Safety King is credited in the rehabilitation of this Detroit home

The upcoming This Old House episode “Fixing the Fascia” features the home where Safety King worked with This Old House to revitalize a Detroit home. This episode originally airs on PBS nationally at 8pm on May 4th, 2017. You can look up your zip code here to find out when the episode will air locally.

As seen on This Old House“At the Grandmont Rosedale project, a new exterior wall goes up from the inside. In Russell Woods, Scott Caron and local electrician Shane Masters rough-in new kitchen wiring. Richard finds Joe Burke installing a brand new HVAC system before heading to Flint, MI to learn about the ongoing crisis that has residents without clean water. Back at the house, Tommy, Frank and local contractor Josh Engle install more substantial fascia in preparation for new gutters.”

Safety King went into the home and cleaned out the air ducts while the house’s outdated HVAC system was being replaced. It is a good idea to have the air ducts cleaned around the same time as a furnace replacement to keep your new equipment clean and efficient.

Episodes can also be viewed on Create Network as well as streamed through the PBS app on Apple TV and Roku boxes. Or just click the button below to watch full episodes online!

Full episodes are available online after the airdate!

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Minute with Mike: Interviews with Safety King’s Founder

Safety King’s Founder, Michael S. Palazzolo, recently did an interview with Charles Ellison on the Air Duct Cleaning Training Podcast. During their talk, Mike emphasizes the importance of smiling while talking with someone on the phone.

A good relationship begins with positive communication and most of our first impressions with people occur on the phone.

Body language is heard, even if its not seen. Even faking a smile changes the tone of your voice and emotions are contagious. People subconsciously try to match the energy of their peers so your smile has the power to influence the moods of the people around you.

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PBS’s Detroit Project

The Detroit Project is an initiative by Detroit’s community and PBS’s This Old House to help improve neighborhoods one house at a time. You can see how a renovation of this scale is done by watching season 36 of This Old House which begins airing on March 30th.

Detroit ProjectSafety King is glad to have contributed our air duct cleaning service to PBS’s Detroit Project. As a result, the air will be as fresh as the house once renovations are complete.

To get a preview of the drastic changes, you can watch PBS’s first digital series, Detroit. One House at a Time. Episode 4 is out now but you can click here to start from the beginning.

Another way to get a sneak peak at the Detroit house’s progress in a gallery article on The Detroit News. Here, you can read about the process and see before and after pictures of the outside of the building.

The renovations to this Detroit house airs on PBS’s This Old House soon, mark your calendars!


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Detroit. One House at a Time


The best way to improve a community is one house at a time

Safety King’s Representative, Chris Nevens, with the This Old House guys and the new homeowners.

Episode 3 of PBS’s Detroit. One House at a Time is available to watch now for free! The digital series will show you behind the scenes of the This Old House episodes set in Detroit. Those This Old House episodes will premiere on PBS on March 30th or on Detroit Public Television (channel 56) on Monday, April 3rd.

As part of the Detroit home’s rehabilitation, Safety King donated an air duct cleaning to clear decades of dust out of the house’s lungs. It is especially important to have the air ducts cleaned after a lot of in-home construction because particles like drywall and sawdust love to accumulate in the air ducts and then spread around the house once the HVAC system is activated.

As stated in the Daily Detroit, we couldn’t believe the difference of how the house looks now versus how it looked when we went out to clean the air ducts. We’re excited to see the process of the full transformation when the house is shown on This Old House in April!

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Detroit. One House at a Time


This Old House’s first digital series is out now!
Detroit. One House at a Time is a new digital series created by the producers of PBS’s hit show, This Old House. The digital series will show you behind the scenes of the This Old House episodes set in Detroit. Those This Old House episodes will air on PBS on March 30th but you can watch Detroit. One House at a Time online right now! 

The first and second episodes of Detroit. One House at a Time can be watched right now for free and more episodes will continue to release alongside This Old House. The first couple of episodes show interviews with the Detroit residents who chose to contribute their time and effort to the revitalization of the house. These will give you a better idea of what goes into restoring an abandoned home’s original beauty.

When our technicians at Safety King went out and met some of the people working on the house, the passion and commitment to the community was palpable. Cleaning the air ducts in this home was an important step toward the rejuvenation that everyone involved is striving for.

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Detroit. One House at a Time


This Old House is coming to help rejuvenate Detroit one house at a time!

In the coming weeks, the hit PBS show This Old House will feature their very first home renovation in Detroit.

When the guys at This Old House came to fix up a house in Detroit, they knew that Safety King was the best air duct cleaning company in the area. Safety King is proud to have contributed to the Detroit home’s recuperation by cleaning decades of gunk out of its air ducts.

The before and after pictures on the right are from the ductwork in the home featured on the show!

Alongside their new Detroit focused episodes, the creators of This Old House have launched their first digital series called Detroit. One House at a TimeIn this digital series, you will get to see behind the scenes of what goes into restoring this aged home to its former glory.

Watch the introduction video for This Old House‘s new digital series!

Detroit. One House at a Time


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