Why Were Peanuts Found In Air Duct?

found in air ductWe here at Safety King regularly have stories of bizarre things found in homeowner’s ductwork. Our air duct cleaning technicans ran into a pile of peanuts hidden in the blower compartment of an hvac system! At first, we were just as puzzled as the customer. It was time to do some investigating.

Peanuts Found in Air Duct?

So how in the world could peanuts be found in air duct? Could someone have accidentally dropped them in and forgot about it? Possibly, but our experienced duct cleaning technicians dug into it a bit further.



So What Was it?

This wasn’t a newer home, so it couldn’t be from a contractor’s lunch. The majority of these peanuts were unopened so it seemed as if they were being saved. It turns out a squirrel had made it’s way into the ductwork and began to hoard peanuts in the blower compartment! Screens were put on all openings to prevent animals from entering in the future. Perhaps this squirrel was keeping a stash for the cold winters here in Michigan.

Ever Found Anything Bizarre in Your Air Duct?

peanutsIf you ever hear noises in ductwork, let us here at Safety King take care of it. We have experienced technicians who know where to look. Be sure to contact us either by requesting information, or by calling 1-800-AIR-DUCT and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives. We are only one call away, so call Safety King today!


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