Is Furnace Maintenance Worth It?

furnace maintenance worth it
Marcus Palazzolo
Certified Air System Cleaning Specialist

A Recent Discovery

Marcus Palazzolo, our Certified Air System Cleaning Specialist found a furnace leak at a recent air duct cleaning job this week.

Marcus explains, “The difference between preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance can be great. Here is a stunning example. During one of our cleaning processes, our technicians discovered a leaking condensation pump on a furnace. The issue had actually gotten so bad that the leak had rusted out the furnace in areas and shorted out some wiring. This eventually led to improper operation of the unit!”

Is Furnace Maintenance Worth It? Yes!

Marcus goes on to say, “On the flip side, if this system had regular maintenance performed, the issue would have been resolved fast and efficiently, saving time, money and a headache for the homeowner! Be aware, this is an example that is readily visible for the homeowner. Ductwork contamination is “out-of-sight / out-of-mind” so unless the ductwork is open and inspected, issues could exist for a prolonged period without any corrective measures. Inspection of ductwork is something Safety King does with every job.”

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