David T., Port Huron MI

All I can say is that I made a great choice, I would recommend Safety King to anyone! Tony (the tech) got out of the truck said HI with a smile and introduced his self. He completely explained the whole procedure and asked if I had any questions. After inspecting the ducts he told me exactly what he was going to do & why, then asked again if i had any questions. The equipment was was amazingly clean and well maintained and Tony was very respectful of my home and myself. The entire experience was Great and when they left it was as if no work or equipment was ever in the house, it was as clean as it was before! Something that sticks in my mind is that Tony told me Safety King is a great company to work for, they give him the best equipment and tools available and it really makes it easy for him to do a good job. He seems proud to be working for them and it shows in his work in his work, Thank You!

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