Air Duct Cleaning Wayne County

Air Duct Cleaning in Wayne County, MI

air duct cleaning wayne county mi Air ducts are associated with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and are the pathways for heated or cooled air to travel throughout a Wayne County home. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust and other contaminants that accumulate over time from your air ductwork. Air ducts are like the circulatory system of your home, which is why air duct cleaning is so important! Since ductwork is often located out of sight behind walls or above ceilings, maintenance like cleaning of air ducts can be easy to neglect. Many people in Wayne County often forget to have routine air duct cleaning performed, which has the potential to cause long term problems with indoor air quality.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Wayne County, MI

Our Technicians are certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They will use state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment and cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork, along with the fan and blower compartment of furnaces that permit access to those areas. Residential air duct cleaning in Wayne County can provide your family with cleaner air and help reduce allergies. Since your ductwork is unseen, it can often be ignored. If you are moving into a new home, it is imperative to have your air ducts inspected!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Wayne County, MI

Ensuring clean, healthy indoor air is a necessity for any business. The benefits of improved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored…these can include improved productivity, increased profits, greater employee/customer/visitor health, and reduced health costs. Air ducts in your Wayne County business works overtime trying to keep our bodies comfortable. But when harmful contaminants such as dirt, dust, dander, mildew, and even mold and bacteria collect in your office air ducts.

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Wayne County, MI

By cleaning ducts, dust collectors, machinery, fixtures, trusses and pipes you can provide a safer work environment, reducing airborne particles that get into machines, computers and sensitive electronic equipment and that contaminate the air you and your employees breathe. Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your Wayne County industrial building. Keeping the air ducts clean can extend the life of the hvac equipment. This can in turn save your business money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

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Wayne County Testimonials

Catherine N., Grosse Pointe MI October 27, 2022

The workmen were very professional, neat and informative. They made sure we knew exactly what the process was and kept us informed. I’d definitely recommends them.

Carol D., Westland MI October 19, 2022

We had our ductwork and vents cleaned by Safety King and they did a wonderful job. Rick was the technician doing all the work and he was fantastic! When he first got here he explained in detail what he was going to be doing and laid down floor coverings as to not make a mess. Everything went very very smoothly and I would highly recommend this company. Again, thank you Rick for a great job!

Mark C., Detroit MI October 18, 2022

Tony and Rob clearly explained the cleaning process that Marcus had laid out for us on his initial assessment. They were very attentive to all aspects of the cleaning detail, arrived right on time, finished exactly when they estimated, cleaned up well, offered to help us move back furniture, were very respectful of my 97 year-old mother-in-laws daily schedule, and double-checked all their work. They cleaned three furnaces and all related ductwork in our three-story, 120 year-old duplex. Needless to say, they got their steps in today!

Denise S., Livonia MI October 9, 2022

I called Safety King to clear the dryer vent that exits from the roof that most services don’t want to deal with.
Dave and Rob had no problem with taking care of the roof vent, and alerted me that the ducting had separated from the vent which they promptly fixed without an upcharge They also alerted me to a couple of other issues that I need to be aware of and gave me a referral to help with those. Dave and Rob made sure all my questions were answered and the job was done right.
Much appreciated.
Thank you!

Kelly G., Romulus MI October 3, 2022

Rick was great from beginning to end. He told me what he was going to do, he did it, and then walked me through the service that was provided. You really can’t ask for better than that! Plus he didn’t mind my nosy dog 🙂

Geraldine R., Detroit MI September 10, 2022

I would recommend those gentlemen to come and clean my vents and ducts again. They explained to me what they were going to do and anything I asked they had no problem explaining it to me. I thank them for their patience. They showed me the before and after pictures. What a good job they did. I was sweeping the floor they said to me that was their job to make sure everything was clean before they leave. Thank You Safety King for sending good workers.

Garza G., Detroit MI August 19, 2022

Wonderful experience with this group. Open and honest.

Compared to cheaper places, it seems you pay them a premium — but they helped me discover what a bad job a cheaper company did. (Hint: it’s Modern and rhymes with fish sticks) I had to do a duct clean to prep for duct sealing, and they showed me with photographs all the missed work the previous job (1 year ago, mind you) had left behind. And now, the ducts were crystal clean.

Also, I had them do the aero seal on my ducts, and while their sales pitch nears to point of gimmick, the product is outstanding. I had chronic issues of my upstairs quad level (the furthest from the central air blower) about 5-7 degrees hotter than the thermostat target, even in a mid-70s day. After the duct seal, it’s now less than 1-2 degree difference, even on the hottest day! (Note: walls, windows, and attic have updated insulation that reduces confounding these findings)

I highly recommend this group. A great example of getting what you pay for. Which means a solid, honest, reliable group that delivers in bringing the best to your ductwork needs. And their Aero seal rocks!!

David C., Harper Woods MI April 26, 2022
They did a great job and showed great professional. At the end of their service they showed before and after pictures and i was shocked by the clarity of the ducts. They looked brand new! I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Patricia B., Dearborn MI April 23, 2022

Very pleased with Jordan. H and Rob Q. Professional and explained the process. They took steps to protect my home and were careful during their work. Even though the ducts werent as bad as I imagined they would be, my home is clean, fresh and dust free. I also had my dryer vent cleaned and I now have piece of mind that the dryer vent is clean. Your guys did a great job and I would recommend your services to my family and friends . A+ service

Pete F., Detroit MI April 21, 2022
I fix up houses to rent out and flip, so I deal with all kinds of businesses. I rarely come across a company like safety king. They were professional, thorough and did a great job. I will definitely be calling them in the future.
Adam H., Canton MI April 18, 2022
Tony and Logan were friendly and personable. Upon arrival I provided them with a showing of each vent and the ducts. Tony briefly explained everything theyd be doing and they got to work. The team did wear protective booties and covered the floor to reduce mess. As the cleaning was underway Tony showed me a few of the before/after pictures which certainly showed a big difference. They completed the work in a reasonable amount of time (2-2.5 hrs) and kindly offered assistance in moving anything back in place and cleaning up any small mess left over. The price seemed a bit on the high end, but I think overall it was worth the money if the cleaning lasts for years. The service was excellent and work was diligent.
Sherylene G., Detroit MI March 30, 2022

Ryan and Nick explained the process of everything that needed to be done. Once they got started Nick took me thru the process of showing me before and after pictures. Safety King. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to get their air ducts cleaned. Ryan and Nick did an excellent job. Thank you. Job well done.

Robert G., Detroit MI March 26, 2022

Tony & Rob were very professional & cordial. Told me what they would do & how long it would take. Showed me pictures after they were done, before & after. Finished on time. I could tell they were men of good character. I would highly recommend them.

