Safety King Nevada Grand Opening!

September 1st is Safety King Nevada’s Grand Opening! After 46 years in the industry and opening 2 internationally affiliated locations, Safety King, Inc. is opening a new air duct cleaning business in Nevada. Safety King Nevada will be based in the city of Pahrump and will service Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

Leading the operation is one of Safety King’s most experienced and valuable technicians, Peter George. After becoming an expert in the industry, Pete retired from our location in Michigan and moved out to Nevada to spread the quality of NADCA certified air duct cleaning across the country. With several certifications in the industry and years spent as the master trainer for the Safety King Inc. Air Duct Cleaning Technician Training Course, Pete has the knowledge to handle any situation.

We look forward to the future of Safety King Nevada. This new location will raise the standard of air duct cleaning in Nevada by providing the best service available!

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