Air Duct Encapsulant

EncapsulantBonds particulate matter to all duct interiors.

Safety King’s normal approach to the air duct systems of our residential and commercial customers is to totally remove all contaminants that have accumulated there. There are certain rare situations, like partially deteriorated fiberglass duct liners, that may call for a different approach. Sometimes these duct liners cannot be effectively cleaned and the only way to prevent the contaminants on these liners, and fragments of the liners themselves, from being blown out into the breathing space of building occupants is to coat the liners with a sealant that locks down all particles in place and prevents them from becoming airborne. The coating material Safety King offers its customers is called Air Duct Encapsulant and is applied using commercial spraying equipment.

Air Duct Encapsulant (ADE) is a sheet metal / fiberglass liner encapsulant treatment manufactured by Mateson Chemical Corporation in Philadelphia, PA. Air Duct Encapsulant bonds particulate matter to all duct interiors.

If you or any building occupants have a history of sensitivity to chemical treatments, it is wisest NOT to have us apply this or any treatment in your air ducts.


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