Best Air Duct Cleaning Livonia MI

best air duct cleaning livonia mi

Kathy of Livonia, MI

Kathy called after the air duct technicians left to state that our techs did a wonderful job; she couldn’t say enough about them. They were polite, attentive, respectful and hardworking. They even stated to her to make sure she secures her doors after they were leaving. She would recommend our company to friends, family and anyone who ask. This was the best experience she had.

Way to go Dave & Chris L.!

Best Air Duct Cleaning Livonia MI:

Keys to Success

Safety King is easily recognizable as the best air duct cleaning Livonia MI, thanks to our distinctively painted trucks. We advertise locally in print, on radio and on television, but our most important sources of new customers are the heating and cooling contractors in the area who do not try to perform duct cleaning themselves. They are happy to refer their customers to Safety King because we don’t steal their customers. We’re not in the same business they are, so they get their customers back. Plus, their customers are satisfied and happy with the best air duct cleaning Livonia MI, which Safety King has provided. We of course refer back to these same high-quality contractors when one of our customers mentions a need for HVAC installation or service. Operating with the highest integrity, Safety King does not pay for referrals or offer “kick-backs” to contractors.

Meet the Team

Safety King would like to introduce you to our team members. You will find information on each Safety King employee, including support staff in the office as well as the actual Technicians who deliver Safety King’s superior quality air duct cleaning services in your home or business. When scheduling an appointment you are welcome to ask the customer support representative which technicians will be arriving at your location. Then, if you wish, you can click on the links to see pictures of and find out a little more about the technicians who will be providing your service.

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