Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Protect your family,  protect your home,  protect your equipment


Reduce the Fire Risk & Improve Drying Efficiency

Our dryer vent cleaning service removes lint, bird nests and articles of clothing from dryer ducts in homes, apartments, condos, hotels, beauty salons, and laundromats.  A clean dryer vent allows your clothes to dry more quickly using less energy and wear and tear on your appliance.  And poorly maintained dryer vents pose a serious risk of fire!

We use specialized high-powered compressed air nozzles, custom brushes,  and vacuum equipment  to clean your dryer vent from the transition duct all the way to the termination.  Some cleanings can be done from the exterior only, but many require that we access the transition duct and the dryer itself inside of your home/building.

*Dryer vents/ducts should be cleaned annually at a minimum.

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Lint Alert Alarm

Prevent dryer vent fires

Consider installing preventive technology to avoid excessive lint accumulation in your dryer exhaust duct that can lead to a dryer fire. The Lint Alert is an easy-to-install safety device that uses sophisticated differential technology to monitor your dryer’s exhaust duct system. When the pressure inside your dryer exhaust duct reaches unsafe levels (usually because excessive lint buildup inside the duct restricts the air flow), the Lint Alarm will activate it’s alarm and warn you that maintenance is required.

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Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (CDET)

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