Jim M., Chelsea MI

Google Review

After having the ducts cleaned by Brandon C. at our former house, we requested him specifically to come to our new home in Chelsea, which was a considerably farther distance. Add in a snowstorm and Brandon was still on time and ready to get to work. It turned out that this home was a challenge considering the design of the duct work and finished ceilings leaving very little room for him to perform his cleaning. I first showed him how much dust was accumulating in the house in a short period of time, which was a major concern considering my allergies. He explained that he would have to do things differently because of the access to the duct work, but assured me that he would get everything cleaned out. As before, Brandon came in with a great professional attitude that put my mind at ease that when he left, everything would be as promised. After seeing the before and after pictures, I was amazed at just how clean everything ended up being. Brandon took the time to answer all of my questions and alleviate any concerns. You are very fortunate to have Brandon working for you, he represents the company with his professionalism and pride in his work. You should be proud of the way he represents Safety King. When it comes time to clean the duct work again, you can rest assured that I will demand rather than ask for Brandon again!

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