We’re First in the United States!


Safety King is proud to announce that we have recently become the first company in the United States to acquire the StormTech 2100 Cyclonic Power Vacuum Truck.

But why should you care? The StormTech Cyclonic power vacuum truck has a revolutionary design that provides all the power of our current fleet of monster vacuum trucks but runs with 30% less fuel and 40% less emissions. This means our cleaning process itself now has a smaller carbon footprint.

SK StormTech

The smaller carbon footprint of Safety King’s StormTech 2100 is accomplished by:

  • Using an independent diesel engine to power our vacuum equipment.
  • The fan and cyclones are made of lightweight aluminum and offer less resistance than traditional filter bag trucks.
  • The ability to remotely change the throttle settings of the engine during the course of the service.


Two of the goals of our team are to improve the air that people breath and help conserve energy. Of course a cleaner air duct system accomplishes both these goals but now the cleaning process itself lends itself to these goals. Keep in mind that we only have one StormTech at this point with another on order for delivery this spring. We plan to add several of these revolutionary new power vacuum trucks to our fleet over the next 24 months. We fully expect (and encourage) our competitors and the industry at large to follow Safety King’s lead as they have so many times before.

This spring when you have Safety King out to clean your home or business remember that while we are helping to make your air cleaner we are also helping keep the air of the world cleaner!


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