Geraldine E., Westland MI December 19, 2021

Bill T. And Dave K. did an exceptional job cleaning my ductwork and dryer vent. They provided exceptional service and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was happy with the service. I am very grateful for their hard work, professionalism and quality of their work, and I highly recommend Safety King without reservation. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Re-Development Group, Detroit MI December 17, 2021

We spoke with Tom O’Brien and he said the technicians were courteous, cleaned up after themselves very well, and would refer Safety King to others!

17129 Rockdale

Jeremy G., Saginaw MI December 8, 2021

Dave and Eric showed up exactly on time. They walked me through all the work they were going to do. We toured the home to identify the points they needed and then I left. I came back 7 hours later and they were finishing up exactly when they said they would. The planned work was completed as advertised and my home was clean and back together. I am very happy with the quality of work and the home is so much more comfortable and quieter.

Mexican Fiesta, Canton MI September 21, 2021

Mexican Fiesta was happy with Safety King’s service. They have used Safety King to clean their ducts in 2017, 2019, and now in 2021!

44401 Ford Rd

Marc P, Southgate MI May 10, 2021

I highly recommend Safety King. Not only do my ducts look brand new but the service tech, Brandon, was very professional and just an all around great dude. If I had a question, he would stop what he was doing to answer. Even if I just wanted to learn the functionality of the tool, he would stop and explain. I will definitely be using Safety King again for either my current home or a new home in the future. Thank you!

Michael B., Riverview MI April 8, 2021

Ryan and David were very responsive to all my questions and concerns about how they were going to do their work. The work took about three hour to complete because of the remodeling that the house had just undergone. The ducts were very dirty from the pictures that they had taken but were very clean when they were through. Very pleased with the work ethic of the company and its work force.

Mike K., Grosse Pointe Farms MI March 28, 2021

Quick to respond to initial inquiry. Explained everything thoroughly before quote. On time on day of service. Explained everything thoroughly before service. Cleaned up after themselves and did a great job. Explained everything completed after the fact.

Marilyn C., Plymouth MI January 24, 2021

Both Tony and Norman did a great job. They were both professional and had great customer service. Tony is very experienced and matching him with newer Norman will ensure Normans success. I would recommend Safety King based on the workmanship of both Tony and Norman.

Aaron A., Livonia MI January 22, 2021

Tony and Shawn cleaned our ducts and vents and could not be happier. They were professional and explained the entire process as they completed the job. Would highly recommend safety king based on our experience.

Alanna B., Livonia MI January 12, 2021

Brandon & John came out to clean my ducts and vents and they did an amazing job!
Not only were they polite and timely, they showed me the basics of my HVAC system and walked me through everything they were going to do, showing me the results as they finished various steps.
They were quick, clean and funny! I was beyond impressed with the results and they even sent me before and after pictures.
I would definitely recommend Safety King for anyone needing their ducts cleaned!

Moe C., Detroit MI November 3, 2020

My wife and I were very pleased with the service we received from Safety King, in particular Jason. He was on time, very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and transparent. He explained to us exactly what he was going to do and, after a quick tour of our house to find all the cold air returns, he got right to work. Total time for the project was around 2 1/2 hours.

In addition to cleaning our air duct system and furnace fan, he had no problem with us adding a dryer vent cleaning as well. We were also pleasantly surprised to find on the work order that he performed a CO check to ensure there were no carbon monoxide leaks from the furnace.

He showed us before and after pictures of his work, which clearly illustrated the value of having our ducts cleaned, and tidied up thoroughly when he was finished. In addition to all that, we received a checklist that detailed everything he was supposed to do, and each item was completed as described.

We could not be happier with the entire process. Thank you Safety King! We heard you were the best and we have to agree.

Cristy R., Dearborn MI October 31, 2020

Staff was great! Brandon and Ashlynn were very pleasant and professional, Safety King was very easy to work with and did an excellent job! Highly recommend for duct cleaning and will definitely use them again next time.

Gail S., Detroit MI October 16, 2020

Great service, it is so refreshing to have the technicians that was very insightful, that took pride as to the job at hand, there work ethics impeccable. I love doing business with a company that there workers give a 100%. Thanks Ryan and Cole.

Meghan O., Plymouth MI September 14, 2020

We’ve had Safety King clean the ducts at two of our homes where the previous owners had pets and ran the furnace without filters. The second home had also had a significant mold problem. Everyone they’ve sent has been wonderful. For the second house, Brandon came out to do the work after they kindly squeezed us in before our new furnace install. He was right on time, took proper safety precautions with COVID, and worked seamlessly around other contractors in our home. He also recommended a different mold treatment product that was much better for my chemical sensitivities. We’ve been doing a full repair and renovation of our new home, and we’ve dealt with a lot of contractors. Brandon was by far the most personable person we’ve worked with – if there was a non-awkward way to say we should hang out sometime, I would have! We’ll continue to use and recommend Safety King.

Rosemarie L., Dearborn MI September 9, 2020

Bill T was incredibly helpful and patient, thoroughly answering all of my questions. Utmost professionalism and courtesy in taking steps to keep our home safe and clean during this process. I was very happy to be able to see the Before and After pictures inside our ductwork, plus receive some knowledgeable insight on other ways to improve our indoor air quality. Thank you for your service!

Kathleen H., Flat Rock MI August 14, 2020

Our house was built in 2006, so after 14yrs, we felt it was time to get the ductwork and dryer vent cleaned. I have year round allergies and felt a thorough cleaning could improve my condition. Our techs, Jason and Vern, explained the process, answered all our questions, and were very professional and courteous. We all wore masks and I felt comfortable with them being in our house. The post-photos did indeed show a definite improvement – thoroughly cleaned, down to the galvanized metal. I would highly recommend Safety King to anyone.

Elizabeth S., Grosse Pointe Woods MI June 16, 2020

Safety King sent Brandon to do our duct cleaning. He was great in every way. Went above and beyond to help us with extra work, was polite and pleasant, showed us the before and after pictures so we knew the work was done properly. We’ll recommend Safety King to our friends.

Jarid H., Detroit MI June 2, 2020

Safety Kings was INCREDIBLE. Brandon was professional, personable, informative, and went the extra mile to clean our ductwork. He went far above and beyond what our landlord would ever have done to clean out our home properly. I would HIGHLY recommend this company in a heartbeat.

Syed A., Canton MI May 14, 2020

Both Jason and Cody were highly professional and friendly. They answered all questions satisfactorily. The team arrived on time, performed the job with very high quality, explained everything clearly, and completed the job efficiently. They left the house in a very neat and clean condition!

Thelma O., Livonia MI February 29, 2020

The gentleman was on time, explained everything to me so that I understood exactly what he would be doing. He answered all my questions. I have no complaints. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my neighbors or anyone who asked for my opinion. He gets 5 stars from me.

