Safety King Teams Up With PBS’s This Old House

This Old House is coming to help rejuvenate Detroit one house at a time!

In the coming weeks, the hit PBS show This Old House will feature their very first home renovation in Detroit.

When the guys at This Old House came to fix up a house in Detroit, they knew that Safety King was the best air duct cleaning company in the area. Safety King is proud to have contributed to the Detroit home’s recuperation by cleaning decades of gunk out of its air ducts.

The before and after pictures on the right are from the ductwork in the home featured on the show!

Alongside their new Detroit focused episodes, the creators of This Old House have launched their first digital series called Detroit. One House at a TimeIn this digital series, you will get to see behind the scenes of what goes into restoring this aged home to its former glory.

Watch the introduction video for This Old House‘s new digital series!

Detroit. One House at a Time


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