Joseph P., Berkley MI

Over all I’m very satisfied. My main goal was to reduce the amount of dust and improve air quality. About 2 hours after they started the process my wife and I noticed a big improvement in the air quality. I’m getting better air flow though all my vents. One bedroom has always bed cooler that the rest, this room is a couple degrees warmer. Also the upstairs bedroom is a little warmer. Before the process I had my thermostat set at 70. After they had the ducts clean I had to reset the stat to 69 since it was just a little too warm with the increased air flow. The workers did a good job, they were polite, respectful, worked unsupervised and they kept out of the way as much as possible. Everything went well, and it has made a huge difference in air quality. The air is fresher, easier to breathe, asthma isn’t as bad.

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