Lisa Bastian, Birmingham MI

I just purchased my home and was a little skeptical about getting the ducts cleaned but thought it might be a good idea since the house is 75 years old and have no idea when it was, if ever, done last. Have to say, what a nice experience and thorough!! Definitely ask for Bill (William) Teipel. He was pleasant from the second he arrived and walked me through what would happen. He answered every question I had and never once made me feel stupid. In fact, he told me what was happening all the way through so I knew soooo much more than before he arrived and the cost was minimal for the 3 hours of work he did to ensure their cleanliness and the equipment in the furnace. The photos DON’T lie and that dirt was scary! So glad he came and cleaned them out, they look great now and we are certainly breathing better. Thanks, Bill!!

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