and Chad were very knowledgeable and professional. The whole process went smoothly and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a solid company.

Darnell Velilla, Rochester MI July 27, 2015

Chad and Peter were great! they were very informative and took their time to do a thorough cleaning and they cleaned up from the mess with their own broom. Would definitely use Safety King again.

Sylvia Nelson, Farmington Hills MI July 20, 2015

The service was great. they were neat and friendly and took very good care of our house. This job was difficult due to a crawlspace but they did a great job. Jason and Ryan were terrific, they deserve five stars!!!

Margaret Jane Makulski, Pleasant Ridge MI July 13, 2015

Jason and Vern did an outstanding job! They were very professional, explained everything that they were going to do, answered my questions and went to work! After they finished, they insisted that I check out everything, go room to room, and be satisfied with their work and their work areas. They cleaned up afterwards sand treated my home with care and respect. I recommend them without any hesitation. Safety King is the best.

Jim Brinkman, Bloomfield Hills MI July 6, 2015

Kathy S. set up an appointment for us which was very helpful with our busy schedule. Bill T. and Kory T. were here at the exact appointed time, took off their shoes (and continued to remove their shoes every time they entered the house) and went through our home to check each room and explain what they would do. They then covered our floors and brought in their equipment. They immediately set to each of their tasks and got the job done in record time. Afterwards they showed us photos of before and after the cleaning. We were very impressed with their efficiency and professionalism. Thank you for sending a great team to our home.

Ronaldo Cortez, Berkley MI July 6, 2015

Very patient and thorough answering all our questions. Courteous and polite. Would definitely request them again to do our my duct cleaning needs.

Ellen Featherstone, Rochester Hills MI June 9, 2015

We found it a pleasure to do business with safety king and the staff that came out to our home was professional, courteous, and interested in doing the job correctly.

Carol Lawrence, Royal Oak MI June 9, 2015

Marcus is great. He’s professional, knows what he’s doing, excellent with getting the job done! I would definitely ask for Marcus the next time my Air Ducts need to be done.

Jean Heika, Rochester MI May 13, 2015

They pulled a football size hornets nest out of the dryer vent at my new condo. So glad I added the dryer vents to my order!

Janet Whitefield, Clarkston MI May 11, 2015

Bill and Chad were friendly, professional, and worked diligently until the job was complete. They were careful to explain everything they were doing and make sure we were satisfied and any questions we had were answered. My husband and I are completely satisfied with the service and feel great about having clean air ducts in our home. We will definitely recommend Safety King and their great team members, Bill and Chad, to our friends and family.

Julie Marcial, Rochester MI April 22, 2015

Service was excellent, results amazing! From when they first arrived until service was over they were professional and friendly!!!

Jayme Rossiter, Birmingham MI April 17, 2015

I would highly recommend Safety King. They arrived on time, went over the job with me, protected walls and floors, and completed the job in a very professional way. They knowledgeable and did a great job, even provided photos of their work.

Marybeth Penney, Clarkston MI March 30, 2015

Marybeth had an unbelievably great experience. She spoke with Chris at length. He thoroughly explained everything. The technicians were professional and clean but also friendly. They explained each step of the cleaning during the process. She will refer her clients to us and we will refer ours to her!

Elliott Ross, Berkley MI March 20, 2015

The whole experience with the gentleman that did the service as well as the office people were excellent!

Connie Kane, Oxford MI March 16, 2015

My husband and I were very happy with the service we received from Safety King Air Duct Cleaning today. The servicemen were prompt, courteous and informative. They explained everything they were going to do and followed up with the photos they promised of the “before” and “after” results. They toured our home first and ensured each vent was completely covered before the operation began. They were neat and orderly throughout our home. They knew we had a pet kitty and made sure she could be moved about to avoid any trauma with their endeavors. They used our names and made us feel very comfortable with their presence. A final inspection was made. We appreciate the great service from Marcus, AJ and Chris. We highly recommend this company. We rate them a Five Star.

John and Karli Naglick, Rochester Hills MI March 11, 2015

Vern and Nick did a great job cleaning our air ducts. They were prompt and arrived right on time, which we really valued and appreciated. They took great care in setting up their equipment and were respectful of our home and belongings. We could tell that they both took pride in doing a thorough and professional job. Vern and Nick were friendly and hard-working. We would definitely recommend Safety King to others.

Jason Brann, Rochester MI March 9, 2015

Nathan and Vern were great guys and did an excellent job! They were very courteous and friendly. They showed up right on time, did an excellent job explaining the process of Duct Cleaning, showed me how to take care of them in the future and provided pictures of the dirty before ducts and the after spotless ducts. I would recommend them to anyone and I will definitely use their services in the future!

