Noises in Ductwork Scared Kids

noises in ductworkSafety King air duct technicians Billy and Jeff recently arrived at a job where the homeowner reported noises in her duct system. Ann of Plymouth, MI told us that the noises in the duct system scared her kids. Could it be an animal roaming around the hvac system?

Noises in Ductwork?

Animals are know to roam residential air ducts. When they can’t find a way out, they often die and cause a terrible smell. Safety King has found decaying bats, mice and even cats in homeowner’s ductwork! So, when you hear noises in ductwork, it could turn into a big stink!


So What Was it?

After rooting around the duct system for awhile, Bill and Jeff found the cause of the sound was a plastic bag. Turns out the plastic bag was blowing around, making the noise. Here is a testimonial received by Ann who raved about the job our technicians did:

Bill and Jeff did an awesome job today. There was something in my daughters ductwork that made so much noise she couldn’t sleep at night. They did some investigating and were able to pull out a piece of plastic that was deep in the ductwork. The impressive thing is that they could have charged me $550 to clean all the ducts but stayed for an hour to solve my problem for a fraction of the cost!” – Ann

Ever Hear Anything In Your Ductwork?

Dead animals2If you ever hear noises in ductwork, let us here at Safety King take care of it. We have experienced technicians who know where to look. Be sure to contact us either by requesting information, or by calling 1-800-AIR-DUCT and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives. We are only one call away, so call Safety King today!


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