Garza G., Detroit MI

Google Review

Wonderful experience with this group. Open and honest.

Compared to cheaper places, it seems you pay them a premium — but they helped me discover what a bad job a cheaper company did. (Hint: it’s Modern and rhymes with fish sticks) I had to do a duct clean to prep for duct sealing, and they showed me with photographs all the missed work the previous job (1 year ago, mind you) had left behind. And now, the ducts were crystal clean.

Also, I had them do the aero seal on my ducts, and while their sales pitch nears to point of gimmick, the product is outstanding. I had chronic issues of my upstairs quad level (the furthest from the central air blower) about 5-7 degrees hotter than the thermostat target, even in a mid-70s day. After the duct seal, it’s now less than 1-2 degree difference, even on the hottest day! (Note: walls, windows, and attic have updated insulation that reduces confounding these findings)

I highly recommend this group. A great example of getting what you pay for. Which means a solid, honest, reliable group that delivers in bringing the best to your ductwork needs. And their Aero seal rocks!!

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