Bob K., Royal Oak MI

Great company. The two young men who serviced our home were wonderful. They communicated clearly with us throughout each step of the duct cleaning process, and they were efficient and professional. But the bottom line is: our ducts were filthy, and they cleaned all of them plus our furnace intake to the point where they almost looked new. Also, they take before and after pictures to show you, and they keep those on file with your home records as well. Definitely a service worth having done if you’re in an older home (like ours, which we remodeled), have any construction taking place in the house, or just haven’t had them cleaned in a while. It feels so much better knowing that we had this done–that we have cleaner air. Also, I’m pretty sure our furnace runs more efficiently now due to the fact that there is less air friction / restriction within the ductwork. Thanks again, gentlemen.

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