During this Presidential Election, Keep the Hot Air in Your House

Presidential candidates tend to make promises they can’t keep, but Safety King air duct cleaning will deliver. Our services provide you with comfort as you look to see who will be the next president. Would you rather by listening to hot air, or feeling it this winter? For the pure efficiency of your heating and cooling system, we recommend air duct cleaning. We are known as the air duct cleaning experts for Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County.

The Polls are In, Our Powerful Vacuum Trucks are the Best

Powerful giant vacuum trucks are needed to clean your home efficiently. These trucks are the industry standard in order to provide the best duct cleaning within southeast Michigan. Our trucks use powerful air pressure to vacuum all sorts of debris such as drywall and insulation in order to clean your duct work. Have you ever thought of having your dryer vent cleaned? House fires have been linked to many lint clogged dryer vents. Just for the purposes of safety, we recommend our dryer vent cleaning services.

There is No Debate, Your Dirty Air Ducts Could be the Cause for Allergies

There is no debate that when you’re coughing and sneezing, your ducts could be the reason. Dirty ducts are one of the primary causes for allergies. Most homeowners have never thought about cleaning their duct work. Over time they can become full of dust and pet dander that can be harmful for you and your family. New home construction is notorious for having all sorts of garbage that needs to be cleaned out. You would be surprised what’s trapped in your air duct system.

During this Presidential Race, Enjoy Clean Air Ducts

Just think of enjoying watching the presidential debates on television with your family breathing clean air! The process can typically take up to 2 hours in order to completely clean your duct system. Our hoses and brushes sweep all the dirt and debris into our powerful trucks quickly so you can go on about your day. Our friendly and courteous technicians are licensed and can tackle projects quickly and efficiently.


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