Angela G., Grosse Pointe MI February 18, 2020

Every aspect of my experience was stellar – online call back/appointment, accurate arrival time, thoroughness of technicians Bill and Jordan – all great. As a single woman it is sometimes harrowing to have strangers entering and working in your personal space. These 2 gentleman had an ease about them that made me feel comfortable. Both Jordan and Bill were very communicative, sharing tips on how I can increase the effectiveness of my dryer, AND they didn’t try to oversell. They work clean, double and triple check vents and access points. Bill even shared a good story about treasures found on the duct work of previous jobs. They were in and out in under 2 hrs in my 900 sq ft home. Price was as quoted and they offer a referral discount – so tell them I referred you!

Greg B., Trenton MI September 3, 2019

Brandon was cheerful, thorough and accommodating of an hour delay in accessing the home. He was very careful to avoid tracking in debris and to route the vacuum house through a basement window. Even repaired a hole in a duct left by prior owner.

Irene C., Taylor MI July 15, 2019

Timothy Ruiz and Nicholas Troy came today to clean our very dusty ducts. They did a great professional job with them. I have had the ducts done before but nothing like what was done today. I will recommend Safety King to my friends.

Max S., Canton MI June 10, 2019

Boiler vent was clogged causing my carbon monoxide detectors to go off. They had it running better than ever in a couple of hours. They left the whole area cleaner than it was when they started. Kept me informed the whole way. Arrived on time and ready to work.

Mike W., Dearborn MI May 22, 2019

I popped home at lunch to check up on the duct cleaning, I met with Jason and was very impressed with him he was very nice and I could tell he wanted to do a good job. Jason went above and beyond and reminded me of myself when I was younger, wanting to please people and do good work!

Erik T., Redford MI May 15, 2019

I’m very satisfied with Brandon’s performance and excellent work. He was very friendly, helpful, and informative! I will suggest safety king to anyone needing duct service and will use them from now on! Thank you Brandon and safety king!

Julie D., Livonia MI May 12, 2019

We were really happy with the service that we had this week from Safety King and in particular, Brandon C. He was very knowledgeable about all of the products and services. He explained every option to us without pressuring us in an “upsell” approach. I did add one extra service in the end and felt good about it, not pressured. He explained each step to us and was quite thorough in his clean up after. The before and after pictures were quite shocking to look at even though we knew that’s probably what our ducts looked like, going into this project. I would not hesitate to recommend Safety King in the future. Brandon C. is a truly great ambassador for this company. It’s not hard to see that Safety King values its employees as it’s most precious assets.

Laura B., Grosse Pointe Shores MI March 8, 2019

The two representatives were very professional and helped with unexpected problems — a vent filled with insulation, and a disconnected dryer vent. I was impressed.

Patricia B., Detroit MI March 2, 2019

The work done by Safety King was excellent. Chris and Ryan are true gentlemen and not only are polite but considerate in not causing any problem in my home. They kept everything clean and orderly and worked very efficiently.

Andrew M., Westland MI November 13, 2018

Safety King came through for us big time! We were a bit skeptical of the idea but the results are as clear as the air we’re breathing now! Vern and Devan were very polite and very kind to us: they ever tied up several little loose ends, that we had not considered, without heaping extra fees or surprises on us. I didn’t realize all the ins and outs of the duct cleaning but Vern had several alternative solutions ready: he definitely know what he’s doing! Very considerate! They left no trace when they left and no trace of the previous owners either (nicotine and dog hair like you wouldn’t believe! Now it’s all fresh air). Would recommend for sure. It’s an expense well worth it for any home buyers who don’t want any surprise allergies. Customer service was great! We got stood up twice previously by another company but Safety King kept their word!

Denise B., Canton MI March 15, 2018

Ryan and Anthony came to my house to clean. From the first point of contact, they portrayed professionalism. They comforted me by explaining the steps they’d take during their service. And they proceeded to complete the process. They were so friendly and trustworthy, I felt like they were my sons. I am so grateful to them for my very positive experience. Thank you Safety King!

Nina N., Grosse Pointe Woods MI February 16, 2018

Safety King did a great job of cleaning our air ducts. Their service techs Anthony P and Tony F were prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. They explained every thing they were doing so we didn’t have any questions. I would highly recommend Safety King and air duct cleaning professionals, Tony F and Anthony P!

Patty E., Garden City MI January 15, 2018

We had Anthony F. (Tony) at our house today to clean our duct work. He was absolutely professional, from his phone call alerting us to his arrival to his putting down drop cloths to his explanation as to what he would do. Our furnace is located in a very small enclosed area and he assured us it would be no problem to work with. It was around 20 degrees outside today. Tony was kind enough to put up a curtain at the front door to hold in a little bit of heat. He went right to work and asked many times if we had any questions. All in all, it would be great if all service people who came to our house were like Tony!

Brian M., Wayne MI January 2, 2018

Eric introduced himself, and was professional and friendly, told me what to expect, and got immediately to work. He took picture before, and after the job and explain in full detail between the two. Eric was very knowledgeable of his job, and the work in detail. I would definitely be asking for him back in the future.

Charlotte H., Wyandotte MI January 1, 2018

I had a friend use Safety King years ago and after being disappointed by other companies in the past I researched until I found Safety King’s contact information and I knew that was who I wanted to complete the job. I am so happy that I did! Marcus was very professional and on time and completed the job as promised. I had them clean my ducts, furnace, and dryer vent. The vacuum was so powerful that he found a toy tonka truck in the duct work that was left behind by the previous owners. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Rob C., Grosse Pointe Woods MI December 14, 2017

Eric was a great people person and a hard worker. It was sloppy and snowy outside and he kept his snowy shoes by the door every time. I followed him around a bit and asked lots of questions. He took the time to answer and show me what’s up. The before and after pictures were great to see. Safety King was a more expensive than I hoped, but at least it’s done and I’m confident it was done well.

Teresa R., Grosse Pointe Woods MI December 11, 2017

Eric was careful with our home, worked quickly and efficiently, explained what he would be doing, showed us photos, and discovered a problem that has been present for 19 years. We just moved from Ohio one week ago, so Eric was able to show the clear cause of a situation that previous owners didn’t know was going on. One of the air ducts in a room addition had been crushed during construction. Also, the before and after photos of the 67 year old house showed a “like new” condition after the cleaning process. We will highly recommend Safety King!

