Detroit Baseball Legend Passes Into History

Ernie Harwell and Mike Palazzolo, founder of Safety King
Ernie Harwell and Safety King founder Mike Palazzolo

On Tuesday, May 4, 2010, Detroit’s baseball broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell died of cancer at age 92. Harwell was widely known as an engaging and warm person. Listeners said his Tiger baseball broadcast voice displayed kindness and welcome as did few others. Our founder, Mike Palazzolo, met Ernie a few years ago and had his picture taken with him.

In Tracee Hamilton’s sports column in the Washington Post today, she said Ernie Harwell “never met a stranger. He was just as kind as he sounded on the radio. There were no sides to Ernie Harwell. What you heard was what you got. And what you heard was that voice, that praline voice, smooth and sweet, homey and warm.”

Rest In Peace, Ernie Harwell. You will be missed.

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