Carlos & Jeff NADCA Ventilation Maintenance Certification

ventilation maintenance certifications

Congratulations to Carlos & Jeff!

We’d like to congratulate Carlos and Jeff on obtaining their ventilation maintenance certification. The Ventilation Maintenance Technician (VMT) Online Training program is designed to help HVAC cleaning technicians develop the high quality of experience and skills for which NADCA members are known. Best of all, the VMT program content is consistent with NADCA standards and guidelines, ensuring your technicians will learn how to do the job right.

Well done Carlos & Jeff!
You make us proud!


Ventilation Maintenance Certification:

NADCA’s Ventilation Maintenance Technician Training Program

The VMT program consists of five modules that cover the following topics:
HVAC System Duct Cleaning

  • HVAC Ductwork and Access Openings: Covers types of ductwork and how to create/seal access openings.
  • Basic Safety: Topics include PPE, energy source lockout, ladder safety, small tool safety, etc.
  • Containment – Level 1: The proper methods of creating basic work area/HVAC system containment.
  • Cleaning Methods: The basic HVAC cleaning methods used for commercial/residential projects.
  • Equipment: Covers a variety of tools, including collectors, air compressors, wet/dry vacuums, pressure washers, brushing/agitation tools, etc.

Technicians receive one hour of real-time access for each module. This gives technicians enough time to complete the module and even revisit the program for periodic review.

Meet the Team

Safety King would like to introduce you to our team members. You will find information on each Safety King employee, including support staff in the office as well as the actual Technicians who deliver Safety King’s superior quality air duct cleaning services in your home or business. When scheduling an appointment you are welcome to ask the customer support representative which technicians will be arriving at your location. Then, if you wish, you can click on the links to see pictures of and find out a little more about the technicians who will be providing your air duct cleaning service in southeast Michigan.

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