Linda S., Bellville MI December 11, 2017

Katherine, was very helpful in setting up our appointment and helping us realize there was a problem with the tax assessment’s square footage of our home. Our home is 1649 sq. ft. and they listed we had 2400 square feet with a full finished basement. VBT came over and confirmed our living space was the smaller amount. She also sent us an e-mail with pictures of the service people to expect. Thank you Katherine. Jason and Vernon arrived on time and showed us their credentials and inspected the house and explained what they would be doing. They were very nice and helpful the whole time and encouraged us to ask questions and not to worry about interrupting them. Vernon explained how our cat might react and how to help calm him. We decided to place him in his carrier and set him by us. Vernon placed film over all our ducts while Jason cut holes to setup the machine they would be using. The holes were sealed over when they left. We had been under the impression they would film the inside of the ducts as they cleaned and we’d get a copy. They took still pictures instead of the before and after and showed them to us and then they were e-mailed to us. They do film in certain cases. During the preparation Jason discovered one of the main ducts to our furnace had a large cut out hole and a bracket from what was believed to be a humidifier. that had not been sealed over when we had our new furnace and humidifier put in fall of 2016. Jason said a lot of heat loss was probably coming from it. He repaired it at no charge. They were very through and the job wasn’t any mess or dust as we expected. They did a through cleanup – except for leaving their hat behind. We’ve noticed we aren’t sneezing as much and no longer have a bad draft in our bathroom (it is probably from the hole being sealed directly under it). They are a bit pricier then other places we called, but our they also didn’t quote one price and then come in and add 50-75% to it as our friend had happen to her. All and all we were pleased with the service received and hope to see a lot less dust.

David F., Grosse Point Woods MI November 11, 2017

Nick and Brendan cleaned the ductwork for both of my furnaces, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Randazzo’s put in my new (7 yrs ago) furnace. I was concerned that the high efficiency (translate expensive) filter would be preserved during duct cleaning. I called and Randazzo’s recommended Safety King. Nick and Brendan kept me informed and kept my house clean with booties and attention to detail. The before and after pictures helped me see what a good decision I had made. I recommend Nick and Brendan without reservation.

Jacques S., Plymouth MI November 9, 2017

These guys are great. Take shoes off when entering your home and even shut lights off in basement. This company has cleaned ducts in two homes I’ve lived in and both experiences where excellent.

Jolly C., Livonia MI November 6, 2017

Want you to know how much I appreciate Bill & Patrick for cleaning our ducts. They were superb on their introduction and presentation on their method of cleaning. They were very thorough and we are very pleased on good they were. Thank you

Melanie B., Plymouth MI November 5, 2017

Eric and Safety King did a great air duct cleaning for us this past week. Not only was Eric fast and efficient, but he was also extra careful making sure my pets felt safe and were out of the way. In the end, he showed us before / after photos – which really proves that they do a great job! Would recommend them to anyone looking for this service.

Holly Z., Canton MI October 21, 2017

Ryan and his partner Ryan were on time, in fact a little early and did a fine job and answered all my questions and concerns. Verna made my appointment but I also had conversations with Brittney too, both professional and nice.

Kathie M., Dearborn Heights MI September 26, 2017

Chris and Vern were great! They arrived on time, were very friendly and did a walk through and explained what they would do and answered any questions. When they were finished we did another walk through and showed me pictures of before and after cleaning. Was highly satisfied and highly recommend them! Was nice that an email was sent with their pictures and names so you know who to expect. Thanks Chris and Vern.

Angela P., Detroit MI September 18, 2017

Everyone was pleasant to work with. Tony & Nick worked well together. I appreciate their calm & quiet demeanor.; And Tony’s knowledge & expertise. He even referred me to a company that preformed some additional work I needed to have done. Great job guys! I can breathe easier!

Michelle M., Plymouth MI September 14, 2017

The team was very professional, they arrived at the time stated and was very professional. They made sure to show us before and after pictures and gave advise on how to maintain our duct work. We were very happy with the end results!

Adele A., Plymouth MI September 4, 2017

Eric and Nicholas arrived promptly and went right to work. They first reviewed each room to locate heating and cold air return vents and then covered the vents. They were very careful to set up mats so as to not damage wood flooring or moldings with the large tubes used to do the duct cleaning. They worked efficiently and to our surprise were finished with our 2,340 square foot home in two hours. They cleaned up and asked us to inspect each room to make sure we were satisfied with the work done and the condition of our home. We inquired about several other services and Eric told us we did not need the services. We are very satisfied with the work performed and would recommend Safety King.

Louis B., Harper Woods MI August 25, 2017

Eric was wonderful. He showed up exactly on time, he explained the procedure, took extra care to not mark up our newly painted walls, and showed us the before and after photos of our ducts. Professional people are hard to find today, therefore Eric is a keeper. I will highly recommend Safety King and Eric to all our friends and family.

Jeanette M., Grosse Pointe MI July 29, 2017

Jeanette called she was in her driveway watching our truck leave her home. She wants us to know that Brandon and Vern were absolutely fantastic. They were so professional and did a great job. She wanted to make sure that they received the recognition for the great care and professionalism they showed. Great job! She said she will tell everyone.

Michael T., Plymoth MI July 5, 2017

Outstanding. Tony came out to our home was there in the 30 minute window of the appointment. He was professional and personable. He talked with my kids, walked me again thru the cleaning process. He did an outstanding job cleaning the duct work. Gave me updates, showed me before and after pics. I know this is all standard but people can get into their routine and forget, but not Tony. He did a great job will be recommending him and Safety King to friend and family for years to come. Outstanding job once again!

Terri S., Garden City MI July 4, 2017

I was very happy with the work that Safety King provided. Kerry provided me with all the details of what to expect, walked me thru exactly what the inspectors were gong to do and instructed me as to what was needed on my end (making sure vents were cleared and available and cleared path to furnace). The inspectors were both very polite and very professional. They explained everything they were doing, showed me the video as they were doing the scope, explained how the cleaning process worked. Brandon and Jason were very knowledgeable. They did a great job. This is the company to call in you need a Duct Cleaning Service. Great Job! Thanks to all of you.

Meghan P., Grosse Pointe MI June 22, 2017

Marcus did a fantastic job cleaning our ductwork. He worked diligently until the job was complete. He kept his work zone clean, protected our floors from his equipment, and was professional. We will definitely recommend Safety King to our friends and family members!

Betty D., Northville MI May 13, 2017

Betty called just after Vern and Patrick left her house. Betty said that the guys were fantastic. They did a great job. She was eager to receive her pictures. She explained that she is the president of the complex board and that during the next meeting she would recommend us to all the other ten tents. She said she never recommends anyone. But Vern and Patrick did such a great job she just had to let the other ten tenants know.

Karen G., Livonia MI March 29, 2017

The technicians took time to explain & demonstrate each step involved with the air duct cleaning. They had professional attitudes and were very helpful. They took the time to lay drop cloths, asked the homeowner the age of the paint, discussed potential risks of placing tape over newly painted walls, and cleaned up after themselves. I will hire these two technicians again!

