Our Duct Cleaning Process

14 Steps to Cleaner Ductwork

Step 1

Technicians arrive with a monster power vacuum truck. We use the largest, most powerful equipment in the industry to clean your air duct system. We do virtually all cleanings with these monster vacuums which help us provide a thorough and efficient service. We also have portable equipment available to handle every cleaning situation possible.

Step 2

Our technicians are certified and trained by Safety King and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). This ensures that you get the best trained and expert service in the industry.

Step 3

Uniformed technicians present their identification and greet you. Next they do a walk-thru of your home or building as part of our pre-cleaning assessment. They will want to know any specific questions and concerns you have so that they can provide answers and attend to your specific needs.

Step 4

Our technicians remove their shoes or use protective shoe covers to ensure that they don’t track any dirt into your home.

Step 5

Protective drop clothes and corner guards are placed under all of our vacuum lines as they are laid out from the truck to your duct system ensuring that they don’t scuff or scratch your floors and furnishings. A door or window will need to be open to allow access for our hoses.

Step 6

We create custom access openings to hook up our vacuum equipment and insert our various cleaning tools.

Step 7

We cover or block your registers to concentrate the vacuum power to the area we are working at and ensure that all contaminants are kept inside the ducts until they are removed.

Step 8

We clean the ductwork using various pneumatic cleaning tools. First we flush high-powered compressed air down each vent and register. Then we run high powered compressed air nozzles and whips through every accessible section of your supply and return ductwork ensuring a thorough cleaning throughout all your air ducts.

Step 9

BONUS!!!  Safety King takes the additional step of brushing the trunk lines with a motor driven rotary brush.  Because of the larger area of the trunk lines we find this additional step to be worthwhile in providing a superior cleaning than using air tools alone.

Step 10

We clean your furnace blower. A standard part of the Safety King process. The heart of your forced air system. A clean blower runs much more efficiently than a dirty one.

Step 11

We verify that the system is clean by looking! We show you the results and take digital photos to document that the job was done right. If provide your email address we will send your pictures a few days afterwards. Here the technician shows some of the contaminants that we remove.

Step 12

We do a post cleaning walk-thru with you to insure that we have put everything back in place, cleaned up after ourselves, and answered any questions you may have.  Only after you are completely satisfied will your cleaning specialist seal the access openings and return the system to service.  All Openings are sealed with semi-permanent enclosures that can be used for a future cleaning.

Step 13

Pack up equipment, clean-up work area, and place a reminder sticker on the furnace. Full system cleanings are recommended every 3-5 years for most residential systems.

Step 14

You receive a post-service call from our support staff to measure your satisfaction. Please recommend Safety King to your friends and family! Thank you!

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