Dave Brassfield, Canton MI

Great experience all around! I had another company had to wait for three weeks for a duct cleaning date and when they did arrive they told me they couldn’t do the job as because parking for the truck was too far away from my condo . I called Safety King ad was able to schedule a appointment for the NEXT DAY! The crew arrived, and they too said they couldn’t do the job that day because of the parking and distance, but they could do the job, just needed another truck. Within about a hour of that I received a call from Cathy to schedule the duct cleaning for first thing the next day. the crew, Bill and Steve P arrived first thing in the morning with 2 trucks, and were in and out within a couple of hours. Very polite and professional organization, very neat crew, footies over their shoes and left the place spotless. Details: this was my first experience with duct cleaning and like so many others I’ve been told different things about the value of duct cleaning. The crew took before and after pictures. Before I could have grown plants in my ducts, after the ducts look like new, same applies to the furnace. More to the point is my family suffers from allergies, and after the cleaning the random runny noses, sneezing episodes and nasal congestion have all but stopped in the house. My opinion; worth every penny of the cost of the cleaning.

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