Linda R., Dearborn Heights MI February 1, 2017

Just a really good experience. Delora was good at setting up appointment and keeping me informed as to when Ryan would arrive. Ryan was friendly, courteous and professional. When he arrived he put down tarps and padding so nothing would be soiled or damaged. He was able to answer any questions we had and didn’t seem to mind us poking our nose in to see how he was doing. When finished everything was cleaned up and no mess was left for us. The difference in the amount of dust in our home now has been amazing. My husband and I are so satisfied with the results, we would definitely recommend Safety King for air duct cleaning.

Bob A., Rochester Hills MI January 31, 2017

Eric did a great job cleaning our Air-Ducts. He walked me through the entire process and showed me before and after pictures. He even crawled up into our attic to clean the duct work that is located up there (the company that previously cleaned our air-ducts did not go into our attic). I have already recommended Safety King to my neighbors who saw their truck in our driveway.

Diane L., Dearborn Heights MI January 17, 2017

Chris S. and Chris C. were my technicians. They arrived on time, explained what they would be doing. I had just cleaned thoroughly downstairs from a construction project and they were very mindful to keep the dust to a minimum, which they did. They did a great job of cleaning up. I would definitely hire them again. Thanks!

Tommie M., Westland MI January 11, 2017

Nick and Tony were here early to my satisfaction, courteous and clean in their undertaking, explaining the procedures, giving me insights on my duct work which I wasn’t aware of, very professional, was given a discount from a referral, would most definitely refer and recommend their company.

Sherry U., Westland MI January 8, 2017

Tony arrived at exactly on time and got to work. He explained every step of the process, was extremely personable and did a fantastic job! He made sure every step of the way and every choice I had was well explained. Tony represents a culture of professional service that every person working there brings to the table. I appreciate Tony!

Richard P., Westland MI December 28, 2016

Eric P did a very commendable job recently at my home. He arrived on time, was very cordial in explaining the entire process that they would use and kept me up to date on their progress. Very professional!

Allison K., Detroit MI November 19, 2016

Eric and Nick were awesome! Eric talked me through the entire process and also listened as I explained some of my issues with the house. He explained how my duct system works and what kind of things could be creating issues. He was super knowledgeable and expressed a lot of care for the process. I am very happy with the service and will definitely recommend Safety King to my friends and family.

Blanca P., Dearborn MI October 24, 2016

I wish we had done this sooner and we will absolutely use Safety King again, and recommend this company to friends and family. This company is proof that good customer service and taking pride in a job well done still exists. We were very impressed with Vernon, and everything he did met and exceeded our expectations. He went above and beyond, and the service we received was worth every penny we spent. This is the only company we will ever use.

Audra B., Grosse Pointe MI October 10, 2016

Ryan and Eric where friendly and professional. They came in and assessed the issue that I believed I had. They first checked my dryer that it was heating, and it was. They then checked the vent and found my problem. They explained it to me and were in and out in less then an hour. They saved me thousands of dollars by knowing what they were looking for and removing the issue. I couldn’t say enough about both Eric and Ryan. Thank you Safety King.

Gary H., Lincoln Park MI October 3, 2016

Starting with Kathy with my initial phone call, she was just great. From the time she scheduled me to the call to see if I was satisfied. I want to thank you! And then there was Bill and Tony, what professionals. Wonderful job and treated my home like it was theirs. Thanks again Safety King, I wouldn’t have anyone else.

Jerry H., Macomb MI August 28, 2016

We are very satisfied with the experience of having our air ducts cleaned, and the technicians were very professional and courteous. The lady that answered the phone was very informative and let us know by phone and email as to the date and time of arrival for which the crew arrived exactly as promised.We would recommend Safety King to our friends.

James D., Detroit MI August 27, 2016

Ryan and Trevor did a fantastic job and it was most refreshing to deal with such courteous and professional people. Not only that, but they went above and beyond and told me about issues our home inspector completely failed to tell us about. Including one that could’ve caused major damage and cost to us. I couldn’t be more grateful for an honest, trustworthy, and professional experience. We moved here from Metro Detroit where you’d think with competition being high, so would the quality of service. It was so not the case. So to have the experience we had with your company and your guys, we will be sure to tell everyone we know, how great it is. And we are really impressed and grateful!

Fred M., Brownstown Twp MI August 12, 2016

Vernon and Trevor arrived at my home on time and ready to work. They were courteous and professional, and took great care to protect my floors, walls, and furniture while they did their job. In addition, they cleaned up so well after the work was complete that you would never even know that they were there. I would recommend this company to anyone serious about getting their air-ducts cleaned. They are not the cheapest, but I’m a firm believer in the old saying: “you get what you pay for”. Great job folks!

Christine R., Canton MI August 9, 2016

Very satisfied doing business with Safety King. Kerry explained what what the technicians would be doing in detail on the phone when we called to set up the appointment. And Jason and Chad were very efficient and knowledgeable when the came to do the cleaning. Also they cleaned up after the job was done. We felt very confident with the whole experience and would definitely recommend Safety King.

Elizabeth H., Dearborn MI July 31, 2016

We were referred to Safety King by Family Heating & Cooling, a company we really trust. Family unequivocally recommended Safety King for duct cleaning. Now we know why! From the polite and professional woman who helped us schedule our appointment (and patiently answered all of my detailed questions), to learning that Safety King offered Saturday appointments, to the follow up email and calls regarding our appointment, the experience got off to a great start. But it got even better when the crew arrived. Our team, Vernon and Chris S, were right on time. Our ranch, due to the layout of the duct work, presented some special challenges, so Vern and Chris had their work cut out for them, plus we added on cleaning our AC coil, two bathroom vents and our dryer vent. They were with us most of the day and were, to the moment, neat, professional, competent, respectful and very hard working. They took special care to remove their shoes or wear protective slippers. They mounted a curtain over our front door to keep out weather and insect visitors. They covered anything that they thought might get dusty (like the clothes hanging in my laundry room). They tested everything with us before they left. They showed us before and after photos of all their work. And they cleaned up the flotsam and jetsam the process left behind prior to leaving. I am frankly shocked at how pleased I am with their service. Thinking about it in advance, it just seemed that so many things could go wrong, but coming out of this experience I have to give them the highest commendation possible. I recommend Vernon, Chris and the entire Safety King team without reservation.

Joseph T., Livonia MI July 28, 2016

Jason and Chris were great. They showed up right on time and did a great job cleaning my house ducts, dryer duct and they also cleaned A/C condenser coils. They showed me the before and after pictures and the work they did was excellent. I would highly recommend them.

Robert L., Livonia MI July 19, 2016

My experience with your company was excellent from the start.I contacted safety king on the recommendation of my furnace installer. The service person fully explained the process and the pricing. She was very personable and the scheduling was very flexible. The techs arrived on time and explained the entire process. I asked a lot of questions and they were very patient and answered every one in detail. They worked very well as a team. They also were very respectful of my home and cleaned up the very limited mess that they made. I had a previous experience with a different company that advertised a 99 dollar special. That guy showed up with a shop vacation and a brush. Your company put those guys to shame. Thank you for a job well done and giving me the the feeling of money well spent.

