Frederick Strauss, Rochester MI

As a general rule, cats don’t like vacuum cleaners, and we had no reason to believe they would enjoy the experience of an air duct cleaning. Thankfully, we found Safety King. Beginning with their informative and easy-to-navigate website, our experience with Safety King was an absolute pleasure. Our customer service rep, Kerry, explained the process and offered assurance that the team would work with us regarding the cats. On the day of the cleaning, Bill and DJ were prompt and courteous, went through the house thoroughly, and were very patient and helpful regarding the cats, making the experience as easy on them as possible. They did a great job and finished in the time frame given. All in all, this was a wonderful experience. The folks at Safety King are professional, personable, and knowledgeable. And it is great to have clean air ducts!! Thank you, Safety King! FIVE BIG BOLD STARS !!!

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