What’s a referral worth?

Safety King is Michigan’s most referred air duct cleaning company.  Everyone asks how much we pay for these referrals.  The answer is Safety King does not pay for referrals!  Paying for referrals may seem like an easy way to get work but it is contrary to our company mission.  We are referred by hundreds of heating/cooling and construction contractors in Michigan solely because we do good work.   By giving out our name they can rest assured we will reflect well on them with their customers.  With so many inexperienced, poorly trained, ill equipped, un-certified, and un-licensed air duct cleaners popping up these days it is no doubt that they try to buy the loyalty of our contractors.  And over the years a few have fallen for this $25 or $50 per referral enticement.  But most return because they figure out that they lose credibility with their customers and that it was just not worth it.  Sometimes they even lose their customer.  So when someone refers you to a service company, you should do your homework, ask questions, and find out just what that referral was worth.  If someone referred you just so they got paid you will find that kind of referral is really worthless.

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