Looking for Dusty House Solutions?

dusty house solutions

I’m Mike Palazzolo, founder of Safety King, the best-known air duct cleaning name in the country. That’s me you see in the picture with the big smile and some of our top-flight certified technicians at the southeast Michigan Safety King. For years, Safety King companies everywhere have been improving the health of their communities, one family at a time.

Desperate for Dusty House Solutions?

By now we’ve all read the statistics: 50% of all illness is attributable to the quality of indoor air and our indoor air is up to 90 times as polluted as the air outdoors. Most of the calls to Safety King companies every day are from desperate people looking for dusty house solutions. None of them know exactly where it’s coming from but they’re hoping we can help.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not because you are a bad housekeeper. It’s because of what piles up in your cold air returns.


New Constrution Homes

Air Duct and Vent CleaningCold air returns suck in dirty air and over time it builds up until you have the same type of debris you find when you empty the bag from your vacuum cleaner. Cold air returns are also the reason owners of brand new homes are looking for dusty house solutions. While your drywall was being sanded, your cold air returns sucked all of the dust through the system and it settled on the floors of the ducts. Then, a little at a time, it gets blown back into your home by the furnace fan. To prove it, take a walk down into your basement and look up at the ceiling for thin sheets of metal nailed between your floor joists. These are cold air returns. Climb up and give the sheet metal a good pounding. You’ll see puffs of dust seeping out of the edges. That, my friends, is why you have dust problems!

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