Blower Door Testing

The blower door is used to measure how much air is moving in or out of your house.

Blower door tests are performed to help identify leaks and make homes more energy efficient.

Why might you need a blower test?Blower Door Fan Illustration

A properly air-tight house has many unseen benefits that have a significant impact on your comfort in the short-term, and your wallet in the long-term.

A common goal for blower door tests is to save on heating and cooling costs, but the benefits don’t end there:

  • Prevent damaging buildup of moisture
  • Keep airborne contaminants and odors out of your house
  • Stop outdoor pests from sneaking through the gaps
  • Avoid uncomfortable drafts from leaking airflow
  • Determine the appropriate heating and cooling equipment for your home
  • Take more control over your indoor air quality

How Does it Work?Blower Door Test Assembled

A ‘blower door’ is a combination of an adjustable frame and large fan that is typically mounted to an exterior doorway. The adjustable frame blocks the doorway while the fan blows air out of the house. This process lowers the home’s air pressure such that leaks become easier to identify.

Safety King’s blower door test diagnostics can demonstrate the quantifiable difference in leakage before and after the air-sealing process.


Certified Duct and Envelope Tightness Verifier

Safety King’s technicians are certified Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifiers. DET Verifiers are trained to ensure that a home or building has no significant leaks which could lead to insufficient air flow and wasted energy.

Our technicians testing your home meet the standards of the Midwest Home Performance Association and have the qualifications to determine if your system is sealed properly.


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