8 Technicians Pass Exams for CSIA CDET Certification

The CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician® examination evaluates a technician’s understanding of the basic information one must master to become a competent dryer exhaust safety and fire prevention specialist.


Congratulations to our EIGHT technicians who have recently passed their CDET Certification exams!

Our valued technicians Chris Clave, Ryan Compau, Anthony Francis, Tyler Grose, Chad Mead, Eric Plaunt, Chris Sullivan and Nick Troy have all recently achieved or renewed their certifications in dryer exhaust safety and fire prevention.


From the Chimney Safety Institute of America:

“Hiring a CSIA Certified Exhaust Technician means you are trusting your home and family to someone who has spent countless hours studying for (and passing) an extensive exam covering everything from the proper inspection and maintenance of dryer vents to the applicable codes and standards relating to these systems.”

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