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Safety King’s marketing coordinator provides assistance and information to journalists, editors and other media outlets. Journalists who need information or an interview with Safety King, or a Safety King Affiliate, can expedite their inquiry by providing details regarding the nature of their request in the Request Information form. This information will make it easier to quickly answer your questions or connect you to the right individual.

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Safety King Logos

You may download the Safety King logo as long as it follows our relevant terms and guidelines:

  • If you incorporate Safety Kings’s logo, please understand that Safety King logos and trademarks are property of Safety King, Inc.
  • Any use of the Safety King logo shall be less prominent than the logo or mark that primarily describes your use of the Safety King logo.
  • Please do not use the word “Safety King”, or any variation in your product name, domain name, or images.

If your application meets these requirements, you may download and use the Safety King logos below.

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