Air Ducts Can Contribute to Allergy Problems

Air Duct Cleaning is Key

Thirty-Five Million Americans are suffering from allergy and what they are not aware is that they are reacting to conditions right in their own homes. Air Duct Cleaning is an important option to consider this spring season.

While antihistamines may lessen the sniffling and sneezing, they won’t make symptoms go away altogether. And antihistamine use may mean coping with unpleasant side effects.
For many, the spring season especially May, which is National Allergy Month – is the worst time of year.

A recent study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that people are more likely to get sick from pollution in the home or office than from the pollution in the air outdoors.

Allergy Sufferers can do something to rid their homes of indoor air pollutants, thereby improving the quality of air they breathe.

Professional indoor cleaning of carpet, furniture, drapery, hard surfaces and air ducts reduces the incidence of allergies, respiratory and other health related conditions by removing the source of the problem. Researchers report that house dust is the major cause of allergies.

Some key questions homeowners should ask when calling about air duct cleaning services are:

  • Can you reduce the dust in the air?
  • Will I be allergic to the chemicals you use?
  • Will air duct cleaning improve the stale, musty odor in my home?
  • How is this service performed, and how often do I need it done?

For Homeowners who have allergies or even unexplained illnesses in their families, here are a few remedies to improve the air quality of the home:

  • Reduce the use of chemicals where possible: Store gasoline and chemicals outside the home, and discourage smoking indoors.
  • Perform proper maintenance: Replace filters with more efficient electrostatic filters, and change or clean them monthly.
  • Follow other manufacturer recommended procedures regularly.
  • Use Air Cleaners: Place room HEPA filtration units in the bedrooms of allergic individuals.

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