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It’s cool to clean your air conditioning coils!

When it comes to cooling your home or office the importance of the cooling coils cannot be overlooked. That is because the coils do most of the heavy lifting of your air conditioning system as it cools your home. To be accurate your a/c system does not create cool air but rather it removes heat. The medium for the heat transfer is refrigerant that runs in a closed loop system between two coils- the evaporator and the condenser. The evaporator coil is inside your duct system and absorbs heat into the refrigerant as air passes over it. The condenser coil is outside (usually in your back yard or on top of the office building) and it is where the extracted heat is expelled as the refrigerant is compressed.

air conditioning coils remove heat

If the fins on either of these coils are fouled or clogged with dirt and debris their efficiency is greatly reduced. This means the system works longer and harder to cool your building. It results in shorter equipment life, higher operating costs, and affects your indoor comfort. According to the US Department of Energy, these A/C coils should be inspected and cleaned as often as annually to keep them in peak condition to operate as designed. Our experience has shown that many folks have never cleaned the coils, especially the evaporator coils because they are inside your furnace ducting. If they are cleaned regularly it can help you save money, protect your equipment and of course- stay cool!

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