You Can Watch PBS’s “Detroit. One House at a Time” Right Now!

This Old House’s first digital series is out now!
Detroit. One House at a Time is a new digital series created by the producers of PBS’s hit show, This Old House. The digital series will show you behind the scenes of the This Old House episodes set in Detroit. Those This Old House episodes will air on PBS on March 30th but you can watch Detroit. One House at a Time online right now! 

The first and second episodes of Detroit. One House at a Time can be watched right now for free and more episodes will continue to release alongside This Old House. The first couple of episodes show interviews with the Detroit residents who chose to contribute their time and effort to the revitalization of the house. These will give you a better idea of what goes into restoring an abandoned home’s original beauty.

When our technicians at Safety King went out and met some of the people working on the house, the passion and commitment to the community was palpable. Cleaning the air ducts in this home was an important step toward the rejuvenation that everyone involved is striving for.

Watch This Old House‘s new digital series!

Detroit. One House at a Time


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