Dryer Duct Cleaning Contest Winner!

BIA Fall Home Remodeling and Design Expo – October 10-12, 2008

Rock Financial ShowplaceSafety King is an air duct cleaning company, the largest and oldest in Michigan, but we also provide other related services to our customers. One of those related services is dryer duct cleaning, to reduce the amount of lint buildup in the duct that carries clothes dryer exhaust to the outside air. This build-up of lint is a distinct fire hazard and the sad truth is that each year many lives are needlessly lost and a great deal of property is destroyed by house fires that start in clothes dryers due to lint build-up in the exhaust duct.

At this year’s Building Industry Association Fall Home Remodeling and Design Expo, held October 10-12 at the Rock Financial Showplace, Safety King ran a Dryer Duct Cleaning contest. Safety King employees Marcus Palazzolo and Chris Nevens collected the completed entry blanks at the show and then drew a winner: Tom Gilbert of Ferndale. He will be receiving the free Dryer Duct Cleaning – a $105 – $150 value – in the next few days.

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