Why is a NADCA Certification Important

When an air duct cleaner mentions they are NADCA certified, what does that actually mean?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association or NADCA, is an association of air duct cleaning companies who specialize in the cleaning of HVAC systems. NADCA’s whole goal is to establish standards within the air duct cleaning industry to promote source removal as the primary method of cleaning. This organization has also expanded its mission to include qualified companies who also focus on inspection, maintenance and restoration of HVAC systems. This allows for members to provide quality services for their customers.

NADCA’s membership continues to grow each year, along with its offering of training, education and certification. The Association is comprised of a diverse group of HVAC industry professionals, including air systems cleaning specialists, mold remediators, and HVAC inspectors. The association has also published important standards and guidelines, educational materials, and other useful information for the consumer and members of NADCA.

Today, NADCA standards and certification are specified on a regular basis to ensure that HVAC systems are assessed, cleaned, and restored in a safe and efficient manner.

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