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air duct cleaning dubaiMichael S. Palazzolo, founder of Safety King, Inc., Michigan’s oldest and largest air duct cleaning company, today announces a new international Licensed Affiliate. The new startup company, DuctPro Technical Services (www. ductprotech.com), is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The new company is headed up by Rizan El-Shamei, a chartered Electrical engineer with 15 years of experience and an impressive list of accreditations and credentials. She has a master degree in renewable energy from Heriot-Watt University-UK, LEED Accredited Professional (with a specialty in Building Design and Construction) certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). She is also Estidama Pearl Qualified Professional certified by The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).Until recently, Rizan was the department head of building management systems (BMS) in international Deutsch Company in the UAE.

Become an Affiliate

Rizan El-Shamei

TuFkNDZRizan contacted Safety King in 2013, seeking advice on starting an air duct cleaning business in the UAE. She chose Safety King because of its long history and its involvement since 1985 in training the owners and employees of duct cleaning companies from all over the world. Rizan signed a Licensed Affiliate agreement with Safety King, which went into effect on February 1 of this year. This Licensed Affiliate status means he is exclusively entitled to use Safety King’s service marks (both Safety King and DuctPro), and their trademarked logos and advertising materials throughout the United Arab Emirates, including both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition, and this of course is the heart of the agreement, She enjoys unlimited consulting by telephone, email and Skype from Mike Palazzolo throughout the two-year duration of the agreement.

She has developed the website for her new firm (ductprotech.com) and has purchased the tools and equipment he needs to launch the business and provide air duct cleaning and related services in Dubai, and, as the firm grows, throughout all seven principalities of the UAE. Safety King’s proprietary business software will soon be installed on Rizan’s computers. She is also entitled to formal training by Safety King, who has agreed in writing to supply a certified Master Trainer to travel to Dubai and carry out the hands-on training both Rizan and his employees will need as the business launches.

Business Training

Michael S. Palazzolo

Michael S. Palazzolo

Mike Palazzolo himself is no stranger to international consulting. It was Mike’s vision that brought about the air duct cleaning training Safety King in this country provided to air duct cleaning professionals from all around the globe. They travelled here to the USA to learn how Safety King carried out air duct cleaning. And it fell to Mike personally to train the owners and managers of these businesses in strategy, marketing, advertising, employee retention and all the other insider specialties he had learned in his years of establishing and growing Safety King, Inc. Then, in 2011, Mike entered his first international Licensed Affiliate agreement with a firm in Johannesburg, South Africa. That company, whose director is Owen Mutetwa, is still going strong and has extended its consulting contract with Mike. You can learn a little about that firm, Safety King Southern Africa, by visiting their website, www.safetyking.co.za.

With this latest Licensed Affiliate in the UAE, DuctPro Technical Services, Mike cements his reputation as the premier international consulting provider in the field of air duct cleaning.

The United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf at the Eastern edge of the Arabian peninsula, offers unique advantages to Rizan El-Shamei as she launches DuctPro Technical Services with Mike Palazzolo’s support. The UAE is a prosperous nation, with a growth rate higher than most countries on earth. According to the World Bank Group, the UAE is the 14th best nation the world for doing business. Its two largest cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are very much first-world, in every sense of that term, and have eye-popping skylines that rival that of any major capital in the world. It is a treat to Google both locations and look through the images, which are very impressive indeed. Dubai’s international airport, in terms of international passenger traffic, is the busiest airport on earth, having surpassed London’s Heathrow airport just this past year. The Metro in Dubai is the first urban train network anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula. And unlike many of its neighbors in the region, the UAE enjoys a literacy rate exceeding 91%.

This is the environment in which Safety King’s newest Licensed Affiliate is launching and building a duct cleaning business. With Safety King’s support, and Mike Palazzolo’s consulting services, Rizan El-Shamei seems poised to achieve just what she has been planning for, a strong and successful DuctPro Technical Services business in the UAE.

Safety King, Inc. has been a provider of air duct cleaning services in southeast Michigan in the USA since 1969. You can reach them by phone at 1-888-4-MICHAEL. Visit their website at www.safetyking.com.

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