Gary Walker, Bloomfield Hills MI March 9, 2015

Bill T and DJ were on time, friendly, hard-working, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. I know the difference because several months ago, I made a mistake and choose a competitor to “clean” our ducts and then suffered cold-like symptoms for over three months. When it finally occurred to me that dust in the ducts was causing me to sneeze and be stuffed up, I called Safety King. What a difference they made. Their photographs showed that the other company failed to clean all of the returns and left debris in the other ducts (including a red children’s ball!). In addition to the expert cleaning of the ducts, they also did the small things like wiping down the furnace and the room where it’s located. When they cleaned and packed up all of their gear more than 4 hours later, our home looked as good as when they came. And within hours my head started to clear up. I highly recommend them and would never use any other company than Safety King.

Joanne Bender, Troy MI March 4, 2015

Our experience with Safety King was top notch. From the prompt and friendly response I got from Kathy to the professionalism and courtesy shown by Pete and Vern, we were very pleased with the service we received. Everything was explained in detail. They did a thorough job and were mindful of leaving the place immaculate. Their attention to detail was impressive. So refreshing to deal with a company with exceptional customer service! I would definitely recommend this company!

Liz Kannon, Ferndale MI February 16, 2015

Ryan and Kory were great. Very professional. They did a wonderful job of keeping me informed about the project.

Rick Rabe, Auburn Hills MI January 14, 2015

Patrick and nick were top notch. They are very professional and courteous. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone I know. I have already spread the word about safety king and their excellent staff.

J Cnossen, Waterford MI January 9, 2015

Safety King are consummate professionals. They work efficiently, have courteous and thorough tech’s. They explained the work completed and what I needed to do in the future. I’d definitely use them for future air duct cleaning for my house.

Nikki Smith, Waterford MI January 5, 2015

The team from Safety King was incredibly versed in the processes and techniques employed to provide the cleaning services requested. They were on time, efficient and thorough. I was able to review before pictures prior to their cleaning, walked around asking questions and they addressed them as I was asking them, and was able to review after photos once they were complete. I was very pleased with the appearance of the technicians and felt very comfortable having them in my home. They employed fantastic methods of cleanliness and respect for my home including wearing booties over their shoes on flooring that was not protected (that they removed when they went outside and replaced when they came back in – this is RARE) and protecting hard wood flooring in areas where their equipment went through. Please give my best to Matt and Nick, they were top notch! We will request them on the next visit in a few years.

Sandra Scott, Waterford MI December 26, 2014

Our house is over 100 years old and needed a vent cleaning desperately. We were very happy with Safety King. Their staff were professional and timely. They cleaned up any mess and showed us the before and after results. Highly recommend.

Gene Mortensen, Troy MI December 19, 2014

Both gentleman who came to my home were very efficient and professional. They did excellent work and took the time to answer all my questions. They even shook our hands and thanked us for the business when they left. I highly recommend them.

Claudia Tabacco, Waterford MI December 15, 2014

The team was great. I never had any ductwork cleaning done before and they were so thorough in explaining what was going to be done and how. The pictures were so amazing of the before and after and they cleaned up after themselves very well. Couldn’t ask for nicer and more professional men then they were. Very happy Family Heating Co. recommended them. I’d use them again.

Barbara Mullins, Royal Oak MI December 10, 2014

Matt, Robert, & Merna were very professional and helpful. They were able to answer all my questions. Merna directed me to a coupon that I could use to reduce the cost of the duct cleaning. I really appreciated the fact that they were here when they said they would be. I hate sitting around waiting for people to arrive and they show up long after the appointment or don’t bother to show up or call.

Brad Watkins, Troy MI December 8, 2014

The entire Safety King team was incredibly professional and courteous. They are a first class company to service your air duct cleaning needs.

Bill Nelson, Troy MI December 5, 2014

Peter and Nick did an excellent job. They explained everything they did and answered all my questions. Excellent job!

Lawrence Delargy, Troy MI December 3, 2014

We were very satisfied with the service provided by Safety King and the team of Kory and Robert who performed the work at our home. While duct cleaning is not inexpensive, it is labor intensive and the team worked hard to do a thorough job. Everything was explained in detail and the team was very personable and efficient. The equipment they used was very heavy duty and they showed us before and after photos to document effectiveness of their work.

Betty Gunther, Rochester MI December 1, 2014

Marcus was a very polite and knowledgeable man. I had faith that he would do a good job and according to the pictures he took, the ducts looked like they were brand new.