Kevin W., Rockwood MI July 2, 2016

Jason and Trevor showed up in the first ten minutes of the hour long window I was given for there arrival. They promptly got to work by laying down blankets making sure to protect my floors and they even wrapped a blanket around the legs of a table to ensure their hoses weren’t scratching it. Definitely liked that! They quickly got to work and cleaned up after themselves. They were very professional and quick with there work. I would highly recommend Safety King for anyone looking to get their ducts clean. I was very pleased with there work and professionalism. One happy customer in Rockwood, MI!

Marcus R., Dearborn MI June 25, 2016

Helped me find my dads lost wedding ring, knew exactly where it’d be and found it within minutes. Very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend to any friend or family.

Charlie P., Grosse Pointe MI June 22, 2016

Safety King is the king! Trevor and Jason were on time, professional and exceeded expectations. It only took 2 hours. I am glad I called Safety King. I will refer them to everyone.

Judy A., Grosse Pointe MI June 3, 2016

From my first phone conversation with Kerry through the great job that Marcus did in cleaning the ductwork in my home, I had nothing but a very positive experience. I was not home when the work was done but I received two phone calls at work during the cleaning procedure with questions/comments about what was found–I really appreciated being kept in the loop. I highly recommend Safety King especially if you’re looking for a very positive experience.

Mark W., Inkster MI May 26, 2016

The before and after pictures were like night and day! The service was a little bit pricey, but we definitely got our money’s worth! These ducts probably haven’t been cleaned in over 20 years! We had at least an inch of dust on the bottom, and we could see the metal after he was done. Good job! He really worked his butt off!

Anna L., Grosse Pointe MI April 19, 2016

Both gentlemen, Chris and Ryan, performed their work at a very high quality level and were customer friendly and helpful. I will recommend your service to our neighborhood, most of whom have not cleaned their air ducts.

Janet H., Westland MI March 10, 2016

Marcus and Nick were very courteous and knowledgeable. They made a great team, working together with precision. Nick explained the procedure very thoroughly every step of the way. They even considered my two very nervous cats while doing the job. I would definitely recommend Safety King and, as a matter of fact, I have already recommended them to several friends.

Addie W., Detroit MI March 4, 2016

Safety King’s Air Duct Cleaning Specialists Chris and Jason were kind and thorough. They explained everything clearly to me and answered all my questions. My representative Kathy was very helpful as well. Throughout the cleaning, Chris and Jason made sure I knew just what they were doing and why the were doing it. They also made it there best interest to keep me and my family comfortable throughout the process. This company definitely deserves 5 stars.

Ray G., Allen Park MI February 23, 2016

Vern, and Brad were out cleaning my ducts which hadn’t been cleaned in 58 years and they persevered until every duct looked like new inside. It seemed at times as if the blanket of dirt and dust was bonded to the metal duct. They had an assortment of tools which allowed them to access and clean every duct. They were very patient, thorough, knowledgeable, polite and careful and the hardest working contractors I have ever used. Kerry set up the appointment at my convenience and sent Chris out the day before to walk me through the process and show me where they needed access to my duct work in the basement and on the main floor because I had a lot of questions. They sent the before and after pictures via email the next day. They called the next day to make sure I was satisfied and I was very satisfied. Mike Palazzolo called the next day to answer a few lingering questions. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

James S., Livonia MI February 22, 2016

The guys did a great job. Arrived on time. Took the time to explain exactly what they were going to be doing and cleaned up after themselves. Safety King came highly recommended by a neighbor. Both our sons did their homes the same day as ours. It was a family event.

Eileen A., Canton MI February 18, 2016

Marcus and Tony from Safety King really did an exceptional job cleaning the air ducts in our home. They were very professional, extremely courteous and treated my home very respectfully. All of my questions were answered with care to make sure I understood every part of the process and I never felt as though my questions or interest interfered with their work. I would highly recommend the company and the procedure to anyone who was considering having the same job done. Thanks!

Mr. Czapski, Detroit MI December 18, 2015

Mr. Czapski called to compliment Ryan, Chris & Kerry. He said Ryan & Chris did a fantastic job on his dryer vent cleaning, they repaired and re-taped the connection. “It’s nice to see young guys take the bull by the horns!” He also said Kerry is a great representative for the company. He will be calling Safety King next year for his air duct cleaning.

Nancy S., Grosse Pointe MI November 30, 2015

I was extremely pleased with the service. They were very polite and informative on the phone and in person. Ryan was on time and very professional. He explained the process along the way and showed me before and after pictures. These were later emailed to me. I was very pleased with the results.

Ruth H., Detroit MI November 30, 2015

Safety King was at my son’s Historic home on 11/09/15 they were at his home close to 4 hrs. Peter and Chad arrived on time which I liked. They took their time cleaning out all air ducts which had not been cleaned since the house was built in the 1920’s I’m sure. Chad cleaned the ducts inside the home while Peter worked on the ducts in the basement. Both Peter and Chad were very friendly and polite. Any questions we had they answered and made some suggestions. Before and after photos were sent to me today. I was amazed at the dust and debris in the duct UGH. You never know what you are breathing into your body. I am very pleased that we used Safety King it was expensive but totally worth it. I would use them again in the future. My son said the air quality is much better.

Ronald D., Westland MI November 18, 2015

The people at the company I work at were complaining about poor air quality, so I decided to give Safety King a call. They set the gold standard for a customer service company. Cris came out to do a evaluation of our system and gave us an assessment for the services. He was very knowledgeable and offered several solutions for our particular needs and concerns. He suggested a deodorizer to combat the fumes from a nearby business. Cris also helped with scheduling an appointment for the duct cleaning that worked around my company’s office hours. The company also emailed pictures of the technicians that would be servicing the buildings systems. The duct cleaning technicians Jason and Tony arrived on time, were professionally dressed in clean uniforms, and presented their photo ID badges. After completing a walk-though of the building they got right to work. They made sure to take special care to cover all the desks and work stations with plastic covers to prevent any possible dust from landing on them. Both Jason and Tony encouraged questions and comments and were completely happy to answer my questions during the cleaning process. After the technicians finished cleaning the duct work they packed all their equipment away and cleaned up every location they visited in the building. Jason showed me before and after pictures of all the work he and his partner did while working and let me know that these pictures would be emailed to me in three to five days. Everyone in the office has noticed the improved air quality from the duct cleaning. The deodorizer treatment Safety King used has eliminated the unpleasant odors we were experiencing. I will be calling Safety King to clean my home, and would highly recommend this company for anyone that wants to breath better at home or work. Thank you again Cris, Jason, and Tony.

