Air Duct Cleaning Cost Difference

There are over 200 local providers of air duct cleaning and you’ve seen many of their ads offering a complete air duct cleaning for $79 or $99 or some other low price. Safety King charges almost $500 for the average home. Why? Why so much more than these other providers?

Why Does Safety King Charge So Much

In short, if you hire one of the low-priced providers, you’d have to get pretty lucky to even get a so-so job done on your ducts. If you want them REALLY clean,
you’d better hire us.

Here’s what Safety King brings to every job:
• Best equipment (power vacuum trucks, onboard compressors, sanitized agitation tools)
• Best technicians (NADCA certified, uniformed, trained)
• Best procedures ( , all ducts, blower and blower compartment, A-coil)
• Adequate time (average of three hours for each job)
• A real guarantee
• The right state licensing (licensed for duct cleaning, not carpet cleaning, etc.)
• Complete insurance, all risks, total coverage
• Specialization and focus (we do air duct cleaning ONLY)
• History and experience (since 1969, oldest and largest provider in the Midwest)

A small number of our competitors do have one or two of these good characteristics…
But there’s not a single local competitor that has the whole package like we do.

We actually charge as little as we can and still do the job we do.

Choosing the lowest price provider carries certain very real risks.
They might:
• Reveal additional charges after they get to your home (bait and switch), and you end up paying more than you would have paid us.
• Bring portable or truck-mounted vacuum equipment to your home without enough power to do the job. If it’s small enough to carry into your house, it’s too small.
They might NOT:
• Have the right training, tools and techniques. Even assuming adequate vacuum, the key to a thorough cleaning is the skillful use of sanitized agitation tools (brushes, whips, air snakes) on all surfaces inside your air ducts to knock loose adhered dust and debris.
• Pull the blower to clean it thoroughly.
• Open the plenum to air wash and vacuum the A-coil.
• Protect your driveway and your home from damage and soil during the job. Some don’t even carry technician booties and drop-cloths.

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