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PBS’s Detroit Project

The Detroit Project is an initiative by Detroit’s community and PBS’s This Old House to help improve neighborhoods one house at a time. You can see how a renovation of this scale is done by watching season 36 of This Old House which begins airing on March 30th.

Detroit ProjectSafety King is glad to have contributed our air duct cleaning service to PBS’s Detroit Project. As a result, the air will be as fresh as the house once renovations are complete.

To get a preview of the drastic changes, you can watch PBS’s first digital series, Detroit. One House at a Time. Episode 4 is out now but you can click here to start from the beginning.

Another way to get a sneak peak at the Detroit house’s progress in a gallery article on The Detroit News. Here, you can read about the process and see before and after pictures of the outside of the building.

The renovations to this Detroit house airs on PBS’s This Old House soon, mark your calendars!


Get up-to-date on the Detroit Project!

Detroit. One House at a Time


The best way to improve a community is one house at a time

Safety King’s Representative, Chris Nevens, with the This Old House guys and the new homeowners.

Episode 3 of PBS’s Detroit. One House at a Time is available to watch now for free! The digital series will show you behind the scenes of the This Old House episodes set in Detroit. Those This Old House episodes will premiere on PBS on March 30th or on Detroit Public Television (channel 56) on Monday, April 3rd.

As part of the Detroit home’s rehabilitation, Safety King donated an air duct cleaning to clear decades of dust out of the house’s lungs. It is especially important to have the air ducts cleaned after a lot of in-home construction because particles like drywall and sawdust love to accumulate in the air ducts and then spread around the house once the HVAC system is activated.

As stated in the Daily Detroit, we couldn’t believe the difference of how the house looks now versus how it looked when we went out to clean the air ducts. We’re excited to see the process of the full transformation when the house is shown on This Old House in April!

Get up-to-date on the Detroit Project!

Detroit. One House at a Time


This Old House’s first digital series is out now!
Detroit. One House at a Time is a new digital series created by the producers of PBS’s hit show, This Old House. The digital series will show you behind the scenes of the This Old House episodes set in Detroit. Those This Old House episodes will air on PBS on March 30th but you can watch Detroit. One House at a Time online right now! 

The first and second episodes of Detroit. One House at a Time can be watched right now for free and more episodes will continue to release alongside This Old House. The first couple of episodes show interviews with the Detroit residents who chose to contribute their time and effort to the revitalization of the house. These will give you a better idea of what goes into restoring an abandoned home’s original beauty.

When our technicians at Safety King went out and met some of the people working on the house, the passion and commitment to the community was palpable. Cleaning the air ducts in this home was an important step toward the rejuvenation that everyone involved is striving for.

Watch This Old House‘s new digital series!

Detroit. One House at a Time


This Old House is coming to help rejuvenate Detroit one house at a time!

In the coming weeks, the hit PBS show This Old House will feature their very first home renovation in Detroit.

When the guys at This Old House came to fix up a house in Detroit, they knew that Safety King was the best air duct cleaning company in the area. Safety King is proud to have contributed to the Detroit home’s recuperation by cleaning decades of gunk out of its air ducts.

The before and after pictures on the right are from the ductwork in the home featured on the show!

Alongside their new Detroit focused episodes, the creators of This Old House have launched their first digital series called Detroit. One House at a TimeIn this digital series, you will get to see behind the scenes of what goes into restoring this aged home to its former glory.

Watch the introduction video for This Old House‘s new digital series!

Detroit. One House at a Time


Wouldn’t you repair a leaky water pipe?

Aeroseal is an air duct sealing process that seals your air ducts from the inside, reducing leakage by up to 90% or more. The Aeroseal process puts escaping air under pressure and causes polymer particles to stick first to the edges of a leak, then to each other until leaks up to 5/8″ wide are closed.

What are the benefits of sealing from the inside?

  • Efficiency. A computer monitor provides details of the leakage rate as gaps are being filled during the process. At the end of the process, the system generates a computerized report providing an accurate account of the pre and post-seal leakage rate.
  • Finding. The process automatically finds all the leaks. With traditional manual sealing, leaks can be overlooked or never identified.
  • Accessibility. Accessing all the leaks is now simple and doesn’t require demolition of any kind.
  • Effectiveness. Aerosealing ductwork is 95% effective at sealing leaks. Studies find it to be as much as 60% more effective than manual sealing.
  • Cost. A 2001 government study found that aerosealing ductwork can potentially reduce both labor time and costs for duct sealing by 70%.

Two of our Aeroseal specialists, Tony and Bill, recently sealed the air ducts of a home in Belleville and had a significant impact on its annual energy cost.

We show each of our Aeroseal customers this comprehensive report so they have a visual representation of their improved air efficiency and energy costs. Click on the images for a closer look.

If you’re interested in having your air ducts sealed tight, click the button below or call us at 1-800-Aeroseal for more information!

More Aeroseal Info



img_1056Peter George has established Safety King Nevada’s business profile in Pahrump!

After a successful grand opening and many freshly cleaned Nevadan home air ducts, our associate Peter George has established Safety King Nevada’s business profile in the Pahrump Valley Times. About the competition in Nevada, Pete says:

“There are three companies doing this in Pahrump and eight in Las Vegas. Air duct cleaning is what we do. There are some air-conditioning companies that install and clean air ducts but most of them don’t have the specialized equipment to do it. We do and we do a better job than they do because we do have the equipment.”

As he gains traction and spreads the word of his superior service, Pete is well on the way to building Safety King Nevada into the most sought-after air duct cleaning service in the region.

If you know anyone in Nevada who may be interested in having their air ducts cleaned, visit Safety King Nevada’s website!



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