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Anthony Francis


Certified Cleaning Specialist


I am a dedicated father to an amazing 16 year old girl. My favorite hobbies are playing table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering. I enjoy a day with friends and family barbecuing whenever possible. Relaxing with my daughter going fishing is my ideal day.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Certified Technician

State of Michigan Certification:

  • Certified Pesticide Applicator (5b)

National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) Certifications:

  • ASCS (Air System Cleaning Specialist)
  • VSMR (Ventilation System Mold Remediator)
  • VMT (Certified Ventilation Maintenance Technician)

Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) Certification:

  • C-DET (Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician)

OSHA Education Center Certifications:

  • Aerial and Scissor Lifts

Recent Testimonials

Aly C., Troy MI June 18, 2022

There’s a reason we’re repeat customers of Safety King, and why we suggest them to our family & friends. This time, they came for their regular scheduled cleaning of our dryer vent — *Do this regularly, folks! It significantly reduces fire risk!* Things went smoothly and swiftly, just like always. Thanks, Safety King!
We’ve also had them clean the whole house air ducts and vents, and that makes a huge difference if you do it regularly vs if you don’t. Trust me. We presumed that the prior owners had done it regularly — they hadn’t — so we waited a reasonable number of years before getting it done. Hahaha. When we did schedule it, the ducts were disgusting, and afterwards there was a noticeable difference in our furnace’s efficiency. Again, now we get this done regularly on a schedule. Saves so much money in the long run! If you’re looking for vent or duct cleaning, go with Safety King!

Kathy W., Rochester MI June 15, 2022

I thought Tony was extremely polite, professional, explained things to me without trying to push products or services. He was clean and kept my floors clean and the air conditioning from escaping! I had him clean my ducts and then use an essential oils spray to disinfect my ducts. Ive had mind toxicity before and DO NOT want that again! I know that essential oils is the only way to finally kill the mold, viruses, and bacteria in a home or air ducts. They use it at schools instead of the toxic fumes. I know a lot about mold, and it is still toxic even after its been killed, so the last step is to use essential oils so the leftover fragments are not toxic. This is pretty new information, so I was very impressed that Safety King used this procedure. Tony was awesome! Thank you!

Dave – Salvation Army, Warren MI May 1, 2022
I work for the Salvation Army and they came to our building in April for duct cleaning they were all professional and very polite I would recommend them to my friends and family I give them 5 stars out 5
Adam H., Canton MI April 18, 2022
Tony and Logan were friendly and personable. Upon arrival I provided them with a showing of each vent and the ducts. Tony briefly explained everything theyd be doing and they got to work. The team did wear protective booties and covered the floor to reduce mess. As the cleaning was underway Tony showed me a few of the before/after pictures which certainly showed a big difference. They completed the work in a reasonable amount of time (2-2.5 hrs) and kindly offered assistance in moving anything back in place and cleaning up any small mess left over. The price seemed a bit on the high end, but I think overall it was worth the money if the cleaning lasts for years. The service was excellent and work was diligent.
Megan B., Mount Clemens MI April 4, 2022
Tony & Rob came to our home this morning in Mt Pleasant (during a snowy April day) & they did a PHENOMENAL job cleaning out our ducts. I wanted a NADCA certified company & they did not disappoint. We just finished construction on our basement so our ducts were full of drywall dust. I was so happy with their service & professionalism. Even my 4 year old said gosh Tony is SO nice & awesome – which he is! I would 100% recommend Tony & their crew to anyone. Safety King delivered the best possible service today- thank you guys!
Robert G., Detroit MI March 26, 2022

Tony & Rob were very professional & cordial. Told me what they would do & how long it would take. Showed me pictures after they were done, before & after. Finished on time. I could tell they were men of good character. I would highly recommend them.

Kellie B., Harrison Twp MI March 18, 2022

Service was fantastic! They were on time, thorough throughout the entire service and very informational making sure we understood exactly what they would be doing and why and asking if we had any questions along the way. They also cleaned out our bathroom exhaust fan, a service not originally scheduled but needed. They also offered to help move furniture back into place. Would absolutely use again!

Daniel T., Troy MI February 15, 2022

Tom and Tony were great to have in my home. They were not pushy at all when showing me other services they provide. Also, they were very respectful of my house and placed moving mats to not damage anything. It was great experience and gave a peace of mind. We are inside of our homes much longer than ever before. It’s important to breath the cleanest possible air.

Fire Station #1, Sterling Heights MI November 9, 2021

Todd said we did a great service and that he will use Safety King’s services again.

38911 VanDyke

Messina Trucking, Shelby Twp. MI November 3, 2021

Everything went very smooth and the technicians being friendly and courteous made the cleaning go very well.

6386 Auburn Rd


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