Ryan L., Redford MI November 4, 2015

The technicians arrived right on time and got right to work. They answered all of the questions that I had, and provided detailed pamphlets for additional services offered without any hard sell tactics. After I showed them where all the vents and cold air returns were, they completed the project in a timely manner without any additional help required, as any true professional should. The floors were covered with mats before they laid down there vacuum hoses to protect the entire pathway to the furnace area. Before and after pictures were provided to show the amount of work that had been done, and provided certain suggestions to maintain my HVAC efficiency. I would recommend Safety King to anyone that wants reliable, timely service. 5 stars all day.

Mark O., Canton MI November 2, 2015

We have wanted to have our furnace ducts cleaned, but we were hesitant because of fear of a ripoff and a poor job. Why did I wait so long? Kory and Chad explained the process, and then proceeded to perform the cleaning in a professional and proficient manner. I am confident in the process and the result. This company and this team, Kory T, Chad, and Calin, have gone a long way in restoring my faith that good customer service is still alive.

Eric M., Livonia MI October 28, 2015

My experience with Safety King was AMAZING- Calin was a pleasure to talk to- she answered my questions and scheduled an appointment that was convenient for me and only a few days away. The appointment window was between 11:00 and 1:00, Jason and Chris arrived at 11:05- they were extremely polite and professional. They took the time to walk thru, explain the process, and took precautions not to dirty the floors or damage walls or furniture. Calin sent me pictures of the completed job. I couldn’t be more pleased!!!!

Rachel A., Grosse Pointe MI September 21, 2015

I am so pleased with Safety King. We have used them before and they are efficient and clean and pleasant. I spoke with Kerry who was just lovely and got me an appointment the next day!! Bill and Tony just left and they were just great. There is no residual dirt and they showed me before and after pictures. They were honest and very very nice. I will use this company again and was so pleased how simple it all was for me.

Anthony M., Northville MI September 9, 2015

Ryan and Chris just left our house, and we could not be happier. They were very professional, polite and took great care in our house while performing the service. They went our of their way to explain everything they were going to do, and answered all our questions. The company was equally professional. They responded quickly to schedule work ahead of my furnace install, confirmed the appointment twice, and even sent an email letting me know who my crew would be. Could not be happier. Great crew, great company.

Orpah Harvey, Detroit MI July 17, 2015

DJ and Jason were so professional. Couldn’t ask for better customer service. They were very respectful of my home and did an excellent job. Safety King should be proud to have employees such as DJ and Jason – they represent your company well. Thanks guys for a job well done.

Fredric Mick, Romulus MI July 1, 2015

Marcus was prompt and professional; taking the time to get the ducts clean, but also making sure that I understood the process. They were more expensive than some companies that I’ve used in the past, but the service and the results were exceptional. You get what you pay for.

Melanie M., Canton MI June 18, 2015

This is our first air duct cleaning for our home. Bill and Kory were very professional and very personable while on the job. We were informed of the entire process, and shown pictures of the before and after. Our ducts are very clean now! We are very happy with the job and the clean air in our home. We will continue to use their service in the future. I would recommend this company for your home.

Christina Felix, Garden City MI May 15, 2015

I had Derik and Peter out last week to clean my air ducts and they did a great job. They were super friendly (even let my 3 inquisitive dogs follow them around). They explained everything that they were going to do and even gave me tips to make my system more efficient. I have already recommended them to both of my neighbors!

Marie Hoffman, Canton MI May 4, 2015

Regarding your service of my furnace air duct system last week, I commend you for a job well done and would not hesitate to recommend your services. Kathy was pleasant to speak with and knows her job well. I appreciate the reminder call also. Marcus was the service man, whose work I definitely recommend. Marcus is pleasant, respectful, efficient and concentrated on the work to be done. Marcus was very thorough and the ducts were squeaky clean when he finished. Marcus made suggestions, pointed out issues and made recommendations. Marcus takes pride in his work and hence does excellent work.

John Monte, Livonia MI April 29, 2015

I had the privilege of having Marcus P clean our ducts. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. With his caring nature I recommend him for future customers. Thank you

Darlene Bigham, Canton MI March 30, 2015

Great Team, Great customer Service, Great Company. Have used several times and will continue to use in the future.

M.J. Walker, Detroit MI March 11, 2015

Nothing but good things to say about this company, Kathy such a very kind person with excellent customer service, Vern and Kory very professional. These employees represent your company well!

L. Royal, Detroit MI March 9, 2015

Kory and Vern were the technicians who did our duct work today and they were awesome. They were very professional and polite they explained what they were going to do, made sure we were satisfied with what they did. I’d have them back anytime to do work for us. Keep up the great team work and thanks Kory and Vern for all you did.

Scott Raycraft, Garden City MI February 9, 2015

These guys were great. They explained everything clearly, were very friendly, and did a great job. They were careful with the equipment they brought in, and with our belongings. They cleaned up afterwards and left NO mess whatsoever. I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends or family, and would definitely use them again. We had Pete and Ryan.

Suzanne S, Wyandotte MI January 5, 2015

Just closed on a HUD house on Xmas Eve. Was trying to get appointments for different services I needed to fix up the house. I called Safety King and they were there almost the next day. I used them before on other homes and I really wanted it done before moving in. Bill and AJ were super nice and explained everything they did and concerns about my furnace they found. Money well spent on an old dirty house making it new again.

Maureen Dwyer, Plymouth MI December 29, 2014

I was very nervous about my freshly painted walls and just refinished floors but the guys were very careful and respectful of my concerns. Everything was left in tip top shape.

Kent Hurst, Taylor MI December 23, 2014

I hired Safety King because I’d read good things about them online and their process seemed to be thorough. Vastly understated! The two guys that came to the house were fantastic. They worked the entire four and a half hours they were there and did an amazing job. They explained what they were doing and were all-round great!. Well worth the money and I’ll hire them again when I need my ducts cleaned out again.

Cheryl Turk, Lincoln Park MI December 17, 2014

Great experience. Excellent customer service from Calin, start to finish. Matt and Robert were both outstanding from explaining the procedure to finishing up the job. Couldn’t ask for a better job. AAAAAA+++++. Thanks, Safety King!

David Brzezinski, Dearborn Heights MI December 12, 2014

I am very happy with Safety King. They did a very good job and I would recommend them to anyone.

Vickie Baker, Oak Park MI November 7, 2014

Your guys did a great job. I really notice a big difference in my furnace performance and the air is coming out my vents much stronger since I had you guys out to clean them. Thanks!

Linda Samuelson, Dearborn MI November 7, 2014

I believe it started with Chris on the phone telling about the company and how the duct cleaning works. He also recommended I go on your website. When Robert and Ryan showed up, they were very professional and nice. I liked that there wasn’t a big mess to clean up after. I’m glad I was recommended your company. I give you an A+.

