Meg M., Waterford MI

Thank you Safety King and the team that provided the duct cleaning to our new home. Given that our new “ older” home was a total interior renovation and the age of the home it was determined in our inspection this be one of the first things to complete before we moved in. From speaking to the customer representatives, explaining our unique situation, my husband was gifted with new lungs just 10 months ago, we needed to find a company that had the compassion and understanding of the importance of this service. I was assured that the technicians would be practicing social distancing and have full PPE on. As our world has drastically changed with Covid19 now more than ever we need to protect those new lungs that will extend my husbands life. The team was prompt, knowledgeable of services and left no trace they were there. We can now feel 100% assured we have a safe and clean breathing environment that we call our forever home . Safety King you are top notch and we highly recommend your services.

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