Air Duct Cleaning Plymouth, MI

Air Duct Cleaning in Plymouth, MI

air duct cleaning Plymouth  mi Air ducts are associated with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and are the pathways for heated or cooled air to travel throughout a Plymouth home. Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust and other contaminants that accumulate over time from your air ductwork. Air ducts are like the circulatory system of your home, which is why air duct cleaning is so important! Since ductwork is often located out of sight behind walls or above ceilings, maintenance like cleaning of air ducts can be easy to neglect. Many people in Plymouth often forget to have routine air duct cleaning performed, which has the potential to cause long term problems with indoor air quality.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Plymouth, MI

Our Technicians are certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They will use state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment and cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork, along with the fan and blower compartment of furnaces that permit access to those areas. Residential air duct cleaning in Plymouth can provide your family with cleaner air and help reduce allergies. Since your ductwork is unseen, it can often be ignored. If you are moving into a new home, it is imperative to have your air ducts inspected!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Plymouth, MI

Ensuring clean, healthy indoor air is a necessity for any business. The benefits of improved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored…these can include improved productivity, increased profits, greater employee/customer/visitor health, and reduced health costs. Air ducts in your Plymouth business works overtime trying to keep our bodies comfortable. But when harmful contaminants such as dirt, dust, dander, mildew, and even mold and bacteria collect in your office air ducts.

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Plymouth, MI

By cleaning ducts, dust collectors, machinery, fixtures, trusses and pipes you can provide a safer work environment, reducing airborne particles that get into machines, computers and sensitive electronic equipment and that contaminate the air you and your employees breathe. Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your Plymouth industrial building. Keeping the air ducts clean can extend the life of the hvac equipment. This can in turn save your business money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

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Plymouth Testimonials

Marilyn C., Plymouth MI January 24, 2021

Both Tony and Norman did a great job. They were both professional and had great customer service. Tony is very experienced and matching him with newer Norman will ensure Normans success. I would recommend Safety King based on the workmanship of both Tony and Norman.

Meghan O., Plymouth MI September 14, 2020

We’ve had Safety King clean the ducts at two of our homes where the previous owners had pets and ran the furnace without filters. The second home had also had a significant mold problem. Everyone they’ve sent has been wonderful. For the second house, Brandon came out to do the work after they kindly squeezed us in before our new furnace install. He was right on time, took proper safety precautions with COVID, and worked seamlessly around other contractors in our home. He also recommended a different mold treatment product that was much better for my chemical sensitivities. We’ve been doing a full repair and renovation of our new home, and we’ve dealt with a lot of contractors. Brandon was by far the most personable person we’ve worked with – if there was a non-awkward way to say we should hang out sometime, I would have! We’ll continue to use and recommend Safety King.

Jacques S., Plymouth MI November 9, 2017

These guys are great. Take shoes off when entering your home and even shut lights off in basement. This company has cleaned ducts in two homes I’ve lived in and both experiences where excellent.

Melanie B., Plymouth MI November 5, 2017

Eric and Safety King did a great air duct cleaning for us this past week. Not only was Eric fast and efficient, but he was also extra careful making sure my pets felt safe and were out of the way. In the end, he showed us before / after photos – which really proves that they do a great job! Would recommend them to anyone looking for this service.

Michelle M., Plymouth MI September 14, 2017

The team was very professional, they arrived at the time stated and was very professional. They made sure to show us before and after pictures and gave advise on how to maintain our duct work. We were very happy with the end results!

Adele A., Plymouth MI September 4, 2017

Eric and Nicholas arrived promptly and went right to work. They first reviewed each room to locate heating and cold air return vents and then covered the vents. They were very careful to set up mats so as to not damage wood flooring or moldings with the large tubes used to do the duct cleaning. They worked efficiently and to our surprise were finished with our 2,340 square foot home in two hours. They cleaned up and asked us to inspect each room to make sure we were satisfied with the work done and the condition of our home. We inquired about several other services and Eric told us we did not need the services. We are very satisfied with the work performed and would recommend Safety King.

Michael T., Plymoth MI July 5, 2017

Outstanding. Tony came out to our home was there in the 30 minute window of the appointment. He was professional and personable. He talked with my kids, walked me again thru the cleaning process. He did an outstanding job cleaning the duct work. Gave me updates, showed me before and after pics. I know this is all standard but people can get into their routine and forget, but not Tony. He did a great job will be recommending him and Safety King to friend and family for years to come. Outstanding job once again!

Maureen Dwyer, Plymouth MI December 29, 2014

I was very nervous about my freshly painted walls and just refinished floors but the guys were very careful and respectful of my concerns. Everything was left in tip top shape.

Karen Berrie, Plymouth MI May 7, 2014

Safety King arrived during the promised time frame. They were careful, removed their shoes upon entering, protected the area where the hose had to be brought in, and did a thorough job. I would definitely recommend this company.


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