Bill & Gretchen Schafer, Troy MI

A.J. and another technician (not the two who were listed as being the ones who were supposed to be coming out to service out ducts) showed up RIGHT on time! We showed them where all of the vents were throughout the house – only one required moving of a piece of furniture (which we knew ahead of time), they decided coming in through the back door would be most efficient, and they got to work. The only thing we asked of them was that they not let either of our 2 cats outside if they saw them (the cats hid the whole time, so it wasn’t an issue, but the guys wer vigilant anyway). It took 3 hours from start to finish of everything, including the dryer duct cleaning. They showed us the before and after pics (and quite honestly, there wasn’t much difference in the house ductwork). But the dryer duct REALLY needed to be cleaned out, and I’m so glad we had the whole thing done anyway, as we have allergies and asthma, as well as some other health problems in the house. I’d rather be safe than sorry! Thank you for the great work!

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