Detroit. One House at a Time – Episode 3 Out Now

The best way to improve a community is one house at a time

Safety King’s Representative, Chris Nevens, with the This Old House guys and the new homeowners.

Episode 3 of PBS’s Detroit. One House at a Time is available to watch now for free! The digital series will show you behind the scenes of the This Old House episodes set in Detroit. Those This Old House episodes will premiere on PBS on March 30th or on Detroit Public Television (channel 56) on Monday, April 3rd.

As part of the Detroit home’s rehabilitation, Safety King donated an air duct cleaning to clear decades of dust out of the house’s lungs. It is especially important to have the air ducts cleaned after a lot of in-home construction because particles like drywall and sawdust love to accumulate in the air ducts and then spread around the house once the HVAC system is activated.

As stated in the Daily Detroit, we couldn’t believe the difference of how the house looks now versus how it looked when we went out to clean the air ducts. We’re excited to see the process of the full transformation when the house is shown on This Old House in April!

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Detroit. One House at a Time


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