Sandy Nelson, Bloomfield Hills MI December 1, 2014

I was very impressed with the Safety King service. Chris who came out to give an estimate was polite and carefully explained the process. Robert and Bill, who actually did the work, were both polite and personable. They did the work quickly, helped me move furniture that I was unable to move alone before they arrived, and left the place cleaner than they found it. I am a real estate agent would recommend Safety King to my clients.

Mary Twaddle, Troy MI November 24, 2014

I had my air ducts cleaned last week along with my dryer vent. Kory and Vern were very nice, professional and fast! They explained everything completely. They made sure that everything in my house was protected while they did their work – carpeting, furniture and walls. I would totally recommend Safety King. My house just feels so much cleaner knowing that all the dust is out of the vents!

Frederick Strauss, Rochester MI November 19, 2014

As a general rule, cats don’t like vacuum cleaners, and we had no reason to believe they would enjoy the experience of an air duct cleaning. Thankfully, we found Safety King. Beginning with their informative and easy-to-navigate website, our experience with Safety King was an absolute pleasure. Our customer service rep, Kerry, explained the process and offered assurance that the team would work with us regarding the cats. On the day of the cleaning, Bill and DJ were prompt and courteous, went through the house thoroughly, and were very patient and helpful regarding the cats, making the experience as easy on them as possible. They did a great job and finished in the time frame given. All in all, this was a wonderful experience. The folks at Safety King are professional, personable, and knowledgeable. And it is great to have clean air ducts!! Thank you, Safety King! FIVE BIG BOLD STARS !!!

Nathan Bou, Royal Oak MI November 17, 2014

Nick and Patrick were phenomenal! Offered great information on how to maintain clean ductwork and were VERY efficient and friendly!

Yvonne Champoux, Farmington Hills MI November 17, 2014

After having some remodeling on my home, I had Safety King come and clean the mess. The guys were SUPER nice. Very professional. Very polite. I would recommend them 1000% over.

Scott D’Autremont, Clarkston MI November 12, 2014

Matt and Nate were very polite, professional and knowledgeable. This was not an easy job and they really went the extra mile to get it done correctly providing 100% customer satisfaction! I would recommend Safety King to anybody.

John Novak, Beverly Hills MI October 27, 2014

As a mechanical engineer, I knew Bill’s explanations were correct and technically accurate.

Gabrielle Topolewski, Royal Oak MI October 24, 2014

Nick and Matt L were great! Friendly, courteous, and professional. They were really nice to my dog too!

Joanne Scherf, Huntington Woods MI October 24, 2014

Matt L and Nick were extremely polite and professional. They took the time to thoroughly explain the process and were available for questions at any time. Both Matt L and Nick are great representatives of Safety King as they interact with the client on the front lines. Highly recommend them!

Beth Joy, Bloomfield Hills MI October 13, 2014

Ryan and Patrick did a great job. They explained what they were doing and showed me pictures when the job was complete. I would recommend them highly.

Dave Kahn, Oxford MI September 29, 2014

Jacob and Peter were courteous, thorough, and professional. I have already recommended Safety King to friends who are interested in your service.

Susan Hannon, Northville MI September 17, 2014

Great experience with Safety King. Patrick and Ryan are good people, knew what they were doing and were very informative. We will use your service again. Thank you.

Peter Pellow, Southfield MI August 27, 2014

Patrick and Robert did a wonderful job explaining and answering any questions professionally. They even include before and after pictures. As soon as the air came on after the cleaning you could instantly tell the flow was more forceful. Thanks guys. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned I would highly recommend Safety King.

Jennifer Guerra, Rochester MI August 22, 2014

Matt is very helpful, kind, and nice. He was very informative and I would recommend him to everyone…

Sara Piceu, Bloomfield Hills MI August 21, 2014

Thanks for the teams professional approach and helpfulness! I am so grateful for their discoveries and am anxiously awaiting Pictures promised…..many thanks.

Linda Jenkins, Bloomfield Hills MI August 21, 2014

Matt and Tom were awesome. Very professional, knowledgeable and did their job efficiently. Thank you – I will use Safety King again next year.

Dennis Glotzhober, Bloomfield Hills MI August 18, 2014

Engaged Safety King because they were the only duct cleaning company which not only could provide HVAC duct cleaning, but which also could provide a recordable video inspection of HVAC ducts. Pete G., the lead specialist, and Robert K., his assist, were very professional, courteous, and thorough. I wanted an complete HVAC duct cleaning, an evap coil cleaning, and a video inspection — with a focus on the ductwork underneath my family room slab. They understood what I wanted and explain to me what they could and could not do. As requested, they spent much time on cleaning the slab ductwork. I can be a very demanding customer and appreciate Kathy S., the customer service rep, putting up with my demands for a detailed work proposal, All in all, Safety King surpassed my expectations

Pam Hammarlund, Waterford MI August 15, 2014

They were on time. Thorough. Helped me get acquainted with my new house and how things run. I would hire them again. Tom is fantastic!

