Safety King and PBS’s Detroit Project

PBS’s Detroit Project

The Detroit Project is an initiative by Detroit’s community and PBS’s This Old House to help improve neighborhoods one house at a time. You can see how a renovation of this scale is done by watching season 36 of This Old House which begins airing on March 30th.

Detroit ProjectSafety King is glad to have contributed our air duct cleaning service to PBS’s Detroit Project. As a result, the air will be as fresh as the house once renovations are complete.

To get a preview of the drastic changes, you can watch PBS’s first digital series, Detroit. One House at a Time. Episode 4 is out now but you can click here to start from the beginning.

Another way to get a sneak peak at the Detroit house’s progress in a gallery article on The Detroit News. Here, you can read about the process and see before and after pictures of the outside of the building.

The renovations to this Detroit house airs on PBS’s This Old House soon, mark your calendars!


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Detroit. One House at a Time


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