Safety King at 2007 Home Improvement Show

January 26-28, 2007

Marcus Palazzolo, supervisor of conference and convention exhibits was out proudly representing Safety King again this year at the Novi Home improvement show Jan 26-28. He had one of our monster trucks on hand so interested attendees could see firsthand what the most powerful vacuum truck available on the commercial market looks like. Marcus answered many, many questions from participants. His pleasant demeanor seemed to set them at ease and encourage even more questions.

All this of course was aimed at once again showing our shared community why Safety King represents the best investment a homeowner or business owner can make in HVAC duct system cleaning.The event was a success and Safety King looks forward to returning next year. Also at the show but not pictured were Technicians Matt Moscone and Chris Nevens along with Operations Manager Michael J. Palazzolo.

Safety King Truck At Show
Power Vacuum Truck At Show
Marcus Palazzolo at show
Marcus At Show


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