Pat Balice, Troy MI August 8, 2014

Have to give a shout out to Safety King duct cleaning service. From customer service to Vern, the tech that did the work, they were excellent. Very friendly and Vern did excellent work in our house. He was very professional, thorough and clean! Highly recommend them.

Danielle Peck, Clawson MI August 7, 2014

Our ducts hadn’t been cleaned in the 60+ years that our home has been around, and Safety King did a great job of getting everything cleaned out. Bill was kind and professional. He even took his shoes off when he came into the house. I enjoyed seeing the before and after pictures – well, I’m not sure if “enjoy” is the right word, but it was helpful to know. If you have an older house, there is probably some very nasty debris in your air ducts. If you’re looking to get them cleaned, definitely go with this company.

Bill & Gretchen Schafer, Troy MI August 4, 2014

A.J. and another technician (not the two who were listed as being the ones who were supposed to be coming out to service out ducts) showed up RIGHT on time! We showed them where all of the vents were throughout the house – only one required moving of a piece of furniture (which we knew ahead of time), they decided coming in through the back door would be most efficient, and they got to work. The only thing we asked of them was that they not let either of our 2 cats outside if they saw them (the cats hid the whole time, so it wasn’t an issue, but the guys wer vigilant anyway). It took 3 hours from start to finish of everything, including the dryer duct cleaning. They showed us the before and after pics (and quite honestly, there wasn’t much difference in the house ductwork). But the dryer duct REALLY needed to be cleaned out, and I’m so glad we had the whole thing done anyway, as we have allergies and asthma, as well as some other health problems in the house. I’d rather be safe than sorry! Thank you for the great work!

Heather Koskela, Clawson MI July 27, 2014

Marcus did an awesome job clearing out the huge bird nest and lint buildup in my condo dryer vent. He was friendly and helpful. He provided before and after pictures. I will use Safety King again in the future.

Peter Tassone, Troy MI July 25, 2014

The crew members were professional, efficient,neat and PERSONABLE! We will definitely us Safety King again.

Lisa Bastian, Birmingham MI July 12, 2014

I just purchased my home and was a little skeptical about getting the ducts cleaned but thought it might be a good idea since the house is 75 years old and have no idea when it was, if ever, done last. Have to say, what a nice experience and thorough!! Definitely ask for Bill (William) Teipel. He was pleasant from the second he arrived and walked me through what would happen. He answered every question I had and never once made me feel stupid. In fact, he told me what was happening all the way through so I knew soooo much more than before he arrived and the cost was minimal for the 3 hours of work he did to ensure their cleanliness and the equipment in the furnace. The photos DON’T lie and that dirt was scary! So glad he came and cleaned them out, they look great now and we are certainly breathing better. Thanks, Bill!!

David Wilson, Troy MI July 10, 2014

What great guys, and very efficient. Would give you a top notch score for service. They cleaned up really great, which I appreciated a lot. Would recommend then to anyone that asks.

Andrea Cambridge, Lake Orion MI July 5, 2014

Very competent and professional. They were in and out in a matter of hours and completely cleaned up after the duct cleaning. Would hire them again in a heart beat.

Verda Gurol, Farmington Hills MI July 4, 2014

They were on time and very professional! Will definitely call Safety King again.

Stanley Cowen, West Bloomfield MI June 16, 2014

Dave & Patrick did an absolutely excellent job! They were fantastic and very professional!

Richard Berndt, Bloomfield Hills MI June 15, 2014

David and Kevin were very professional and definitely demonstrated a thorough knowledge of their profession. We would certainly use them again.

Charlene Canada, Farmington Hills MI June 11, 2014

Safety King was professional from the initial phone call inquiry to the finished product. Definitely money well spent.

Judy Caddy, Royal Oak MI June 6, 2014

I am a very satisfied customer! Vern and Steve arrived on time, were very courteous and very knowledgeable. Vern took extra time to explain what he was doing and why, which I appreciated, and I felt that he was treating my duct cleaning as he would doing a duct cleaning in his own home. This is the icing on the cake for me. As I have an allergy to dust, I am confident I will breathe easier and sleep better tonight!