Jacquelyn Gee, Detroit MI November 5, 2014

I had other contractors working in my basement due to a scheduling adjustment. The Safety King technicians performed their job, were courteous to the other contractors, and were able to complete their job without interference. They took away the worry of the conflicting scheduling, and conducted themselves in a very professional manner.

Diane Thomas, Hamtramck MI September 25, 2014

Awesome work done. I’m very happy with the service. I would highly recommend your company.

Mark Laurita, Southgate MI September 19, 2014

After the 8/11/14 flood, I was miserable. Even after clean up, my house was left with a disgusting smell that clogged my sinuses and irritated my allergies. Furthermore, my hvac system tested positive for mold. I did some research on local vent cleaning services and Safety King came high recommended. I do not regret having my vents cleaned through them. The process was quick and aside from a lot of noise, I barely noticed they were here. The techs were very polite and actually gave me some good advice to keep my system clean in the future! Furthermore, the smell is gone and so are my allergy symptoms! I would recommend this company to anyone interested in vent cleaning in the future!

Susan Hannon, Northville MI September 17, 2014

Great experience with Safety King. Patrick and Ryan are good people, knew what they were doing and were very informative. We will use your service again. Thank you.

Diane Thomas, Hamtramck MI August 28, 2014

Very very happy with Marcus and your company.

Jason Gutierrez, Dearborn MI August 27, 2014

Matt and Kory were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My wife and I are very happy with the work they did. I would definitely recommend them, as well as Safety King to any family or business. I also had Safety King come out to my place of business a few years ago, and they did a great job there too. Thanks for a great job this time at my house.

Nancy Conley, Garden City MI August 13, 2014

Very friendly, explained process in detail, answered questions. Work was done just as described and before/after photos were helpful. Competitively priced. Highly recommend.

Phillip Matous, Grosse Pointe MI August 4, 2014

Good service. Very personable. Clean. Would use again!

Jodi Stevens, Grosse Pointe MI July 30, 2014

My service professionals were outstanding. Bill and Pat were friendly, efficient and terrific. Great men.

Tina Roberts, Canton MI July 26, 2014

Our ducts look fantastic. Vern and Steve did a great job. Very friendly and thorough.

Lorraine Phelan, Grosse Pointe MI July 3, 2014

Everyone one who I had contact with were very courteous. The two men who cleaned the ductwork were very professional, polite and clean, using shoe booties in the house and using clean drop clothes throughout the area they were cleaning.

Chris Dixon, Westland MI June 16, 2014

Bill and Kevin were the best. They were very professional, explained everything, and worked for 3 hours! They went above and beyond their job: when I had my washer and dryer delivered a few weeks ago, the servicemen forgot to put the door back on the hinges. I was waiting for my brother to come over and help me, never talked to Bill or Kevin about it. But they put the door back on without even telling me. I found out later when I went downstairs; such a nice surprise and I’m very grateful. Also, my basement area was pretty messy; when they cleaned up their mess, they also cleaned up mine! There really are nice people in this world!

John Szuszman, Dearborn Heights MI June 14, 2014

Answered all my questions. Did a good job and cleaned up any mess.

Lindy Henson, Dearborn Heights MI June 8, 2014

This was for my Uncle’s home…..Dave & Vernon did all they could to accomplish the task, however, because this home has a crawl space w/ very tight quarters they couldn’t accomplish the task. They arranged for a 2nd appointment & 2nd team, better qualified, (by size), to complete. the task. As always, we’re extremely happy w/ Safety King & their staff’s professionalism & would highly recommend them. We will schedule them to complete. our home later this year, after painting, (3rd Time).

Ron Forster, Grosse Pointe MI May 16, 2014

Bill T. did an outstanding job.

Tom Walsh, Livonia MI May 12, 2014

Service was great. service team was friendly and efficient.answered all my questions and say they will send the before and after pictures to my e-mail show I can share them with those who I recommend Safety Kings service.

Karen Berrie, Plymouth MI May 7, 2014

Safety King arrived during the promised time frame. They were careful, removed their shoes upon entering, protected the area where the hose had to be brought in, and did a thorough job. I would definitely recommend this company.

Kathy Eritano, Trenton MI April 30, 2014

Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They arrived on time and instantly began working. They answered all my questions, reviewed the process and showed me their completed work. I highly recommend Safety King.

Roger Stasak, Canton MI April 25, 2014

Extremely professional response to our needs. They arrived on time to perform a lengthy and very complete cleaning of a much needed duct system. I was very impressed with their attention to detail. Marcus and Matt L. took every precaution to perform a superior service that had NOT been performed by others from other companies. Definitely would have Safety King repeat this service in the future.

Jacqueline Bonds, Detroit MI April 16, 2014

Vernon G. and David I. were very friendly and professional. They did an excellent job. I would recommend Safety King to anyone interested in having their ducts cleaned. Thanks for a job well done.

David Garcia, Wayne MI April 9, 2014

Friendly, fast service. We have always been satisfied with the service from Safety King.

Frank Noble, Livonia MI April 8, 2014

Safety King did a great job. Everyone was friendly and professional, and the Service Pros, Matt and David I. took the time to explain what they were doing and to answer our questions. Because of a freeway closing, the guys were a little late, but the company called to let us know what was going on, and Matt and David were very apologetic when they arrived. I would definitely recommend Safety King! Frank N.

Don Tront, Dearborn Heights MI March 26, 2014

The business safety king air duct cleaning was highly recommended by family heating and cooling. Bill and Steve worked very well together. They are excellent in doing their job, they explained to us why they had to cover the registers before they would start to clean out the duct work. They also did an excellent job cleaning up after they were done.

Dave Brassfield, Canton MI March 15, 2014

Great experience all around! I had another company had to wait for three weeks for a duct cleaning date and when they did arrive they told me they couldn’t do the job as because parking for the truck was too far away from my condo . I called Safety King ad was able to schedule a appointment for the NEXT DAY! The crew arrived, and they too said they couldn’t do the job that day because of the parking and distance, but they could do the job, just needed another truck. Within about a hour of that I received a call from Cathy to schedule the duct cleaning for first thing the next day. the crew, Bill and Steve P arrived first thing in the morning with 2 trucks, and were in and out within a couple of hours. Very polite and professional organization, very neat crew, footies over their shoes and left the place spotless. Details: this was my first experience with duct cleaning and like so many others I’ve been told different things about the value of duct cleaning. The crew took before and after pictures. Before I could have grown plants in my ducts, after the ducts look like new, same applies to the furnace. More to the point is my family suffers from allergies, and after the cleaning the random runny noses, sneezing episodes and nasal congestion have all but stopped in the house. My opinion; worth every penny of the cost of the cleaning.


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