Construction Debris in Air Ducts

construction debris in air ducts

I’m Mike Palazzolo, founder of Safety King, the best-known air duct cleaning name in the country. That’s me you see in the picture with the big smile and some of our top-flight certified technicians at the southeast Michigan Safety King. For years, Safety King companies everywhere have been improving the health of their communities, one family at a time.

Looking to Get Rid of Construction Debris in Air Ducts?

Construction debris in air ducts can only be removed by a professional with sufficiently powerful air duct cleaning equipment. Most air duct cleaning companies use portable units similar to the shop vac you use to vacuum out your car. Obviously absolutely useless for a job as big as duct cleaning. Then there are some companies who claim they have a truck-mounted system. In reality, they have a low-powered portable system bolted into a van. Again, absolutely useless to remove construction debris in air ducts.


At Safety King we use only giant power vacuum trucks. These trucks are the most powerful in the industry and enable us to do the job right. The entire truck IS the vacuum. The vacuum is powered by the eight-cylinder diesel engine of the truck itself. You’ll know it’s a power vacuum truck because it’s the size of an ambulance and when the vacuum is engaged twelve large vacuum bags pop up out of the roof. To put things in perspective, your furnace fan moves about 2000 CFM (cubic feet per min-ute). So-called truck-mounts, maybe 4000 CFM. Our power vacuum trucks can move air at 16000 CFM, four times the output of the truck-mounts.

Ineffective Air Duct Cleaning

$49.95 SpecialThe problem is that people have been given a false sense of what the job is worth by the huge number of fly-by-night companies with inadequate equipment running ads with impossibly low prices. The truth is you have to expect to pay $450 to $700 depending on how big your home is…that is if you hope to have it done right. Beware the outfits that charge “per register” or have “$99 Whole House Specials.” In fact, some of these companies bait you with a low price but then start adding on after they arrive until you end up paying them more than you would have paid Safety King! And often they don’t even remove all of the construction debris in air ducts. We get a lot of calls from homeowners wanting us to come out and do the job right after they got fleeced by a bait-and-switch provider.

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