Nick Monigold, Bloomfield Hills MI June 5, 2014

This is the second time we’ve used Safety King. They are nothing but professional and efficient – worth every penny. I would highly recommend them – no matter the job. Thank you for providing such excellent, reliable service Safety King.

Nathan Caspers, Clarkston MI June 4, 2014

Great experience. The technician was very friendly and explained everything very well. Highly recommended.

Roy Peterson, Lake Orion MI June 2, 2014

They did a good job. Our ducts are now cleaner than they were. Thanks.

William Wenk, Grosse Pointe MI May 28, 2014

These two gentlemen did an absolutely outstanding job. They took pictures of the ducts prior to and after cleaning. The improvement was amazing. Not only are they technically well prepared but they also have great personalities. Congratulations for a job superbly well done!!!

Judy Kocsis, Royal Oak MI May 28, 2014

I purchased a home 2 months ago that had been neglected for quite a few years and has been under construction for the last 2 months. The service provided by Safety King was a pleasure from the scheduling process to the service provided. They were timely, neat and considerate. I feel my home now has been cleared of all the construction debris and I feel comfortable moving in next week.

Janet Pordon, Lake Orion MI May 20, 2014

This is the first time we used Safety King. referred by our Son And Daughter-in-law. Great company followed through with a phone call confirming our appointment time. Also received and e-mail telling us about our techs, giving us a name and picture of who to expect. They were polite, protective of our home, explained all that was happening. Followed through from the beginning, answered any questions . I will recommend this company to our friends. service was outstanding and the two techs deserve top rating for there job well done.

Sharon Ray, Southfield MI May 19, 2014

Marcus did such a great job. It was a pleasure doing business with Kerry & Marcus.  My house feels lighter.  I feel like the air I breath is now very clean.  Thanks for a job well done.  Would use them again.

Ed Behrendt, Troy MI May 14, 2014

Dave and Kory were friendly and professional. They knew exactly what they were doing. I would highly recommend them, and therefore, your company. Thanks.

Emily Kurth, Lake Orion MI May 3, 2014

Our family had some very unexpected water damage and had to move out to undergo some major renovating. We were nervous to move home with all of the dust, especially since we have some serious allergies and two little kiddos. Once we found out that Safety King was going to be cleaning our ducts, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Vern and David I. were very professional and thorough. We we very happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

Barbara Morganti, Farmington Hills MI May 1, 2014

Safety King came out to do a dryer duct cleaning. The personnel were friendly and did such a thorough job! They cleaned up and put things back in place. How nice was that?!!! I thought their price was fair and would recommend them with great confidence. Having worked in customer service for over 25 years, this company cares about its customers, no wonder they’ve been in business for so long!!

Robert Siemion, Southfield MI April 29, 2014

Nice hard working non-threatening men. Great job. Will refer.

John Butler, Rochester Hills MI April 23, 2014

Did a hell of a job.

Rick Burnett, Livonia MI April 22, 2014

The technicians were helpful and professional. The did a very good job, and left the area clean when they were finished. All in all a good experience.

Meg & Steve Burton, Rochester MI April 21, 2014

We were extremely pleased with the professionalism, knowledge, and charisma of Vern and David I. when they came to clean our air ducts. Based on their representation of Safety King, we highly recommend that others use their services. In fact, we have already recommended them to our family. Thank you for all of your help!

Ed Torres, Royal Oak MI April 12, 2014

Great service. These guys did a bang up job. everything that I expected.

Bonnie Kalef, Troy MI April 10, 2014

Vern/Steve worked at my home today from 7:50am to almost 1pm today. I can not begin to tell you how pleased I was with their work, work ethic and manners. I feel good about having the work done. I know they had to go through the extra work at my home. Thank you again, for having such great and good people working for you.

Bruce Welford, West Bloomfield MI April 10, 2014

David and Stephen did a nice job. I was not home but my wife was and she had no issues and was pleased. We have used your service before. Only complaint is that my furnace electronic cells we left on the floor. Also my dirty air filter which is fine. But someone should have told my wife. I also have a whole box of new filters that were there and you could have reinstalled that as well.

Kevin Turnquist, White Lake MI March 14, 2014

Had ducts cleaned by Safety King (Bill T. and Vernon G.). Very professional from office call(Kerry P.) to the time they left my house. They were extra clean and did what they said was going to be done. The guys were at my house for 7 straight hours. They took pictures of before and after cleaning. I had cleaning done at my last house and it was cheaper than Safety King. The last company took 2 hours and it was 2 guys and oversized shop vac. They did not do a good job, did not access duct work and left basement dirty and dusty. Safety King went above and beyond what I expected and I will use them again in the future. Kevin T. (White Lake,Mi.)

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