Air Duct Cleaning Warren, MI

Air Duct Cleaning in Warren, MI

Air Duct Cleaning Warren, MI Air ducts are associated with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and are the pathways for heated or cooled air to travel throughout a Warren, MI home. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust and other contaminants that accumulate over time from your air ductwork. Air ducts are like the circulatory system of your home, which is why air duct cleaning is so important! Since ductwork is often located out of sight behind walls or above ceilings, maintenance like cleaning of air ducts can be easy to neglect. Many people in Warren, MI often forget to have routine air duct cleaning performed, which has the potential to cause long term problems with indoor air quality.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Warren, MI

Our Technicians are certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They will use state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment and cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork, along with the fan and blower compartment of furnaces that permit access to those areas. Residential air duct cleaning in Warren, MI can provide your family with cleaner air and help reduce allergies. Since your ductwork is unseen, it can often be ignored. If you are moving into a new home, it is imperative to have your air ducts inspected!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Warren, MI

Ensuring clean, healthy indoor air is a necessity for any business. The benefits of improved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored…these can include improved productivity, increased profits, greater employee/customer/visitor health, and reduced health costs. Air ducts in your Warren, MI business works overtime trying to keep our bodies comfortable. But when harmful contaminants such as dirt, dust, dander, mildew, and even mold and bacteria collect in your office air ducts.

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Warren, MI

By cleaning ducts, dust collectors, machinery, fixtures, trusses and pipes you can provide a safer work environment, reducing airborne particles that get into machines, computers and sensitive electronic equipment and that contaminate the air you and your employees breathe. Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your Warren, MI industrial building. Keeping the air ducts clean can extend the life of the hvac equipment. This can in turn save your business money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

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Warren Testimonials

Dave – Salvation Army, Warren MI May 1, 2022
I work for the Salvation Army and they came to our building in April for duct cleaning they were all professional and very polite I would recommend them to my friends and family I give them 5 stars out 5
Adam M., Warren MI February 18, 2022

Kyle and Jordan were both great. They were very friendly and professional! They explained everything they were doing and went over everything they did when they were done!

Brian K., Warren MI August 16, 2021

The price was really good and they were on time. It was a smooth process and they were very clean. Jason D. was our tech he is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional. Jason was so understanding and patient with our cats also.

Helen P., Warren MI April 15, 2021

I was very pleased with their service. The representatives, as well as the repairmen sent to complete the job were very professional & personable. They were very thorough in showing & explaining to me the services that would be done, upon completion they did a thorough walk thru & again explained what they did. Highly recommended!

Pamela F., Warren MI May 22, 2020

One million-plus stars is what I give this company!! The technicians were dressed professionally and we’re very courteous and knowledgeable! They did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend this company for all of your air duct needs.

Jason S., Warren MI February 22, 2020

Great service with the right equipment to do the job thoroughly. Ryan and Kirk were prompt, polite, informative, efficient and transparent through the process. Will use Safety King again next time I need duct cleaning.

Charles H., Warren MI June 8, 2019

Safety King provided a far more thorough air duct cleaning than any other company I’ve hired to clean my air ducts! They arrived on time & cleaned up after their work was done very thoroughly.

Cathy B., Warren MI February 10, 2018

Eric was our service technician and showed us everything he was doing along with tips for our filters. He was very professional and we are very happy with his service. We would recommend this service and Eric to everyone. Great job!!

Dan K., Warren MI January 2, 2018

This duct cleaning experience was even better than we had anticipated. Chris did a fantastic job from his set-up through finish. It happened to be a very cold day, 2 degrees above zero. He made every attempt to keep the heat in the house, keeping the doors and windows sealed off as much as he could. He walked us through the process before the job, and after. It all lasted about 3 1/2 hours. When he was done, we could already notice the difference, as the sun was brightly shining through our windows in our home, and we could see very few dust particles milling about in the rays. In the days following, our sleep is like a breath of fresh air..a noticable difference from allergy symptoms. We also notice a much cleaner home as dusting seems to be not needed. Great job…very worth the cost…will highly recommend to even my most picky friends. Might I also share the fact that the scheduling and explanation of service was well handled by Verna on the phone. My experience was comfortable and not high pressred at all, as most people expect when the call a contractor. She was even thoughtful enough to re-schedule us earlier, as we preferred, when a cancellation left an opening. Thanks again to Safety King.

Vonna N., Warren MI December 4, 2017

My husband and I had a great experience with Safety King. This is a 5 star business . Nothing at all to complain about. Service was great. People were kind and professional. Very knowledgeable and very courteous and they did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves and explaining everything step by step. I am a VERY satisfied customer.

Charles N., Warren MI November 2, 2017

We were very pleased with the work that was done here and so very pleased with the specialist Marcus he was very professional and explained everything before and after he was done. We were also very pleased with Katherine on the phone. I would recommend Safety King to everyone.

Mike W., Warren MI October 2, 2017

First of all, Verna was very accommodating by scheduling me very quickly and providing me a more than fair price. Marcus was also very professional. Completed the work in a timely manner, left my place clean, and above all, cleaned my ducts as was shown by the before and after pics. All in all I would say the the company and staff deserve 5 stars.

