Kanberra Gel is One of the Best Indoor Air Cleaners

Does “Clean” Have a Smell?

So what is Kanberra Gel, anyway? Essentially, the gel comprises pharmaceutical-grade Australia tea tree oil, mixed with a difficult-to-harvest lemon-scented tea tree oil, several polymers and water. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic ability. When the oils are mixed together, you get natural antimicrobial properties amplified 15 to 20 times. The gel evaporates into your air duct system, where the water completely dissipates. The oils then land on surfaces, where they eat away at mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus.” The oils remain effective for weeks, continuing to eat all that…well, icky microscopic stuff. They eliminate problems and resulting odors—naturally. To get started, simply open the Kanberra Gel container, take off the clear plastic lid and set the container down. Mother Nature gave us and created a delivery system.

David Levesque, the company’s products division manager had this to say:

“The American public is programmed to think that ‘clean’ has a smell, but that’s the chemicals, things you really shouldn’t be breathing. With the Kanberra Gel, we disinfect without putting chemicals into the air. It’s all from nature. The gel does have a pleasant scent at first, it won’t last. And that’s a good thing. You shouldn’t smell the original odor, the gel, anything. People thought it wasn’t working because they couldn’t smell it! We realized we had to redefine the way the American public thinks about clean air. Even after Kanberra Gel evaporates, users benefit from a residual effect for up to 45 days. The rate of evaporation depends on surrounding conditions. For example, increased air flow near windows and fans will
increase that rate, as will the presence of heavy particulates such as cigarette smoke and pet dander. But that’s where the gel really shines; it can provide a degree of allergy and asthma relief. These days, different sizes of Kanberra Gel containers are found in a variety of businesses, homes, cars, ships—and, yes, recreational boats. Many boat owners are concerned about air quality in their boats’ interior spaces, particularly after winter storage.”

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