Safety King is now Featured in the Shelby Savings App

The Shelby Savings App is free and grants access to a wide variety of referrals and discounts for local businesses!

icon-appIf you have the Shelby Savings App then we are happy to announce that Safety King is now featured in the “Air Duct Cleaners” section! If you do not have the Shelby Savings App, you can download the Apple App or Google Play App now for FREE! The logo will look like the image on the right.

This app was created for the communities of Utica and Shelby Township so local businesses who hire local employees will thrive with the help of local customers. If you’re looking for a nice restaurant, an accountant, or even an air duct cleaning company, the Shelby Savings App features local businesses that provide these services and everything in between.


If you live near the Shelby-Utica area, don’t miss out on this useful app! Press the button below for more information,

Shelby Savings App


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