Margie O., Warren MI September 22, 2017

The guys who did the work were absolutely professional, personable, friendly, & respectful of my house…very appreciated by me. The work done was great and was explained completely.

Marlene & John S., Warren MI June 28, 2017

Kerry and Tony (Anthony) are two fantastic Safety King employees. Kerry was cheerful and courteous and worked with me to set up a scheduled time that suited my needs. Tony was professional, courteous and friendly. He completed the job in a timely manner while taking time to explain the procedure and answer all questions. I recommend Safety King to my family and friends and will be using their services in the future.

Denise K., Warren MI January 3, 2017

It was a pleasure having Anthony do our air duct cleaning. He was very professional. Anthony explained what he was going to do and asked if I had any questions. He was very thorough. Would highly recommend him and your service. Delora scheduled my appointment quickly, (before the holidays) which was very convenient for me.

Beverly H., Warren MI December 15, 2016

I would highly recommend Safety King “you get what you pay for”. Katherine was very helpful answering all my questions and setting up a convenient appointment for me. Eric was awesome! not only was he very professional, he provided me with both before and after pictures of my air ducts. When he was finished, my home was left as it was when he came in. “No messes left behind” Thank you Safety King.

Susan G., Warren MI October 10, 2016

They deserve 10 stars. Awesome company. Highly recommend them!! Lots of remodeling in home and that created lots of dust and dirt circulating throughout our home. If you went barefoot, even after sweeping, they would be dirty. Our vents were black. Safety King did a fantastic job cleaning our ducts and vents. Vents are no longer black. Feet are clean when walking barefoot in home. So glad we found them!!! We also had Safety King Aeroseal the duct work. Wow!! Now our furnace and /or AC run more efficiently and less often, Which translates to lower utility bills and $$ saved. I highly recommend them.

Gary E., Shelby Twp MI September 13, 2016

Last week (Sept 6) Safety King came to our home to clean the Duct Work. The Technicians Ryan, and Tyler were among one of the best teams we have ever had, they were very professional, knowledgeable, clean, and polite. The whole experience was very enjoyable. Your Company would be our first choice next time.

Carolyn S., Warren MI February 26, 2016

I was very satisfied with the duct cleaning that was done. Bill and Tyler explained the procedure and answered all my questions. I had concerns about dust mites and mold getting into the living area during the process, but I had no allergy symptoms during or after the work was done. I highly recommend Safety King.

Tony L., Warren MI January 24, 2016

Ryan and Nick were well prepared and work well together. They accommodated my requests and responded fully to all my questions. They worked without any break continuously on site for 4 full hours. The work they accomplish that was metal duct cleaning appeared to be successful. There was a noticeable difference between the before and after pictures taken on the conditions of the ducts in an old building. We are happy that they will be working for us again on another project.

Sharene S., Troy MI August 24, 2015

Vernon arrived alone, without his usual sidekick, but stayed with the job until it was finished. My air ducts look SO much cleaner, and we are breathing better, sleeping better at night. I also feel so much safer knowing the clean dryer vent means no chance of a fire starting there. THANKS Safety King! Especially you, Vernon!

Mary E., Warren MI August 21, 2015

I was so pleased with the job that Tony and Vern did. They did such a complete job on everything that was done and after seeing the pictures, I could see that they really got the vents cleaned out, especially the dryer vent which was really plugged up. I will keep using Safety King. They do such a complete job. Well worth the cost.

Keith Jansen, Warren MI August 10, 2015

The call to setup appointment was easy, they asked a few simple questions. They called to remind me of the appointment time. The tech showed up on time and was very friendly and knowledgeable about what he does. In total, it took about about 3 hours from start to finish and had the ducts treated for molds and bacteria. Thank you

Julia Reardon, Warren MI December 5, 2014

I have used Safety King in the past and did not hesitate to call them again. I highly recommend them. They did a thorough job and documented the results with before and after pictures of the ducts.

Cindy Wells, Warren MI October 1, 2014

First off-professional, friendly associates. Every step of the process was reviewed with me and they were happy to address any questions or concerns I had. I was satisfied with the work done and would definitely recommend Safety King to others.

Lisa Alkatib, Warren MI September 24, 2014

I was referred by a neighbor to use safety king and I am glad I set up an appointment! Very nice job, professional and loved the before and after pics!!! My mother and uncle would love to try them too!!

Joyce LaPrairie, Warren MI September 8, 2014

After the Aug 2014 flood, my basement was completely submerged, which required us to have total duct work cleaning and sanitation. Safety King was recommended by two friends. We found scheduling any storm clean up to be a bit of a wait, and only waited two weeks for our service. The tech, Marcus showed up before the scheduled time and explained everything to us, and went straight to work. The entire process was approx 3 hours. Sporicidin was applied to prevent mold growth, and required us to leave for only one hour. Upon returning home the home smelled much better. Great service, professional tech, and would recommend company to others. P.S. thanx Marcus for playing with the dog too!

Michael Parent, Warren MI September 6, 2014

Technicians Patrick and Kory provided us with professional and courteous service regarding the Duct Cleaning of our Crawl space on Monday 8/25/2014. The two worked well together in completing what was a difficult job in confined spaces.

Pat Pulis, Warren MI August 5, 2014

Tom, Verna and Peter impressed me with the level of their knowledge and professionalism. They made everything smooth and easy.


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