Joe Tragle, Macomb MI

Marcus and Pat came to the house on time and showed proper identification when entering the house. They were polite and professional. While I showed Pat where the vents where in the house he explained the process to me while Marcus started prepping the duct work in the basement to be cleaned. They place mats on the floor and corners where the large suction hose was ran to collect the dust and debris from the duct work. They took their time and made sure the job was done correctly. I sat in the kitchen while they worked and I could hear the debris going through the suction hose. They took before and after pictures and gave recommendations on future services. I was very happy with the end result and now have a piece of mind knowing that all the construction dust, dirt and left overs are not in my system and being blown into my house. Would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of having their systems cleaned. Thank you!

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