Clean The Lint Screen on Your Dryer!

Here’s a friendly tip: Be sure to clean the lint screen on your dryer every single time you dry a load of clothes. This is because the risk of a dryer fire is a lot higher than most people think. Believe it or not, clothes dryer fires account for almost 16,000 structure fires each year in our country, causing 400 injuries and, tragically, 15 deaths. The stakes really are that high, so take no chances, clean out that lint screen! These numbers, by the way, come from a pamphlet published by FEMA of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If you’re worried about how much lint might already be in the dryer duct leading to the outside, call on us to clean it out and give you a fresh start. For most homes it’s $105 for this service.Dryer fire

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